dont think i ever posted this

Someone just asked me why i dont post my art any longer


Simple answer

Nobody fucking cares for what i draw and do nor did they pay attention to what i ever did

By now i can just guess some of my followers just acting like i dont exsist and just ignore my work that i put my time into and only like the things that i reblog °^°

Straight to point

Nobody. Fucking. Cares

I hope dis answers some who are- or are not even- wondering why i didnt post anything which id made by me .-.

Also i think its better if your unfollow me right now becuz i know you dont give a shit about me nor will get any good results or expectections from me anyway

Only few of my friends notice me anyway

•^• have a nice day

a list of klance things that happened that i forget actually happened and aren’t fanon:

  • “i’ll stick yOU IN A WORMHOLE”
  • that forehead touch thing after ‘shut ur quiznak’
  • that entire scene where they’re blindfolded and in their lions and keith & lance are racing each other
    • “you still goin keith”
      “you know it”
  • the iconique ~bonding moment~
    • keith, kneeling down and grabbing lance’s hand, and HOLDING IT as they fuckign gaze longingly at each other 
    • “we did it,,,, we are a good team”
  • “haha. hey lance, i got ur lion back”
    • “thank u keith, now can u come and unchain me”
      “whats that i, uhh,, ur cutting out i cant,, i cant hear u”
      “oh CMON i thought we BONDED,, keith,,,, buddy,,,,, my MAN
  • that entire scene where they work together from “cool your jets, keith” to “na na na boo boo”,,,, good shit
    • their like generic old married couple banter when theyre trying to cut open the ceiling
    • lance trying to communicate to keith non verbally and keith not getting it but still figuring out the plan and them still kicking ass together,,,, thanks sm
  • when the castle was going ~apples & bananas~ and keith managed to show up at the perfect time to save lance’s ass
  • heh,,,,,,, like that? ;)
  • two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay
    • that elevator scene feels like a fever dream but people genuinely took the time to animate it and i, for one, am thankful
    • keith, still shirtless: i got u covered,,,, i uh- i dont got u
  • keith: we need to focus
  • lance: wE nEeD tO fOcUs

ladies trevelyan and montilyet giving the court something to gossip about, based on this adorable video, for @quite-quirksome! alex’s known for being a gallant and dashing type but shes still easily flustered by her beautiful and brilliant wife!

Ive seen several posts saying that “no one gets bullied for being a nerd/geek anymore” but to be honest i dont think anyone ever was in the first place, at least not on any large scale.  

Things like star wars and star trek, which are often thought of as “nerdy” or “geeky”, were huge with the general population even when they first came out.  Being intelligent and academically successful is a commonly admired and desired trait.  Media makes it seem like so many people were being bullied for liking geeky stuff or being smart, despite the these qualities being common and/or desirable.

But the thing is, people arent bullied for just for liking things or being smart.  Theyre bullied for liking things too much.  For knowing too much.  They fixate on things.  They “dont know when to shut up”. Theyre awkward. They don’t socialize normally. They dont fit in. They become a target and their interests or intelligence or whatever else become weapons that their harassers use against them.

This is the same exact shit that autistic kids, kids with ADHD, and other neurodivergent people are bullied for today.

The targets of bullying have not changed.  If anything, the portrayal of bullying in media (and in anti-bullying campaigns) is a misrepresentation that gives false ideas about the targets and perpetrators of such harassment and  does nothing but disguise the ableism that is at play behind the stereotypes.  

loki’s outfits, rated

firstly i would just like to say that i’m sorry for posting this in the year of our lord 2017


thor 1:

this is literally the most pathetic twink i have ever seen in my life. i cant say anything mean about this he’s just roasting himself by existing. look at those shoulders. i think he just finished crying in this photo. 1/10.

this suit (thor 1):

he’s trying but he just looks a 15 year old at his uncle’s wedding. 4/10

his armour: 

okay the helmet is good because at least it’s SOMETHING that stands out from all his black leather. good colour scheme. i can’t really think of anything mean to say so 6/10


nice colours again, functional armour design. i like the bits round his wrists. also this picture is really funny. 8/10

avengers suit:

wow this is literally the same suit from thor 1. dude. 7/10 because he worked out or something so it actually fits him a bit better

thor 2:

is this the same outfit as avengers? i don’t fucking know. he only has one set of clothes. his hair looks worse so 7/10

these shitty rags:

this is how i look when i have an existential crisis in a taco bell bathroom. 9/10 for relatability i guess


his sugar daddy came through and he finally got new clothes which instantly puts this up there! he looks nice. put together. trophy twink. the hair out the back of his helmet is a gay look as well. 10/10

this suit:

i really cant say anything here thor already murdered him in cold blood for this. i do like the ted cruz power stance though. 8/10

whatever the fuck this is:

DUDE can you imagine how iconic loki would be if he did this all the time. gay!!  this dramatic bottom!!! 11/10

I was not supposed to post anything from the book before it is out but since today is a special day i wanna celebrate!!

Happy 1st Anniversary to my favorite show ever!! 

Voltron has kinda been life changing for me, im now searching for courses and stuff to get myself into the animation business _(:3 」∠ )_

Thank you to the amazing crew behind this incredible show @thebestlaurenmontgomery @chrispalmerart @2-cents (and Tim, i dont think he has a tumblr!) You guys are awesome, please pass it on to all the team!!

senri out ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul