dont talk to me when i have my headphones on

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tfw when you can pass as NT like 90% of the time in public, and can hold a job and be independent, but still have the occasional mostly non-verbal days (ill talk if I absolutely have to, but im not going to like it) and shutdowns. I showed up to work today after not talking for almost 24 hours, and had spent hours with headphones in listening to the same song on repeat, and after just saying, "I dont want to talk today" to my coworker, she let me do all the things that dont involve customers

Perks of being a hijabi

1. Woke up late and didnt wash your hair last night? Its okay, just dont wash them.

2. You live in a 4 seasoned country? You autumn outfits are basically your summer’s just add some scarfs and knits (money saving!)

3. Dont feel like shaving your leg today? Dont shave them.

4. Maybe you dont have to shave them at all, but idk man.


6. What the hell is bad hair day?????

7. Did i mention you dont have to worry about your hair????

8. You can get about 11 hijab styles with 1 hijab thats………

9. You might be listening to your teacher’s lecture…… but youve got your headphones on underneath that hijab……….the teacher might be talking about mitosis but all you hearing is “when i was a young boy, my father took me into the city…..”

10. You could shave your head if you want

11. MOST men wouldnt dare to catcall you because they either think you’re too religious and your oppressive husband/father (lol) will kill him OR YOU’RE A TERRORIST AND YOU HAVE A BOMB UNDERNEATH THAT HIJAB LMAO HAHAHAHA WHAT A LOSER but guess what he’s wrong its 100% hair

((could be the dark lord tho))

My uncle and brother has been doing this a lot lately so I feel the need to say it.

It’s not that I hate talking to people in real life but when you’re in the same room as me or just walk by me, you really don’t have to say anything. You don’t have to feel the need to strike a conversation. It’s not weird. I’m a quiet person who enjoys silent companionship and it’s fine if you really have to say something but if you keep poking a conversation with me and I give little to no remarks, it’s a clear sign that you back off because I feel like my personal space is invaded but I don’t have the heart to say shut up (anxiety stuff I guess). ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE HEADPHONES ON.

Bulletproof Love

Request: Can you do one where you have a huge crush on Jaime and you’re like flirting but you see him with someone else and you just lie in your bunk and you listen to music and he thinks you hate him and you ignore him for a week and he finally confesses on stage.



“Hey, y/n,” Mike said, slurring my name. “Why do you look so sad?” He asked.

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