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Some asshole: Why is Robert in every marvel movie? I hate him.


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Request :  Hi you’re taking requests right~? Could I please ask for a scenario with a doctor!jimin? The plot is up to you ^^ Thank you 💖💖

Authors Note: Hey! So I’m making this a hate turns into love type of story. I’m also probably going to turn this into smut cause Jimin deserves a smut, esp with how he’s been making me feel lately. LOL. Anyway, I dont know how many parts this is gonna have but I’m thinking the maximum is just three. So, stay tuned. I’m also sorry if there are errors, I tried proof reading but I know I always have mistakes either way. Hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think ;)

Note: There is a slight mention of blood, nothing major but I still have to warn you.


Fuck shit. Fuck. Shit.

Fucking shit. 

You throw your head back, eyes trying to look anywhere else rather than on the cut on your best friend’s leg. You tap your foot unconsciously against the porcelain tiles, listening to the constant cry of the baby a few beds away. You nibble on your lower lip, your fingers drumming against your thigh as your thoughts start consuming you. 

“Y/n Calm down, I’m not dying.” You hear Yoongi say and you all but glare at him, your jaw locking as you place your hands on your hips. 

“You’re bleeding a god damn lake, Yoongi. I swear, I dont even know why you’re so calm about this.” You growl, eyes scanning for the nurse you had talked to earlier. 

“She said a doctor would be here soon, just calm down.” Yoongi sighs before leaning back against his bed, grabbing his phone and checking his social media accounts. 

“I will not, you could get an infection or fucking bleed to death. You are not dying on me today, Yoongi. Now where the hell are the doctors here?!” You growl, gaining the attention of the rest of the patients waiting to be attended. 

“Ma'am, I’m so sorry but we’re really short staffed today.” One nurse had muttered, checking on one of the patients beside Yoongi’s bed.She eyes you nervously as you glare at her only to be called out by Yoongi, telling you not to scare the poor girl.  

“How do you become short staffed at a hospital? Is that even legal?” You mumble, eyes scanning the hallway before you catch sight of a shade of white. 

“What about that one? Is he a doctor?” You ask the nurse, pointing to the blonde haired boy who was looking down at his phone, hands buried in the pockets of his white coat. 

“Ah,” The nurse purses her lips “Yes but-" 

"Hey! Doctor blonde!” You call out, hands waving as you try to get his attention. The said doctor furrows his eyebrows but continues to walk forward, ignoring your attempt.

“Hey! Do you hear me or not? Blonde boy!” You all but growl, feeling the irritation seep through you at the amount of bad service you were getting. You were about to call out to him again, a list of insults floating in your mind, but he snaps his head up, eyebrows arching as he places his phone back in his pockets. 

“May I help you?” He asks, his gaze threatening, telling you he wasn’t pleased with the way you had called for his attention. 

You couldn’t give a damn what he thought.

“My friend is bleeding like hell here and before any nurse can touch him they apparently need consent from one of the doctors.” You place your hands on your hips “We’ve been here for an hour and no doctor has even tried looking at him." 

"Well I’m sorry but I’m on my break. Another one of my colleagues will probably tend to him soon.” He shrugs, just about ready to walk away. 

“Listen here short fry, another one of your colleagues will be tending to a lot more people if you don’t check on him. NOW.” You hiss, watching as he stops on his tracks, his arms suddenly tightening as he his jaws clenched.

 "What did you just call me?“ He angled his head back to look at you and you arch your eyebrow up to challenge him.

Short fry.“ You smile "So, are you going to do your job or what?" 

His mouth flies open in a scoff as he fully turns his body to look at you "What makes you think I’d want to help you after the way you’ve just spoken to me?”

“How about my complaint letter if you don’t?” You shrug. Screw good manners. You could see the pain in Yoongi’s face and if he wasn’t going to get treated soon, you didn’t mind unleashing hell. 

You watch the tightening of the doctor’s jaw, his gaze just about ready to cut you if he could. He takes one look at Yoongi before he lets out a sigh and starts walking forward. The smile that spreads across your face has you covering your mouth then clapping your hands.

“How’d you get the cut?” The doctor asks Yoongi as he checks the wound with caution. 

“I was out skateboarding and tripped, I kind of hit this metal rod and it opened up.” Yoongi explains and you hide the shudder that runs through you, remembering how he had called you for a ride to the hospital after the incident.

“Its nothing too deep, it’ll need stitches though and you’ll probably have to be injected to avoid an infection. I’ll get a nurse to work on it immediately and I’ll write you a prescription for pain killers.” The blonde doctor mumbles, writing a few things down while the nurse beside him nods attentively at his instructions. 

Once he was done, he gives Yoongi a light pat on the shoulder before turning around and locking eyes with you. 

“Thank-” You were about to say but the sudden smirk that covers his lips makes the words die down in your mouth. He stuffs his hands back in his pockets before he’s walking forward, bumping against your shoulders in the process. 

“You owe me for this, princess.” You hear him mutter, low enough that only you had heard. 

Owe him? 

You frown at the hallway where he had disappeared off to. The more that you thought about him, the more he started seeming familiar.

As if you’d seen him before

You purse your lips in silent thought only to jump when you hear Yoongi’s scream of pain once his wound was being cleaned. 

“I’m fine, Y/n.” Yoongi groans through the phone and you have to bite back a smile as you balance a number of boxes in your hands. The set of books you ordered had finally arrived in the mail today and you had not expected them to be boxed separately, and in such large boxes at that. You navigate yourself down your building’s main halls, lightly pressing on the elevator button while balancing the phone between your shoulder and ear. 

“Is Hoseok there? Who’ll be cooking your dinner? Are you-" 

"I’m fine. I’m ending this call, goodnight.” Yoongi quips, suddenly ending the call and your mouth immediately flies open in shock. 

“Min Yoongi! You asshole!” You growl to no one before hearing the elevator doors ding open. You step inside, relived to hear the footsteps of someone else behind you. 

“Excuse me? Could you press the button for the 15th floor?” You call out behind the pile of boxes constricting your view. 

“Sure.” Was the curt response of your companion and you sigh happily as you lean back against the steel wall, listening to the low drone of music playing in the background. You unconsciously look down, eyes studying the dark gray sneakers of your mystery companion. Your eyes slowly lift up, widening slightly when you see how tight his jeans had hugged his thighs; which were obviously shaped with muscle. 

You bite your lower lip in interest, suddenly feeling the need to at least see this mystery person’s face. With thighs like those, you were predicting him to be a six foot tall athlete with ripped arms and a smile that could kill. You had let your imagination run wild until you heard someone clearing their throat, snapping you out of your reverie.

“It’s the 15th floor.”

You jump up in shock, letting out an embarrassed laugh as you step forward. A wave of shame starts vibrating through you due to your indecent thoughts and you do your best to glue your face against the boxes you were holding as you step out the elevator doors. 


You had not expected him get off on the same floor as you, had not even expected him to be walking at the same direction as you. You frown as his footsteps match yours, even stopping when you had stopped. 

You were getting suspicious, maybe your mysterious thigh man was actually a crazed murderer. Once you stop in front of the door of your flat, you drop the boxes and turn around, ready to confront the crazed man. You open your mouth but no words come out when you’re greeted by the back side of Mr. Thighs as he opens the door of flat right across yours. You immediately shut your mouth, dropping your hands as you watch him jiggle his keys a few times before the door finally opens. You try to peak over his shoulders and see his face, just now realizing that you had never seen your neighbor a day in your life. You frown as he shuts the door behind him, not even revealing the corner of his cheeks or even the color of his hair that was tucked away under a red beanie. You purse your lips in regret before you’re shrugging your shoulders and turning back to open your door.

 So Mr. Thighs lives right across from me. 

                                                  (After 3 days) 

 "I think I lost them.” You mutter to yourself, shoulders sagging as you look at the horrible state of your room after tearing it apart just to look for your glasses. 

You let out a sigh, ruffling your hair as you turn and make your way back towards the kitchen. You switch on the TV, grabbing the knife from the kitchen counter as you return to chopping ingredients for the meal you were preparing. You take one glance at the TV, eyes smiling as the current group you were addicted to takes the stage. You hum their songs blissfully, even swaying to the beat, totally oblivious to the damage you were doing. 

