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namjoon is in the relay.. i feel like ISAC made bts change their runners so that other idols might have a chance of winning?? dont feel like namjoon is a runner. im nervous about this ISAC

My boy is a runner. Watch him get that first place along with BTS :’) 

come tell me about your crush, your secret, your biggest fears, what you like/dislike about me, your favorite thing about yourself, how your day was, about the person you hate, about your pets, anything

playlist poem!

rules: put your playlist on shuffle and make a poem out of the first 8 songs that come on. (write down the first lyric you hear, first sentence or line and do that for each of the 8 songs that come up randomly)

Are you worth your weight in gold

Listening to red house

We’re smashing mics in karaoke bars

Well when you go

I guess you’re right and I’m fucking wasted

Be careful making wishes in the dark

I’d say that this is darkest song I ever wrote

Dear diary, what is wrong with me?

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slowly trying to write this next TMD chapter and beginning to hate myself because there is a scene i just cannOT be bothered writing but it needs to happen and i just want to gloss over it but then the rest of the chapter won’t make as much sense. literally the rest of the chapter is almost done except for this one scene smack back in the middle. ffs can someone please just write it for me???? 


Hunk aesthetic, @transguy-yata

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It’ll all work out in the end, I won’t leave your side