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the rest is under the cut because there are too many lmao

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hey so i got my first hundred and im actually doing something somewhat creative !! i hope you think it is i really dont want this to flop

basically, ill write you a little positive note with maybe some other stuff idk and draw a really basic doodle on it like the stars on the banner. it can be written in red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, or black. 

if you want a note written in my trash handwriting although im not sure why you would then here are the rules:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes wont count)
  • send me an asking saying what color you want it to be, what doodle you want (if you dont specify then ill pick something that makes me think of you or something i think youll like based on your blog), and tell me one thing you love a lot right now (i stole that part from @perhaps-trees-and-tea but i liked it a lot oops)

I will do one for every ask i get so dont be shy! Thank you all so much for 100 followers i would have never expected this many people to actually enjoy my blog!

I was tagged by @artbreaths (tysm!) to list 6 albums i’ve been listening to lately

i. acoustic 15 by arctic monkeys (it’s on yt and it’s beautiful)
ii. an awesome wave by alt-j
iii. bonnie and clyde by bridgitte bardot
iv. my head is an animal by of monsters and men
v.  piano concertos 18 & 22 by mozart
vi. born to die by lana del rey

I tag: @achlless @eclogues @feecola @smokedgouda @bexwhite @lesbianalena @greyjoyvs @bctticelli @cassiopeaia @nehmesis @kieraknightlcy @odyscey @danwilds

anonymous asked:

any advice for a young sophomore kid on choosing a career? in my country this is the year where you should be sure of what youre taking. and i dont want to waste the opportunity that im this young to choose, but im pressured because i want to have a stable life that ables me to travel. thank you !!

Woah, you are young! A few steps could include:

  • decide whether you’re going for money or job satisfaction - if you’re going for money, then you can do your research into the highest paying jobs. However, if you’re going for a career which you’ll actually enjoy (and that doesn’t mean not a lot of money) then you can start analysing your hobbies!
  • make lists - writing stuff down can help you figure it out and it becomes a point of reference. Write down careers that you’re strictly not interested in, potential jobs that you find interesting, or people who have done cool things with their lives!
  • take tests - there are lots of quizzes that can help you figure out a possible career path depending on your personality. Obviously, these aren’t final or 100% correct but they might give you some ideas. The Myers-Briggs test is very popular!
  • research - I would use LinkedIn to find out the degrees that people I looked up to did. Most of my inspirations did communications are university, which is a reason I decided to look into it more.
  • do some experience - this could be work experience, interning or volunteering! I’ve helped to narrow down my potential careers by interning. Doing editorial internships helped me concretely decide that I didn’t want to continue journalism! 
  • talk about your decisions - have a conversation with your family about what they think you would be interested in. My parents were 100% right about their reservations with my first major and whilst I don’t regret going for it, I maybe should have listened because I did drop it eventually. They’ll be able to identify where they see your passions and the kind of things that make you happy.

I saw a video about a young guy who travels on first class planes as an analyst making sure everything is all fancy! He seems to have a pretty awesome life :’-) Hope this helps x

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okay this could just be me seeing things cuz i dont have my glasses and im sick. but did you actually indent Rolling Girl Meek's leg for her cut?? cuz that is so friggin cool oh my gosh. these lil details get to me ;v; they look amazing tho aahhh.

YEAH how did u even notice that LMAOOO

but it is a teensy bit indent!!! thanks for noticing me tiny ass details wat the hell i never realise people would notice additions like that hehe but thank u!!!!!

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This is a bit of a personal post (hence anon) but I just wanted to thank you. I was sexually assaulted last year and I really struggled to find my sexuality again. Like, any sexual desires immediately brought an anxiety attack. But I started reading your MM comics and they've really helped me find comfort it sexuality again and my 'episodes' have been occurring less and less. So thank you for your amazing comics 💜 and for blessing us with Ju Ju on everything

Hi, I know it must be hard for you, I just dont know how to thank you enough because I never thought my art would actually help someone. I mean, yes, its amusing to see but Im not sure if it do any good. But you remind me how incredibly art can support others, and that it is an INSPIRATION. I truly hope with all my heart that my art can help you to be better and shine again. 