“FUCK!” You scream once the knife had dug into your skin, blood immediately runs down your finger due to the small cut. You stare at your hand in horror, another wave of nausea vibrating through you. You had not known that you had let out a loud scream, had not even realized that you were shaking on the ground till a pair of hands suddenly take yours into their own. 

“What happened? Did you do this to yourself?” Your lips had dried, your mind blank as you just glanced up at who had came to your rescue. 

“It’s not that bad.” He mutters staring at your hand “It’s just bleeding a lot. Are you scared of blood?" 

You don’t answer. You just blink up, trying to see him clearly but your own fear was blinding you as you push back tears. 

"Where’s your first aid kit?” He asks again, more soothing now. 

“Second drawer to the left.” You had finally spoken, voice barely a whisper but still enough to relieve him. He pats your head lightly, moving across the room to grab the said kit before he’s back by your side. 

“This’ll sting, okay? It wont last long.” He warns you and you nod. A hiss escapes your lips as he cleanses the open wound, doing his best to be as careful as possible. A few tears slip past your cheeks and you wipe them away with the back of your free hand, embarrassed to be crying in front of a stranger. After a few minutes, while he was bandaging your wounded finger, you had finally calmed down. 

“There, all done.” He mutters, head lifting up to look at you. Once your gazes had locked, your eyes immediately widen and your mouth flies open. 

“You-You!” You gasp, using your injured hand to point at him only to groan at the sudden sharp pain that ran through you. 

“Dont do that! The wound’s still fresh!” He clicks his tongue, taking your hand back in his hand and examining it. You frown at him, eyes narrowing as you pull your hand away. 

“You’re that mean doctor a few days ago! What the hell are you doing here?” You mutter, holding your hand against your chest “Are you stalking me?" 

"No.” He frowns before running his hand through his hair “If I’d stalk someone, it definitely wont be you." 

"Then why are you here? How’d you get in?” You ask, eyes scanning him in question. He was in a plain gray shirt paired with dark blue pajama pants, his hair slightly disheveled and to top it all off, he was barefoot. 

Just where in the world had he come from? 

“I was making dinner then I suddenly heard a scream. I stepped out the door to check and I heard you scream louder so I started knocking on your door.” He shrugs, standing up then frowning at the mess that had covered your kitchen counter top. 

“I live across the hall.” He mutters, grabbing the wash cloth by the sink and starts wiping off any trace of blood that had spread over the counter top. 

Across the hall? A sudden image of masculine thighs cross your mind and your mouth flies open as you point at him. 

You’re Mr. Thighs?” The words were out of your mouth before you could stop yourself and you immediately wince as you turn away from him, your cheeks reddening. 

“I’m what?” He chokes out, eyes watching you in fascinated humor. 

“What? I didn’t say anything.” You feign innocence as you walk towards the fridge, hoping to ignore him. 

“Yes you did. Mr. Thighs? Is that your nickname for me?” The teasing tone of his voice irks you and you turn to look at him with a glare only to find him lifting up his pajama pants and exposing his thighs, studying them quietly.

“Well, they are pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.” He smiles, eyes twinkling as he meets your gaze yet again. You feel your entire face heat up as you grab a random carrot slice and fling it at him only to have the blonde boy laughing out loud.

Oh wow

Your anger had immediately subsided at the beautiful sound that caressed your ears and you suddenly felt the need to make him laugh even more just so you could hear it again. You clear your throat in embarrassment at your thoughts, turning to look at your ingredients and shivering when you see a few trails of your blood on them. 

“Guess I’ll have to order take out.” You sigh to yourself. 

“You can come over and eat at my place.” The doctor smiles at you “I was cooking earlier and I think I made more than what I could eat." 

You arch an eyebrow at him, doubting his kindness as you cross your arms over your chest 

"I don’t even know you." 

 "I’m Jimin, but I’m also Mr. Thighs, remember?” He laughs and this time, instead of sounding beautiful, his laugh had just irked you. You grit your teeth as you stomp towards the doors, throwing it open and smiling the most sarcastic smile you could muster.

“Get out.”

The young doctor arches an eyebrow at you, eyes scanning you up and down and you curse the heavens for the fact that you had chosen today of all days to wear your yellow duck printed shorts. 

“You’re really something, aren’t you?” Jimin shakes his head, his expression vague “I just helped you, two times to be exact, and all you can be is rude to me.”

“Did I ask for your help this time?” You arch an eyebrow, ready to counter his sarcasm with your own.  Your blood starting to boil, sure you were thankful but with all the cockiness that was vibrating off of Jimin, there was no way in hell you were going to just kiss his ass for it.

“No.” Jimin shakes his head as he slowly walks towards you “Which is why I’m annoyed at myself for even bothering.”

“Well you can be annoyed once your inside your own home.” You smile sweetly at him, eyes batting as you bob your head to the side “Right now, I need you out of mine.”

Jimin presses his tongue against the inside of his cheeks, his temper rising as he stands less than a foot away from you. You meet him head on, your gaze unwavering as you motion for him to exit. He steps out the doors but turns to look at you, a sinister smirk plastering itself on his face. 

“You still owe me, princess.”

“Another time, short fry.” You bite your lower lip happily at the look of anger that crosses his face but before he could even open his mouth to retort, you slam the door shut. You let out a maniacal chuckle before turning back towards your kitchen, searching for take out menus you’d hidden around.

Jimin stares at your door in complete and utter reverberation. Never in his life had he ever been treated the way he was a few minutes ago. At first he was going to allow that incident at the hospital to pass but after having a door slammed to his face, Jimin had decided he was not taking this standing down. 

Short fry? Short fucking fry? 

Oh no. Jimin was not one to let things pass without there being any retribution. The doctor had helped you two times, and two times have you embarrassed him. 

No, no. Jimin was going to get you back.

This. Means. War. 

why i hate the words, "i hope you get better soon"/"i hope youll be healed up soon" as someone with a chronic illness

so, the obvious answer here is that chronically ill means that i wont get better but, theres a lot more to this.

yes, i get that people who say this to chronically ill peeps tend to have good intentions and i know they dont mean to sound ignorant, but the problem is that when they say this, all it proves is that they ARE ignorant, and so are their words, no matter how well intentioned they might be.

i also hate it because it reminds me that im not getting better, and that people dont care enough or generally dont know enough to acknowledge that, so them trying to be comforting, telling me that “itll be okay soon” and “they hope i get better soon” is a lot like giving me a tissue to wipe off spit on my face, but they didnt realize that that tissue is also covered in spit.

like, thanks, the intention is nice and all but it doesnt help and it can make me feel worse. idk if im making sense but honestly im tired of being told that people are just trying to be nice so i should deal with it, like, how about i talk to them and try to make them understand why its not the best thing to say.

i want to tell them that it makes me uncomfortable, that im not sure how to respond because what i was ignorant and frustrating but because they didnt mean to be rude i should just let it be? nah my guy, listen, theres a ton of things you can say that would help, like “im sorry you have to go through that, you shouldnt have to” or “i dont know what to say, but i wish i did” or literally anything else

cause honestly when you say “i hope you get better soon” or “i bet youll be healed in no time”, all youre doing is showing how little you know about my issues and my struggle, because often a part of my struggle is knowing that i wont get better.

hi everyone I just wanted to apologize for that moodboard I made some time ago featuring a nazi woman. I had no idea of that at the time and I completely forgot about it, I didn’t see the responses until now and. It’s not a justification and you absolutely dont have to believe or forgive me cause it’s absolutely completely on me but Im truly sorry about it and the distress caused to my Jewish followers. Im gonna be more careful in the future and pay attention to what people tell me on here, im sorry.


Some Prompts that are lyrics from very cute and lovely songs. There are always two lines. One for Person A and one for Person B.


