dont think guys are cute




actual married couple???


you’re the dream that I keep thinking about all day  ♥


happy lgbt+ pride month from this smiley baby !! ♡


Gotta say this septum ring filter has got me wanting to get one (fake b/c of my near constant colds😓) ft. New haircut

Im supposed to be writing but im going out soon and had to put makeup on to look like a somewhat decent person and ended up taking selfies so hi

in case any of you forgot i have a face


She said yes! (to the date that is, don’t jump to conclusions guys) I dont think she realized how cute Carter is until she started thinking of him as more than a friend. Will update soon. Here is how i think their conversation went.

Amber: Hey Carter! Thanks for asking me to come!

Carter: No problem Amber, i’m so glad you’re back, I missed you alot

Amber: Awww, what a sweetie you are!

Both: *talking about nothing for a while*

Carter: *blushes* Ya know, um, Amber, I’ve been thinking about you, thinking about you all the time, actually….

Amber’s brain: ??? whaaa? how is this possible?? did he really just say that? how does he know that i like him??!

Amber: I….I think about you too Carter

Both: *looks at the other for wayyy too long and doesn’t say anything*

Carter: *very fake yawn*

Amber: You don’t have to fake yawn to put your arm around me Carter.

Carter: *smiling* I know