All the love.

the myth that all autistic people are math and science geniuses is harmful bc it excludes autistic people who arent and prevents them from getting the help that they need and tells them that they “arent really autistic”

stop expecting all autistic people to be able to be physics and calculus masters at the age of 9

autistic people can be good at reading or writing or history or art or anything or nothing at all

stop making rules for our abilities and denying our autism because we dont meet your expectations

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I've finally found your tumblr! I love your Instagram very much and I'm not sure how you feel about things on Instagram, but I've seen so many of your drawings reposted, but usually with credits, and if there's no credit then people in the comments are usually "this is @djsadbean, give some creds." I just wanted to ask if I see stuff like that if I should report the post or just ask the people to credit you, or ask to take it down completely.

ah thank you for asking! im glad you found me :D alright… reposting…

Lets just do some basic rules for this problem:

  1. No repostng on tumblr (this means no reuploading of my art on different accounts but reblogging is totally fine and it helps me get out there more)
  2. No reposting from my tumblr to instagram (this is because i see people credit me like “credit to djsadbean on tumblr” on instagram like no fam i got an insta pls dont do that because there’s no link to my instagram when people do that)
  3. No using my works in fanzines, distributing it without my permission, or using it in fan videos or something without permission (i distribute my own art. i have a store where i make real life money and use it to buy real life necessities to continue making art)
  4. DO NOT CROP OUT MY SIGNATURE (i make my signature obnoxiously big because of people doing this. if you want me to either make the signatures bigger and uglier or just stop posting my art all together than this is the way to do it but i know a lot of you like my content so if you see people doing this please report them and the post.)

 Now what to do when you see these rules being broken (you dont gotta but it really helps me out :D) :

  1. If you see someone reposting my work on tumblr: messaging doesnt always work to get these people to take down posts but you can try that first. then if it’s not taken down then reporting them is the next thing i can think of since if they do this to me theyll do it to other artists. (and if you can help other artists with this thatd be good too :D)
  2. If you see someone reposting from my tumblr to instagram: Please leave a comment like “this is @djsadbean please @ credit her in the description and tag!” and if they still dont do that then please report the post so it’s taken down.
  3. If you see someoneusing my works in fanzines, distributing it without my permission, or using it in fan videos or something without permission: if theres a place to add comments or something similar please ask the user to remove my works if its a video and if they dont please report them. for fanzines or products please report them since theyll be making money off of what i spent hours doing and thats not okay at all.
  4. If you see someone cropping out my signature: honestly dont even message these people. they knew what they were doing. just report them and their posts. people who crop out or cover signatures are the actual worst people.

Thank you so much for messaging me about this! This makes me feel more secure as an artist since I have people out there looking out for me and other artists so thank you so much! I want to continue providing content and the best way to help me with that is to make sure people are obeying these rules!

note: if people are reposting to instagram from instagram and their post has me tagged and im clearly @ credited in the description (”credit to @djsadbean”) then they’re fine since it provides two clear links to my instagram :D thank you again for messaging me! it really means a lot! <3

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I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO WATCH ATLA. IT'S MY FAVORITE SHOW. Seriously, every season is better than the one that came before it, and the finale will leave you breathless.

IM EXCITED!!! ive heard nothing but good things about this show and im actually not sure why i never watched it before since i remember nickelodeon or cartoon network (i dont remember) airing it when i was a kid?? and i remember one of my sibling would watch it constantly…i think i was just too young back then and only interested in toys and pokemon LOL i missed out on so many good shows because of that 

also oh wow thank you for telling me about that episode!! is there a specific number of the episode so i can know to skip it or are all the episodes titled? :0 ill be sure to be on a lookout for it either way ^_^

ALSO small announcement!! this has nothing to do with the ask lol but i wanted my followers to know i changed a couple of things of my blogs desktop theme to make it slightly easier to navigate: i added a “/tagged/asks” link and i changed the infinite scroll to pagination because I figured it would be easier to load and use…if you all prefer infinite scrolling though feel free to send me message and ill gladly cchange it! 

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hey, i was wondering if road rage/being a reckless driver is something which might be related to having adhd? i have adhd inattentive so i dont really have many hyperactive or impulsive tendencies but i notice that when im driving i get very impatient and frustrated very quickly and i wasnt sure if that was just a personal thing or perhaps an adhd thing? thanks!

Probably a little of both. Some ADHDers have road rage, some don’t (like me); some are reckless drivers, some aren’t; some are careful drivers and have moments here and there when their attention fails (that’s me).