  •  „You ain’t no lady but you’ve sure got taste in men.“ – „But I’ve been told by friends of mine you’re someone I can trust.“ (AC/DC - Carry Me Home)
  • „You say you want the truth, but you can’t take it. So I give you lies.“ – „I won’t apologize to you anymore. Cause I’m a grown-ass man.“ (Adam Lambert – There I Said it)
  • „Everybody loves the things you do. From the way you talk to the way you move“ - „My God, this reminds me. Of when we were young.“  (Adele – When we Were Young)
  • „I don’t want to hurt you but I need to breathe!“ -  „At the end of it all, you’re still my best friend.“  (Alex Clare – Too Close)
  • „I’m getting sick of your bullshit attitude.“ – „Do you want me. Or do you want me dead?“  (All Time Low – Do You Want Me (Dead)?)
  • „Tell me how am I supposed to breathe. When losing you is choking me?“ – „I still remember that empty look left on your face.“ (The All-American Rejects – Heartbeat Slowing Down)
  •  „I’m so into you, I can barely breathe.“ – „A little bit dangerous, but, baby, that’s how I want it.“ (Ariana Grande – Into You)
  • „I want to show you who I really am.“ – „I wanna get to know you, talk all night.“ (Aura Dione – Masterpiece)
  • „Now don’t you tell me to leave you alone.“ – „I want you to touch me.“ (Avicii – Touch Me)
  • „I don’t like your girlfriend!“ – „I think we should get together now.“ (Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend)


  • „Add on that I’m a coward. Too scared to return your calls.“ – „Despite how silly it sounds. You’re bigger. Than me.“ (Backstreet Boys – Bigger)
  • „And you said you always had my back.“ – „I don’t wanna hear you talk about it anymore.“ (Bastille – Bad Blood)
  • „Who the fuck do you think I am?“ – „And keep your money, I’ve got my own.“ (Beyoncé – Don’t Hurt Yourself)
  • „And I’m too fucked up.“ – „But I know I’ll never be that cool.“ (Blink 182 – Apple Shampoo)
  • „They don’t think you’re all that cool. They like you for your step-dad’s pool.“ – „Hey you, you dance like those assholes I see.“ – (Bloodhound Gang – Uncool As Me)
  • „I really want you to really want me, but I really don’t know if you can do that.“ – „And you’re listening to the sound of my breaking heart.“ – (James Blunt – I Really Want You)
  • „For the love of god, will you bite your tongue.“ – „I think it’s time you knew the truth.“ – (Bring Me The Horizon – Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake.)
  • „My mouth is shut, my lips are sealed.“ – „I should have turned and walked away.“ (Billy Talent – The Crutch)
  • „Don’t believe me just watch.“ – „Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty.“ (Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk)
  • „Don’t try and heal me when I’m broken.“ – „This might be hard to hear.“ (Bullet For My Valentine – Broken)


  • „It’s way too soon, I know this isn’t love.“ – „But I need to tell you something.“ (Carly Rae Jepsen – Really Like You)
  • „I’ve been waiting all night long to know your name.“ – „You’ve been so cold.“ (Chris Brown – I’ll call ya)
  • „I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes.“ – „Let me take another selfie.“ (The Chainsmokers - #Selfie)
  • „Don’t you ever say I just walked away.“ – „I will always want you.“ (Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball)


  •  „There are so many things that I don’t understand.“ – „I’ve been, for sometime, looking for someone.“ (Daft Punk  - Within)
  • „Leave him alone, let him go!“ – „Only you can stop the pain.“ (David Guetta – Used To Be The One)
  • „Can’t you act your age“ - „It’s not my fault you’ll never be happy.“  (A Day To Remember – Best Of Me)
  • „And all that I want is forgiveness one more time.“ – „To be the best in the world.“ (Disturbed – Just Stop)


  • „Maybe you could swing by my room around 10:00.“ – „Don’t fuck with my love.“ (Ed Sheeran – Don’t)
  • „You shoot me once, you shoot me twice.“ – „Let me show you what I’m talking about.“ (Enrique Iglesias)
  • „I’m on my own.“ – „I think I’m falling and there’s no return.“ (Enter Shikari – One True Colour)


  • „I’m just a notch in your bedpost.“ – „I’ve been dying to tell you anything you want to hear.“ (Fall Out Boy – We’re Going Down)


  • „All that I remember is that you had me at hello.“ – „What happened? Did it happen? Last night.“ (Good Charlotte – Last Night)
  • „I heard you crying loud.“ – „You’ve been thinking about ditching me.“ (Green Day – When i come around)
  • „
It’s a mystery how you sleep at night.“ – „
I give you so many chances, but you screw them all up.“ (Gossip – I Won’t Play)


  • „Baby just don’t close your heart.“ – „It’s all going wrong.“ (HIM – Don’t close your Heart)


  • Come with me and we will run away.“ – „I am all you adore, lately.“ (Imagine Dragons – Hear Me)


  • „If you don’t want me to leave then don’t push me away.“ – „I’m gonna stay.“ (James Morrison – Dont Wanna Love Me)
  • „How much I adore those pretty eyes of yours.“ – „Can you love me for a lifetime or just one night.“ (Jennifer Lopez – Baby I Love You)
  • „I’m gonna be be good so tell me that you’re gonna be good too.“ – „I’m gonna treat you right.“ (Jonas Brothers – BB Good)
  • „'Cause I’m missing more than just your body.“ – „I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice.“ (Justin Bieber – Sorry)
  • „Beautiful smile with those sad eyes.“ – „I don’t know why you’d leave me alone.“ (Justin Timberlake – Amnesia)


  • „You’re so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal.“ – „You’re so skinny you should really Super Size the deal.“ (Katy Perry – Ur So Gay)
  • „Never thought that you would be the one.“ – „Maybe you shouldn’t Kiss ‘n’ tell.“ (Ke$ha – Kiss N Tell)
  • „Taking me higher than I’ve ever been before.“ – „You’re just another day that keeps me breathing.“ (Kiesza – Hideaway)


  • „I just want you alone“ - „It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love.“ (Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion)
  • „You say that you are proud of me.“ – „You’re not the one that you pretend to be.“ (Linkin Park – Pretend To Be)
  • „Forget that boy, I’m over it.“ – „Guess I should say thank you.“ (Little Mix – Shout Out To My Ex)


  • When I’m without you. I’m so insecure.“ – „Don’t let nobody touch it. Unless that somebody’s me.“ (Maroon 5 – Sugar)
  • „I have the loves of many men. But I don’t love any of them.“  - „Why do you cheat on me?“ (Metallica – Cheat On Me)
  • „I got a bulletproof heart.“ – „Let me be the one to save you.“ (My Chemical Romance – Bulletproof Heart)


  1. „And my heart feels a fool.“ – „Can’t stop thinking of you, cause I’m so jealous, baby.“ ( New Kids on the Block – Jealous)


  • „Counted all my mistakes and there’s only one.“ – „Yeah, it took me some time, but I figured out.“ (One Direction – Where do Broken Hearts Go?)
  • „I can only be myself.“ – „I’ll never forget you.“ (Olly Murs – Tryna change me)
  • „But you confuse me.“ – „I said babe do you want to take it fast or slow?.“ (OneRepublic – The Less I Know)


  • „Do I look lonely?“ – „Am I the best you’ve ever had?“ (Panic! At The Disco – Death of a Bachelor)
  •  „Maybe if I act like that, that guy will call me back.“ – „I cannot take any more.“ (P!nk – Stupid Girls)
  • „I know you like me.“ – „Let’s keep it friendly.“ (The Pussycat Dolls – Don’t Cha)
  • „Hate is a strong word.“ – „Thought you thought that I was worth it.“ (Plain White T’s –Hate Really Don’t Like You)


  •  „The Show must go on.“ – „Inside my heart is breaking.“ (Queen – The Show Must Go On)


  • „I forgot your birthday.“ – „I’m a mess.“ (The Rasmus – I’m A Mess)
  • „Show me what it is you believe in.“ – „Do you want to get up early in the morning?“ (Red Hot Chili Peppers – We Turn Red)
  • „Tell me why don’t you bring me flowers?“ – „Tell me why don’t you notice me?“ (Roxette – Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?)
  • „But we haven’t kissed for four days.“ – „If we go down, we’re going down together.“ (Robin Schulz – Titanic)
  • „I’m no good without you.“ – „Just love me.“ (Rihanna – Love On The Brain)
  • „Why are you not afraid?“ – „I have learned to stand up and just to walk away.“ (Rise Against – Beautiful Indifference)
  • „Come in and close the door.“ – „But now you know me so you know that I’d be lying.“ (Robbie Williams – Motherfucker)


  • „You say I’m crazy.“ – „I know I’m not the only one.“ (Sam Smith – Not The Only One)
  • „Why do you say things. If you do not mean them.“ – „And now i can’t sleep.“ (Shakira – Cut Me Deep)
  • „I found a note with another name.“ -  „I can’t bite my tongue forever.“ (Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie)
  • „I’m talking to myself.“ – „Forgot what I just said.“ (Sum 41 – All Messed Up)
  • „I can break your heart.“ – „you think you are to good for anyone.“ (Sunrise Avenue – I Can Break Your Heart)


  • „You look like my next mistake.“ – „'Cause, darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream.“ (Taylor Swift – Blank Space)
  • „I never sleep.“ – „I wish I knew what it was like.“ (Three Days Grace – I Am Machine)
  • „I am not as fine as I seem, pardon.“ – „The game is not played alone.“ (Twenty One Pilots – Migraine)


  • „I swear to tell the truth.“ – „But I guess my love wasn’t good enough.“ (Usher – Guilty)


  • „Did you say the thing you wanted?“ – „Have you ever felt in love?“ (Volbeat – Goodbye Forever)


  • „You’re only looking for attention.“ – „What do you expect now?“ (The Weeknd – Attention)
  • „Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me?“ – „And he doesn’t give a damn about me.“ (Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag)


  • „I’d love to wake up next to you.“ – „So we’ll piss off the neighbours.“ (Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk)


  • „What happened to just messing around?“ „I’ll break your Heart“ (The 1975 – Girls)
  • „He treats you so bad and I’m so good to you it’s not fair.“ – „Thanks for being a friend.“ (5 Seconds of Summer – Heartbreak Girl)
Let Me not Fall in Love with You - Jaehwan Au

- Admin Xion <3

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- you stared at him blanklessly as he smiled warmly, laughing at his friends joke as he noticed you standing there in the empty
- “y/n!” he called out
- you rolled your eyes as you walked away silently cursing to yourself
- “don’t like him, he’s just another one of those fuckboys,” you said inside your head as you headed towards your locker
- you then, proceeded to head to math class in which is a class you hated the most because jaehwan sat right in front of you
- and whenever you’d answer a question, he’d turn around and softly smile saying good job but then you’d proceed to whisper to yourself that he’s just trying to use you like everyone else does
- you sat in your usual spot as you cursed to yourself that you forgot your math textbook and your elbow partner wasn’t in school so you had nothing to follow the class along with
- “y/n, wheres your math textbook?” the teacher asks bluntly as she rolls her eyes coldly and deeply sighs
- “go sit next to jaehwan for todays class and share with him,” she added on
- you felt butterflies in your stomach but then told yourself it’s only a stomach ache
- you were excited
- but your mind said you dont want to feel excited
- and for some reason, as you sat next to him, seeing him softly say hi and smile warmly
- it only made you smile as you could feel your cheeks burning
- “why’d you ignore me in the halls today?” he whispers as he then pouts
- “i had to use the washroom urgently,” you lied
- “liar,” he replied
- “how do you kn-”
- “you never use the schools washroom, even if you are on your period because you think their disgusting,” jaehwan said as he didnt make eye contact with you, pretending to be paying attention to the lesson
- “jaehwan we only talked like 10 times how do you know all of this?” you replied doing the same process as him
- “because i always want to talk to you but you always ignore me, do you have me or something?” jaehwan asks
- and you felt your heart drop a bit
- “n-no of course not!” you blurted oUT LOUD
- everyone looked at you as the teacher did that bITCHY TEACHER MOVE WITH THE GLASSES AND SHIT
- “would you like to share your conversation?” the teacher asks
- “no than-”
- “actually yes,” jaehwan said interupting your sentence
- “y/n here is ignoring me and not telling me why and i dont know what i did wrong,” he speaks out loud as some whispers float around
- “y/n, please tell jaehwan what he did wrong,” the teacher spoke
- “hE DID NOTHING WRONG ! it’s just…it’s just…”
- “i dont have time for this, i’ll be continuing the lesson and you two better shut it,”
- “sorry,” you both mummbled
- “maybe it’s just cause you’re too perfect,” you mummbled to yourself
- jaehwan heard what you said but you didnt seem to notice at all
- it was lunch and you were at the cafeteria as a group of students were all in a circle
- you then pushed through to see jaehwan being pushed onto the floor as jisung proceeds to hit him with a metal tray
- but through it all, jaehwan smiled warmly
- and you didnt know how to feel
- you wanted to feel bad and stop it
- but seeing his smile made you feel butterflies in your stomach
- your head was spinning as your stomach was twisting and turning and your heart couldn’t stop beating
- you then bluntly walked out of the chaos and acted as though you never saw anything
- and continously told yourself you didnt see anything
- you decided to ditch last period since it was gym and you hated it with a full heart
- and as you walked around campus
- you saw jaehwan sitting at a bench alone
- and without a single thought in your head
- you approached him and sat next to him
- when reality hit you, you noticed you were sitting beside him
- jaehwan chuckles
- “do i still look attractive with these scars and bruises?” he said as you fully noticed all the cuts on his face as you could feel guilt arising in your chest
- “what’s with the look?” jaehwan asks as he notices your sorrow expression
- “w-why do you want to talk to me a-all the time?” you spoke as you stumbled on your words
- jaehwan warmly smiles
- “maybe it’s because you’re too perfect,” jaehwan says
- those words rung inside your head
- you noticed that you said those words during math and he must’ve heard you
- you felt your cheeks bURNING red and jaehwan warmly laughs
- “i heard you, you know?”
- “nO YOU DIDNT” you claimed
- “but why don’t you not want to talk to me?” he asks
- you take a deep breath
- “becauseyou'reafuckboy,” you said really quickly
- “y/n, just because ive had sex more than once doesnt mean im a fuckboy,”
- “but i swear to god onlyfuckboysaresttractiveandijust-”
- “did you just call me attractive?”
- “maybe and its maybe because i like you,”
- “well maybe i like you too,” jaehwan said





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So I was talking to my friend @sugarcoated-wishes and she’s on Jaehee’s route and she just started screaming.


…and I absolutely agree

((I’m not hating on Jumin, I just found this funny don’t take it seriously))
Not for you (Prince au)

Background: Taehyung, a young duke, accompanies his cousin (a prince) to meet the princess of a different castle. Upon meeting the princess, Taehyung now has to fight back feelings of want & fondness because of the theory that a princess was meant for a prince, not for a duke. 

Authors note: I honestly tag most of my Taehyung pics as Prince Taehyung cause seriously look at him. He practically is one. Anyway, I dont know if this should be a two shot or if I should leave it like this. If you guys have any ideas tell me! Make a part 2? Make part two a smut? keep this fluffy? dont write anymore?

Sorry if this kinda sucked though ;’(


“I dont know why I’m here.” Taehyung groans, turning to look at cousin who was silently mixing his drink, a small smile playing on his lips. 

 "You’re here to pick me up in case this all goes south.“ Jimin chuckles making Taehyung frown. 

 "With all due respect, your highness” Taehyung teases his cousin, adjusting his dress coat then crossing his legs “But what if this princess isn’t whats she’s all described to be?“ 

 "Like what?” Jimin arches an eyebrow. 

 "What if-“ Taehyung purses his lips “She looks like a hermit? Or has no teeth? Or has bad breath! Or-" 

 "Or what if when she becomes Queen, she orders the royal guards to be off with your head?" Another voice interjects.

Both men immediately snap their heads back, catching sight of a girl marching her way up the grass fields, eyes trained on Taehyung. Taehyung arches an eyebrow, studying the girl in ripped jeans and a loose gray sweater, her hair in a high pony tail as a large archery bow danced in her hands. Her cheeks had gone red after being under sun for too long, her hair slightly disheveled from the wind as she places her hands on her hips. 

"They must have really beautiful castle servants here” Taehyung had thought to himself as he watched her stop a few feet away from them. 

“And who are you?” Jimin asks, voice laced with command. A true prince indeed. 

This causes Taehyung to snap out of his train of thought. 