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Fuck im sure 'i have questions' is going to kill me.. i fucking love the idea of her album being about the process of hurting healing and loving so genius, but camila singing sad songs idk if im ready.. like i know i am but i dont wanna hear sad things from her cause she's precious she should be protected from all of it, so thank God the album is a process and in the end she's happy! We aren't use to this sad side cause 5h was always up and those down songs weren't that much of a down 🤷🏻‍♀️

Actually I’m really happy if she’s singing sad songs, I sure as hell aren’t ready for it, but I think it suits her, and it’s more my kind of music so it’s all good



also i had a bunch of new screen tones i wanted to try and a whole damn lot of free time so yay some pretty simple stuff (open them in a new tab to properly see them as usual yes thank you) I’ve got another three or four sketches but maybe those im going to color I dont know have these for now

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Hi sorry to bother you but i was wondering how you got so popular? I've started a sideblog for all things voltron and i was hoping to find more followers and im just wondering if you have any tips. Thanks so much, i love your blog <333

hey there!! OMG can i just say i dont think im actually popular compared to other blogs lol and i dont say that to sound self deprecating…tbh im pretty sure the only reason i get followers is because of my url (which i understand dont get me wrong LOL) …BUT to answer ur question most popular blogs gain popularity by simply posting things in the tags (like art, gifs, edits, fics, etc) so that other ppl can find them and follow ur blog if they like your content ^^ also i have seen other people make posts saying things like “like/reblog this post so i can follow you/follow me back” type of things.sort of just to get started! also it doesnt hurt to ask popular blogs to give u a shoutout…hope that helped!!👍  thank u btw omg😳❤️


doctor juliet: everything seems as if its going well.
hazel: oh thank god!!
dale: do you know when her next screening will be?
doctor juliet: well from what im seeing at the moment, i dont think we will need another screening. I think this might be her last one.
hazel: UHHHH???
hazel: are you sure about that because im surely not!!!
doctor juliet: hazel sweetie, you’ll be fine I promise you. If you have any concerns about anything at all you can call me.
hazel: thank you so much julie. its been such a long time since ive seen you.
dale: oh wow i didnt know you guys had history?
hazel: history? WDYM HISTORY?
doctor juliet: boy we were starcrossed soulmates. we were best friends for quite a long while. i went off to med school and we kinda didnt keep in touch. 
hazel: we were so lame
doctor juliet: i know i know
doctor juliet: also this might be kinda late since you guys have a kid and all but if you do as much as hurt her in the most tiny way possible, i’ll use your damn limbs as food for my dog. got it?
dale: yup!! oh my!! look at the time. time to go .. 

ok so. highkey try not to cry challenge but like. there was an open mic night at music camp this summer and even though i had never performed solo in front of so many people and i dont actually know how to play the piano, i really wanted to perform Goner because its so close to my heart. so i learned the song. and when the night was finally there i was so nervous but it was honestly such an amazing experience!!! i would do it again in a heartbeat. anyways, im pretty sure one of my absolute favorite youtubers @crankthatfrank likes this song, so Frank, if youre seeing this, thanks for helping me smile that day even though i was so nervous. and for all the other days i felt like i couldnt gather the strength to do anything. just… thanks.

ps, if you do actually see this, i hope i didnt make you cry, haha <3

Guys uhm…can we talk about something? I just realized I hit 600 followers a while back and are you all…sure? Thank you!

Unfortunately I dont have a finished pic for you and Im about to start my secret valentine but have a WIP for a personal project :) It’s the start of the autumn-picture for four seasons of eruri.

Thank you again! You’re all crazy and I love you <3

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Hi gin! Ive been looking up to you and your art for a long time and you actually inspire me to learn to paint ! The thing is, no matter how much I try it seems like i always spend too long working on a single detail like example so skin and then just realised for it to be a complete and utter mess in the end. So uhm hope im not bothering too much but can you offer a few advice or tips if possible?? ;;v;; its okay if you dont want to or cant!


The correct process for painting would be painting a first layer of basic atmosphere, in which you choose the palette, you take a look at the general composition, you more or less fit everything in the scene. I’m more a drawer than a painter, so I always start with lines and integrate them into the drawing: 

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till-kingdom-come  asked:

Hey, so I can't send a message but I just wanted to check in. I've been in a situation before where a few people were pestering me about my sexuality and it made me really uncomfortable at the time. I know that Cynth and the others only mean the "Max That's Gay" stuff in good fun but I just wanted to let you know that on the off chance it does really bother you it's okay to ask them to stop.

Oh no, no its all perfectly fine and in good fun i enjoy it I swear its just a running joke that’s been going on for actually kinda quite a while. If I were uncomfortable i would say something and im sure they would respect that but honestly its just really fun to me. Thank you for your concern it really does mean a lot and its very kind of you (also you should be able to message me now, im sorry I dont poke around my settings very often and just had that one turned on since forever)