He clears his throat before sitting up straight, “Did you just threaten our dear prince?” He asks, eyes wide in shock when the way she had spoken earlier replays in his mind. With the way both men were dressed, it was clear they were from royal families, meaning that they were supposed to be given the utmost respect. 

Had she forgotten her place? 

 "Oh no, I didn’t threaten him” She smirks, eyes on Taehyung  “I threatened you.“ 

The mentioned boy immediately lets out a scoff as he stands up.
"Listen here, Miss. I don’t know who you are but you must have forgotten your etiquette training. Maybe you should learn your place-”

 "I know my place.“ She cuts him off, stepping forward and facing the tall boy head on "And this is my land, so I would be most honored if you do not talk too unkindly of me while staying in my castle.”

“What-” Taehyung was just about to snarl but Jimin grabs his arms before pulling him back and silencing him with one look. Jimin then bows, arms behind his back, his head facing the ground as a form of respect.. Taehyung’s mouth drops open but before he could let out a sound, Jimin stands back up, a large smile plastered on his face. 

 "Princess Y/N, its a pleasure to meet you.“ 

Taehyung all but chokes on his own spit at the mention of your name. His eyes widen as he stares up your face, the sudden intake of information overwhelming him.

 A wide smirk plasters across your lips as you meet his gaze tauntingly.

"Be lucky that I’ve left my arrows at the practice hall.” You scoff, dropping your bow to the ground as Jimin takes your hand in his, placing a chaste kiss against it as his greeting.

 "I apologize for my cousin’s behavior.“ Jimin smiles, hoping to ease the tension "Our duke doesn’t quite have a filter on that pretty little mouth of his.”

As much as you hated to admit it, the comment had caused you to turn and look at the said boy’s mouth and your heart had stopped a beat at the sight of him running his tongue across his bottom lip before taking it between his teeth. Taehyung’s eyes shift nervously before they suddenly lock on yours and you had to feign off your sudden intake of breath at the sight of his eyes. 

Gorgeous brown orbs were staring right at you and you decided to honestly admit to yourself that you have never seen eyes more alluring than Kim Taehyung’s. 

“Would you need me to accompany you back to the castle?” Jimin suddenly steps in front of you, blocking your view of Taehyung. You turn to him with an almost automatic smile, well practiced for situations like these. 

“That wont be necessary. I know this place like the back of my hand.” You shrug dismissively “You two continue whatever you were doing." 

You then angle your head to catch Taehyung’s gaze, enlightening you to discover that he was still staring at you. He stills at the sight of you even giving him the slightest glance, scared that he had angered you after everything he had said. You quirk your lips upward and playfully narrow your eyes. 

"So as long as you no longer call me names behind my back." 

Taehyung immediately shakes his head, waving his arms back and forth "I wont! I promise!" 

He’s adorable. The thought whispers across your mind as you give him a short nod, biting back a smile before you turn to look back at Jimin. 

"Will I be seeing you later night?” You ask him and he immediately nods, delving into the details about the gala your father had planned for the castle later night. 

Taehyung watches your exchange of conversation, his jaw tightening at the sudden urge to disrupt you both just so he could have your attention once more. The thought causes Taehyung to clench his fists together, a feeling of frustration washing over him. If there was one thing Kim Taehyung knew best, it was the lesson of knowing your place. Yet all the lectures, all the grueling hours of courtesy training, had went down the drain when all Taehyung wanted was for you to focus on him and not on Jimin. 

Yet, he knew that as much as he wanted you to look at him, you never would. 

Cause you were a princess,

and Taehyung, 

well he wasn’t a prince. 

Taehyung adjusts the cuffs of his black dress shirt before lightly patting his suit jacket, trying to rid it of any possible creases. Jimin hands him a black mask while the blonde prince puts on his own navy colored mask, hiding half of his face. Taehyung takes the mask in his hands, eyeing it silently before slipping it on, enjoying the feeling of mystery it brought. 

The two boys step into the ballroom doors, immediately greeted by the loud chatter of all the guests. A light harmony buzzes around the room as servants run back and forth, serving drinks to old men who were already too drunk to sound coherent. A few girls hidden behind their masks smile seductively towards the two boys and Taehyung has to fight back the urge to roll his eyes as he glances at their dresses. Either there was too much cleavage being exposed or their slits were too high, ready to showcase almost everything they had to offer. 

“I’ll get us a drink.” Jimin mutters and Taehyung was about to interject, knowing he should’ve been the one serving the prince. Yet when he turns around, Jimin was already making his way through the crowd. The young duke lets out a sigh as he scans the crowd yet again, watching as a few couples circle the dance floor, arms around each other as they swayed happily to the music. 

“Care to dance?” A voice snaps him out of his reverie and Taehyung turns his head to the side, only to be greeted by the most beautiful eyes he’d seen for the second time today. He studies the intricate design of your golden mask, hiding half of your face but showing enough to showcase your beauty. His eyes then travel down your gold colored dress, swirling with gorgeous details that curved and hugged your body. His eyes then follow the lace that runs around your neck and down your arms, covering your body but showing enough skin just to tease the eyes. 

You were the definition of absolute beauty. 

“Should I ask again?” You hum, eyes widening, not used to repeating yourself.

Taehyung clears his throat before shaking his head and smiling “Who am I to reject such a beautiful woman’s offer, let alone the princess’ offer." 

Taehyung offers his hand and you place yours into his happily, feeling waves of electricity run were your skin had met.

"You’re the same guy who had called me a hermit a few hours ago.” You hum teasingly as he leads you towards the center of the dance floor. 

 "You’re never gonna let me live that down, are you?“ Taehyung laughs, the sound sending delicious waves down your spine.

"Not till my last breath.” You nod as you place one hand on his shoulder while his other hand presses gently against your back. 

He starts swaying and you follow his lead, feet gliding against the floor while a slow rhythm pattered against your ears.

 "So, do you always ask Dukes for dances? Or am I special?“ Taehyung asks and it takes you a minute to respond as you had not expected the sudden surge of confidence.

"Cocky, aren’t we?” You hum, a smile gracing the corner of your lips. Taehyung’s own lips lift up in a wide grin when he sees your reaction, his heart thrumming against his chest lightly.

“I should really get the decree of "off with your head” back legally, I would definitely use that phrase a lot with you.“ You tease and Taehyung’s eyes narrow playfully.

 "Oh, but once my head is off, you’ll be missing this pretty little face of mine.”

You let out a loud laugh, head tilting back as Taehyung twirls you. If only he could tell you just how beautiful he thought your laugh had felt against his ears. 

Taehyung leans closer to you and you nibble on your lower lip, shocked at how he had pulled you against him. 

“I forgot to tell you earlier” He whispers, lips hovering close to your ears “But you look absolutely stunning." 

You thank the heavens for the mask you had on, feeling your blood rush to your cheeks as you blush. You were used to compliments, in fact you had brushed most of them off as people usually fed you sweet nothings just to get something out of you. Yet the way Taehyung had said it, the sincerity in his voice, and the way he had been staring at you, you couldn’t fight back the rosiness of your cheeks even if you wanted to. 

 "You’re not looking so bad yourself.” You comment, relieved that you had kept your voice from cracking. 

Taehyung lets out a smile only to switch into a frown when a figure behind you catches his attention.

“Duke Kim.” The black haired boy smiles and you turn your head to the side, locking eyes with Min Yoongi. 

Taehyung takes a step back from you, dropping his arms and letting go of your hand. You push down the disappointment at the loss of contact before forcing a smile upon your face. 

 "How may I help you, Prince Yoongi?“ You ask, all formalities returning to your voice. 

"Just wanted to know if I could borrow you for a dance?” Yoongi shrugs before turning to look back at Taehyung “You dont mind, do you, Duke?" 

"Not at all.” Taehyung forces out, stepping back and giving you both a quick bow. You watch with sad eyes as he turns around and disappears through the crowd, not bothering to spare you another glance. 

 Taehyung clenches his fists as he makes his way towards the bar, hoping to find anything to loosen his chest. To his surprise, he finds his cousin already perched on a bar stool, his legs hanging coolly as he takes a sip out of the drink he was holding. Taehyung takes the seat beside him, grabbing Jimin’s drink before downing it to the last drop. 

“That was mine.” Jimin clicks his tongue before asking for another two orders of the same drink. 

Taehyung decides to spare a glance over his shoulder, his eyes catching yours as you swayed perfectly in the arms of your prince. The young duke lets out a scoff before he’s lifting the glass back towards his lips.

“That was supposed to be mine too.” Jimin smiles, his drink playfully on the edge of his lips. 

“What? But you ordered two glasses.” Taehyung frowns before setting his glass down.

“Not the drink, I meant- ” Jimin lets out a laugh “The princess." 

 Taehyung never knew you could choke on air, didn’t even think it was humanly possible. But after coughing and wheezing for about 30 seconds, Taehyung realized he was wrong. His cheeks had gone red in embarrassment while Jimin’s eyes had disappeared as he laughed. 

 "Wh-What are you going on about?” Taehyung wipes the corner of his lips, mortification seeping through him even more as he stutters.

“Quit denying it , Tae.” Jimin rolls his eyes “Anyone can tell that she’s completely smitten with you." 

 "Well she can’t be.” Was Taehyung’s immediate answer as he takes another sip out of his drink “She’s a princess." 

"Hmmm.” Jimin mumbles “But you like her." 

"She can only like you.” Taehyung barks back and Jimin lets out a laugh before shaking his head. 

“She’s still human, Tae. She can like anyone she wants.” Jimin shrugs. The young duke turns to look at his cousin carefully, noting the slight sadness in his tone. 

 "You don’t like her?“ 

"Not as much as my parents want me to.” Jimin sighs, running a hand through his hair “And I kind of like seeing her with you." 

Taehyung purses his lips before he turns his head to look back at the dance floor only to discover that you were no longer there. He scans around the room and frowns when he realizes that you were no where in sight. Jimin watches in silent fascination before he shakes his head and smiles, wondering if he’d ever find what his cousin had. 

You let out a groan as you glare up at your ceiling, listening to the constant tick tock of your wall clock. You fight back a smile at your silly rhyme before you let out a sigh and sit up from your bed. You check the time and blow your hair out of your face in frustration.

 2:36 am. 

You had been up for for 21 hours now.

The party should have been long over. You had left early, using the excuse that you weren’t feeling well when in reality, you were feeling quite good. You rub your arms gingerly and shudder when you recall how one of the princes, whose name escapes you, had run his large rough fingers against you, his eyes digging into you as if you were a prize he swears he was going to win. After that, you had realized you had had enough of your fathers gala and would rather spend the rest of the night in the comfort of your own room.

 You shake the feeling of discomfort away before you kick your sheets off of you and reach for your robe. If you weren’t going to fall asleep any time soon then you might as well have done something productive instead, like grabbing a drink of wine. 

You step out of your room, glad to find the halls silent and empty as you pad down them happily. You skip your way down the stairs, happy to see the kitchen lights turned off. The maids were asleep early then. 

 You hum a silent tune, switching the lights on only to let out a gasp when you see a figure leaning over the kitchen counter, arms around a plate of chocolate cake. 

 "Fuck” You hear the mysterious person’s deep voice vibrate around the room as he slowly angles his head to look at you. Once your eyes lock on those gorgeous orbs you didn’t even deny that you adored, your own eyes widen in return.

“Taehyung?!” You hiss and he immediately smiles his box like grin, chocolate covering his teeth as he waved his fork at you.


 "You scared the shit out of me!” You growl before walking towards him, gripping your robe tighter around you. 

“It’s not my fault.” He crinkles his nose “I was hungry." 

 "You’re unbearable.” You chuckle before taking his fork from him and picking out a small piece of cake and stuffing it into your own mouth. Taehyung watches you in silent awe before he places his chin on the palm of his hand. 

“Are you sure you’re a princess?”

You shrug at him before taking another bite, the fork hanging loosely against your lips “Born and raised, why?" 

 "You sure aren’t picky like all the other princesses I’ve met.”

“So you’ve met a lot?” You nod quietly, dropping the fork back onto the plate as you purse your lips, not liking the idea of other women being around Taehyung. 

He notices your intonation and suddenly pokes your hip, making you jump and snap your head to the side with wide eyes. 

“That’s not what I meant.” He clicks his tongue at you and you have to fight back the smile that threatened to rip your face apart. 

How Kim Taehyung pulls out the bubbly personality you had always pushed down and hid from the world, you’ll never know. 

 "Why are you up? I heard you weren’t feeling well.“ He mumbles, eyes scanning your face for any sign of your sickness. 

"I’m fine.” You wave him off, walking past him to open the refrigerator doors “I just got bored, that’s why I left early." 

"Handsome princes don’t amuse you?” Taehyung throws the question out as he watches you pull out a bottle of wine before shoving the fridge door close with your hips. You reach for two wine glasses, setting them down gently against the counter, taking the seat beside him. 

 "A bottle of wine, now that amuses me.“ You turn to Taehyung, you’re head bobbing to the side as your scrunch your nose 

"Princes? Not so much." 

Now it was his turn to stop his own face ripping smile.

The two of you end up speaking for longer than you had expected, chatting until you had finished one bottle of wine and 3 slices of cake. 

You end up laughing at Taehyung’s constant complaints about his lessons, not understanding why he had spent one hour reviewing the use of one spoon in the dining hall. Taehyung watches in silent fascination at how your eyes would squeeze shut when you laugh or how you had a habit of slapping his arm when he said something slightly perverted or funny. 

It was scaring him but he couldn’t deny that you were a wonder that Kim Taehyung found absolutely endearing. 

 "It’s getting late-” You smile “-or early, we should probably get back to our rooms.”

“Yeah.” Taehyung nods as he stands up, arms stretched up in the air as he yawns. Your eyes watch the slight lift of his shirt, revealing a portion of his abdomen as the white shirt settles back into place. 

You turn away from him, feeling the blood rush to your cheeks yet again. How could a simple show of skin send waves of butterflies fluttering in your stomach. The tint of your cheeks does not go unnoticed, Taehyung leans closer to glance at your face, which you immediately cover with your hands in hopes to shield yourself from him. 

“Why are you so red?” He chuckles, taking your hand in his, trying to tear them away from your face. The feel of his fingers against yours flame your cheeks even more that you squeal in protest as his grip tightens.

 "Quit it!“ You whine, trying to step back. 

"Not until I see your face.” He laughs, plucking your fingers away one by one.

You growl at him before stomping your feet, telling him you’d given up. He stops tugging on your hands but keeps them around yours as you glare at him. You drop your hands slowly, revealing the pink of your cheeks that had spread up towards your ears. Taehyung’s eyes scan your face for a few seconds, eyes turning dark as his lips part without his consent.  Then before Taehyung could realize what had came over him, he had tugged onto your wrist. You fall right onto his chest with a light squeak, his hand circles behind your neck, angling it up to look up at him. You were about to open your mouth and ask him what was wrong when suddenly his lips were pressed against your own.

Your eyes are wide in shock, staring down at the beautiful eyelashes of Taehyung’s shut eyes as his lips move against yours. You stay frozen for a few seconds, trying to check if this was real or if you were floating in a dream. You lightly pinch your arm and when the pain stings you, and you were finally sure this was real, you gingerly wrap your arms around his neck before you shut your own eyes. You angle your head to the side, deepening the kiss. Taehyung’s free hand wraps around your waist, squeezing gently against the silk fabric of your robe. 

You let out a gasp and the young duke waists no time by sliding his tongue between your lips. You suck lightly on the tip of the wet muscle, causing a deep throaty groan from the beautiful boy which has you smiling against his lips.

He lets out a low growl before he’s practically devouring you. You could feel all the oxygen leaving your lungs, your head floating as your body was just about ready to melt onto the floor. You grab onto the sleeves of his shirts, your lips moving in sync, knowing you both needed to stop and take in air but also not wanting to separate and stop the kiss. 

When you felt yourself getting lightheaded, you gently pull away from him but Taehyung does his best to chase after your lips. You end up laughing as you push his shoulders back. He slowly opens his eyes, his pupils dilated as he stares you, raw desire shadowing his face. 

 "The maids will be waking up soon.“ You whisper, placing your forehead against his. 

"We would’ve given them quite the show.” He hums, voice low enough to have you knees bucking. 

“I’ll see you in the morning?” You smile, tapping his arms that were glued around your waist. 

As much as Taehyung hated it, he dropped his arms from around you, giving you the freedom of leaving but not backing away from you at all. He swallows the lump stuck in his throat, chest constricting. You place a chaste kiss against his cheek, eyes twinkling with adoration for the young duke.

“Good night, Taehyung.” You step away from him and Taehyung does his best to stay rooted to the ground, to stop his hands from reaching out for you just to keep you close.

“Goodnight, Y/N.” The way he addressed you, using just your name and no honorifics, has you smiling a wide smile as you playfully click your tongue.

“Off with your pretty little head.” You say before you turn around and pad out of the kitchen doors.

Taehyung watches as you leave the room, shutting his eyes before running a hand through his hair as he lets out a growl of frustration. 

Because he knew that once the sun rises, everything would change. 

Because in the end…

Taehyung was just a duke

and you were still destined for a prince.


Request by Anon. Hope you like it.
WARNING- Talk of Child abuse.

Pulling up to your uncles work you got out of the cab and paid. You saw a guy with tattoos on his head.
“Hey can you help me, I’m looking for a man named Alex Trager”.
“Oh you mean Tig, yeah hes in the club house I’ll walk you in”.
“I’m Juan but you can call me Juice”.
“Y/N” You looked down at your shoes.
Walking in the clubhouse the smell of booze, sex and smoke hit you. There was a bunch of guys sitting around talking to one another.
“Hey Tig you have a visitor” Juice called out
“Who the hell is….Y/N your here Doll”. He bear hugged you swirling you around.
“Hey Uncle Tig, please put me down I can’t breath. You laughed
"Its great to see you girl”. “Been along time”. He smiled raking a piece of hair from your eyes.
“Yeah it has, couldn’t really go anywhere for awhile’. You frowned
"Sorry about your stepdad, he was a big asshole anyway”.
“Yeah he was, mom moved so thats why I’m here”. “I hope thats alright”.
“YES, your my favorite niece in the whole world”. He hugged you again.
“I’m your only niece Tig”. You said smiling for the first time in a long time.
“Umm, Tig you going to introduce us brother” A blond guy asked
“Shit my bad, Y/N this is Jax our Pres and over there is Chibs the scots man with Bobby he’s our brain of the club”. He laughed. You met Juice and theres Happy with Kozik over there in the corner. Hap’s our tattoo guy and you know dumbass". “Opies not here so you’ll have to meet him later.
"Nice to meet all of you”. You said quietly. You were nervous with all these men looking at you.
“Hey its ok, all these men are my brothers”. Theres no need to be nervous". He scenced you were scared.
“Is there a place were I can change and use the bathroom”?
“Oh yea, you can use my room”. He wrapped his arm around you and lead you to his dormroom.
“You need anything or want anything”? He asked before he walked out.
“No thanks I’m good”.
He closed the door as you let out a breath you didnt know you were holding. You changed and gave your self a pep talk.

Tig walked back in the main room. All the guys looked at him with faces of confusion .
“Dude, you have a niece”? Jax questioned
“Yeah, she’s my brothers kid”. He took a sip of his drink.
“What’s her story brother”? Happy spoke up
“Umm, it complicated”.
“You need to tell them”. Kozik piped out.
“Alright, my brother was married to her mom and they had Y/N. She was 2 when they divorced. A year later her mom got remarried to a fucking psycho, not like us psycho”. “When Y/N was 5 they moved and I never got to see her much”. My brother told me everytime he saw her she had bruises, scratches and even a bit mark on her". “Her mom would make up some shit story that she fell”. Then when she was 15 Y/N told her dad that he was hurting her in different ways, she wouldnt go in to detail but you can get the picture". So we both went insane at the idea and we beat the holy hell out of him and her mother was suppose to leave him but she lied. At 16 they moved again not tell us were she went to, next thing we knew she was in foster care because the dick brains mom and stepdad were making meth “. Then something happened in there and now she trust no man or women. I’m the only one left now that she trust”. He sighed.
“Holy shit brother thats alot”. Jax said
“How old is she now”? asked Bobby
“She’s 23 now”. Tig rubbed hes forehead
“Where she been for 7 years”? Juices asked
“Um I think with her mom after she got out of foster care her mom got out too and went to find Y/N.  So Y/N went back to her, then about two years later her stepdad got out and he lived with them but recently he passaway from unknown causes”. Tig smirked
“You have something to do with the cause Tig”. Jax asked
“Maybe, just dont tell Y/N that I told you all”. He pleaded
“We wont have too”. Chibs pointed to you standing in the hall way.
“Shit doll I’m sorry”.
You ran over to him and hugged him tightly. “Thank you Uncle Tiggy”.
Tig was in shock “ I’m sorry I couldnt keep you safe for all those years”. He teared up
“I’m ok Tig I promise, it made me who I am today”. you cried out
He pulled back wiping the tears from his eyes. “We need to throw you a party”.
“No no party”. You said shaking you head.
“Ahh come on, you will like this one”.
“ If anyone gets handys I’m cutting them out”.
“You wont need too”. Happy stood up and walked over to you. “I’ll stay with you the whole night just to make sure”.
Umm I dont know". you bit your lip
“Doll, you will be in great hands I promise”. Tig reasured you.
“Alright lets get this party started”. you laughed
Before you knew it, there were women everywhere getting stuff done. You tried to help but they shood you away.
You saw Happy sitting in a chair watching you. It was kinda creepy but you did feel safe.
“Hey Happy, you know you dont have to watch me every moment you know”. You sat down beside him
“I told you and Tig that I would”. He threw back his shot. “You want one”?
“Um.. sure, never drank before so here goes nothing”. You sipped it and nearly died from the stronge fire in your throat. You coughed and gagged. Happy laughed
“Maybe I’ll just stick to soda”. You croaked out
“You probably  should”. He smiled
He smiled, he had a great smile. You were starting to like him even trust him.
“I’m sorry that you had to go through all that as a child”. He shot another one down
“Thanks, but everyone has a missed up part in their life mine just happened when my life was just beginning”.
“I know I do but its not like yous”.“If I had know you back then I would have taken care of you stepdad myself”. He said angryly
“Happy can we just stop talking about the past and get on to the present”. You put your hand on his shoulder laying your head down on your arm smiling up at him.
“I think that shot was a bad idea” Happy laughed
“Yea me too, I’ll be right back”. You said rushing to the bathroom
You pushed the door open and went straight for the toliet. Throw up was everywhere, you missed to bowl.
“Shit”. You found paper towels and cleaned up. You washed out your mouth thinking that will never happen again.
On your way out there was a guy starring at you with a creepy grin. You walked past him and he grabbed your arm
“Hey there little missy, how about we go back to the bathroom and have some fun”.
“Fuck off”. You spit out
“Listen hear, you little biker whore. I came here to have a good time so your going to do as I say”.
You slapped his arm away, started to walk away as he came up behind you grabbing your hair. You elbowed him in the gut and turned around to punch him in the face with a foot to the groin.
He laid on the floor holding his crouch. As the guys came running up.
“What the hell happened”? Tig asked
“Your little friend here grabbed me and told me I had to do everything he wanted, so I kicked his balls in”. You smiled proudly
“Way to go Dollface”. Tig kissed the side of your head.
“Come on you rat bastard”. Chibs picked up the guy with help from Juice
“Take him to the garage and make him comfortable” Happy snarled “I’ll be there soon”.
“You did good Little Girl, I’m proud” Happy hugged you
“Im gonna go see to our little friend” Tig walked off
“Save some for me” Happy yelled
“Where were you”? you asked Happy
“I was right there, I didnt see you come out and then there was commotion but I didnt think it was you”
“ I want to trust you Happy, but I cant”.
“I’m going to earn it back I promise, no one will every hurt you again with me around”.
“So I should get use to having you around huh”? You looked up at his dark eyes
“Yeah, I aint going no where”. “Don’t even think of running to Tig hes cool with it”.
“Good, I thought I would have to smack some since in that Uncle of mine” you laughed
He pulled you close kissing your lips. Happy proved himself that you could trust him.
In the beinnging life was a messed up fuck show but the future was a blessing with dark eyes and a tattooed soul

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Im sorry so many of us are being rude about how long the askguys comic is taking. Take as much time as you need to feel better or good about the comic.

ehh man im mostly fine. the reason it bothers me so much is cause how much i update? isnt normal? like i love drawing the comics so i update super often? i dont want this to be the norm and just expected from content creators. i happen to update a lot because i want to, not because its expected and im able to tell when people are being unreasonable. but some artists might be young and could take it personally

ugg idk man im stoned but

fan artists post when they post and dont actually owe anyone anything as art is a hobby and not a job

same goes for writers, do u know how long it takes to write an entire chapter?? jesus just


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I know that ace/aro people arent broken, that they are valid, i just cant feel like im too. I cant stop thinking that im lying, that if it wasnt for the sexual trauma i lived as a kid i could have be able to feel sexual atraction, i wont be repulsed by sex, by making bonds with others.And i know i'll end up alone,i have been alone all my live since that. And is all my fault.I just dont know how long i can stand my ground like this. I feel like a liar when i try to accept myself as ace/aro.1/2.

Im just a fuck up and cant be part of this, of feeling acepted or valid. It wanst on me to decide, to realize. It is like if they pressed a button and decided for me “you will be like them, but the true is that you are just an impostor”. Sorry i know i have no reasons to tell you this. I just.. i dont know 2/2

dude just bc your sexuality was influenced by trauma doesn’t mean youre not valid. if a skydiver had a near-death incident that caused him to be afraid of heights, that fear isn’t invalid. i know thats a bad metaphor but it’s the best i could do.

you’ll find someone my dude. it might not be romantic, but you’ll have someone. there are tons of people online you can befriend that will love and cherish you.

you’ll be okay.


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It showed SS fandom are delusional lmao (about 4 milion notes)

actually it s not their fault I remember back then everyone changed the original picture with saino nh ss chokarui sasuke naruto ect ect and alot of persons really thought that their character or their ship got 4 millions notes I think the original picture was kirby not sure
SO I m going to make things clear about the  4 millions notes posts( i feel like I have to do this post cause i m the one who created this misunderstood and people are making fun of these who think it s really true )
I noticed that alot of people thought that ss got 4millions notes
actually it s not, the original post was about something else ( I think it was kirby) and back then (2 or 3 years ago) we could change the orignal pic or text with something else ,that what I did with cause this post was a meme and it was trending everyone was editing the post from everyone fandom (fairy tail one piece ect)
I also did 2 others with nh and hinata
( back then everyone knew that this post was a meme ) but the new members on tumblr  and in the naruto fandom are really thinking that nh ss got 4 millions notes while it s not true
if you dont believe me look at the comments and click in one of them you ll see that the picture or the text is different


I click in a random comment 

and it s not ss or nh

I m really sorry if I created a big confusion to the f nh and ss shippers it wasn t my intention ,

I had to tell the truth cause alot of antis will make fun of us like this anon

sorry guys :( i was pretty sure everyone knew it was a meme

I hope you will forgive me for this mess I created :(

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Hey, just wanted to jump on and say that I found someone on insta using two drawing of yours.

ahh theres smth i need to adress and im sorry hun ill be using this ask to adress it, please dont take this as me being angry at you or attacking u specifically!

i just want people to understand the following:

sending me these kinds of asks is literally just causing me unnecessary stress, i understand seeing smth that goes against what ive asked and thinking “i should warn seb” but not telling me the culprit or giving me any leads on it just makes me sit here like” welp my arts being stolen and i cant do anything about it, again” which i kind of rly dont need

ik a lot of artists say they dont care, but personally i cant say that because i DO care, having stuff stolen from you, especially when you know you put a lot of love into those pictures, is painful , its discouraging, most times it makes me extremely upset, especially if im in a situation where i cant remotely stop it, be it talk it out with the person or report it

so what i ask is please pleaseeee, if you dont wanna say who it is, please dont send me asks about it! ik it might sound” but seb dont you want to know?” and i do but if im being put in a situation with no method of fixing it id rather not be told about it at all, thats just my way of handling things

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So my mom and i planned something for me and my friends but it turns out that i actually dont want to do it??? I dont know how to tell her?? And my friends? Cause sometimes i need my space, but idk how to break it to them without telling them about my depression (sorry for messaging you about this)

cant your mom just do the thing with ur friends without u tho :o 

also maybe you should try the thing and youll end up having fun

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Ok I feel really dumb...buuuuut what exactly did Flug's mom do? Like I keep seeing things about her and unless I am blind I can't find what she truly did? ((I'm sorry, by the way you had me laughing for a good hour- I love your blog!💓))


Basically, she abused the heck out of him throughout his childhood for basically no other reason than he’s half souleater, as explained in Deeper Than Skin, and he kiiinda sorta basically has PTSD cause of it. So yeeaaah, she’s not popular among this crowd, ahaha… //dies//

(And aaaaAAAAA thank uuu //sobs// Always glad to make people laugh!)


Ok. I know I’m trash lol. But this will be a Lifeafterdeath scenario where Death cheats on Geno with life. This version of the lovely mess is by Admin, This will also include the gardener bent versions too. Anyway))

He was an idiot, clearly he didn’t think this threw. Death stood there pondering to himself, how the Hell did he manage to get himself in this mess anyway? His attention was drawn to the door as it opened his which revealed his bestest  friend, basically a sister to him. His female counterpart, who was commonly called ‘Sav’ for two reasons. Blue eyes locked, and from the looks of it, she must had heard what he had done. “You really are an idiot” she spat.

He watched her walk closer, “how could you. After everything he’s done for you! You and I both know that he would risk anything for you! Life wasn’t even around when you needed her most!” Death flinched as he stepped back, the room grew colder “i-i didn’t mean for this to happen! Sav please hear me ou-” “Bullshit! What did you think would happen! Everyone was going to be perfectly ok with this!” Death flinched as he stepped back more. His back against the wall didn’t stop Sav from moving closer her eyes blazed. He didn’t blame her.

Sav gripped the ropes of his hood bringing them face to face. “ no its not like t-that, I just-just didn’t want anyone to be hurt and-and I didn’t want to be rude so-” “You cheated.” Sav spat. Death looked at her. At this point he’s surprised she hasn’t ripped him apart. “Grump you fucked up so badly” he hasn’t heard that nickname in a long time. “You think I don’t know that!” He had nothing to lose at this point. “ Sav” the female mentioned turned her head, a ruffle of blonde hair caught her eye. She let her former friend go. She cleared her throat “ hey Geno” she smiled, her entire demeanor changing.

Geno walked over to her, his eyes glued to the ground, he knew why Sav was here, he wasn’t that stupid. “ I wanted to talk to him first but it seems you beat me to it. Huh?” he let out a cold bitter chuckle. Sav’s eyes soften. She looks back at Death before walking out. When she reached the door, her gaze turned to Geno. Before leaving.

A heavy silence filled the air, it was almost suffocating. “Was…. Was it something I did?” everything seemed to have shattered. And Death was faced with the same heart break. But he had no reason to be upset, hurt or angry. “No” Geno looked up, only making Death’s stomach turn. Dark bags and puffy eyes that lost their shine. “Then what was it? W-was it me? D-did I m-make you upset somehow?” Death gripped his sleeves, it hurt him so much, he caused all of this. “No…” he replied. It was getting harder to speak. “Then why? After everything we’ve been through, why?” at this point, breathing seemed to be a long gone memory. “I-I dont- I don’t know” there was a pause, a loud smack sound filled the air. Death deserved that. “You don’t know!? W-what do you mean you don’t know!? We lost our son because of you! And you can’t even tell me what I did wrong!?” it went quiet. The only sounds were the sounds of heavy sobbing.

  “I’m sorry….” Geno looked back up at Death, scrubbing the tears off of his face. “Sorry won’t bring my son back. Sorry won’t undo the damage you caused.” the words were spat like venom. Death sighed, he reached to hold Geno’s hands, bit only to find that Geno had backed away. “I know what I did was stupid, Hell you should probably kill me, rip me to shreds and crush my soul into tiny pieces like I did to you. But can you please just listen. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done any of this, I hurt a lot of people. I hurt you, the one person I swore to protect. And I’m sorry.” the silence filled the air once again. “How can I believe you?” Death sighed again. “I don’t know