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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #23
  • Dan: Phil you left all the cupboard doors open again
  • Phil: godDANit

You think so much of what you and I can accomplish together. You and her.

This isn’t a simple Elentori repost.

This is me, showing you how sometimes, artists can let themselves be influenced by a peer too heavily. And that simple inspiration can become near-plagiarism.

I’m not putting credit, even if none of these examples are from the same person. I’ve made that decision so no one gets shit over this– though I’m sorry because they are all great pieces, and I know a lot of time and work were put into all of them. I’m not here to bash, or to try and lessen anyone’s worth and talent. Plus– this could have happened with anyone. These are simply the examples I have collected over the past few months.

Last disclaimer: All of the artists above have not repeated this very often, if at all, of what I’ve seen. In fact, it’s not always copying. Just being inspired very heavily (as seen above). And I can see how good they are: Their potential, and, above all, their obvious talent. All in all, I simply want to point out one last time that this is not against them at all. They have simply provided me with the examples I need to make a point.

And who would I be showing other pieces without calling myself out: I’ve done it too, and I include myself in everything I’m saying. It is because I’ve done it, actually, that I take it to heart so much.

Which is fucking embarassing to admit so bear with me.

In fact, even if you do recognize any other of these pieces, don’t give anyone trouble. Please just– don’t ever send good-willed artists hate. Chances are, they were having a nice day before you showed up.

So… it’s well-known there are many ways for artists to learn. To become better: And one of these methods is to copy others.

But usually, these studies remain in your personal folders. They are not to post and claim as your own. Or if you do post them: you’d share it for what it is, I’m assuming.

And this is where this trend gets a little dismaying. In neither of the original posts was there a mention that Elentori was the inspiration. Even though it is obvious to any onlooker. Not even hidden in the tags. And I’ve checked all of these blogs’ archives just to make sure that I was not mistaking the copying and the copied.

I’m not diminishing Elentori’s work either: She’s a great reference, and I don’t know a soul who dislikes her work or doubts her talent. She’s actually made a brand for herslelf and that’s why her style lifts from the masses.

But that’s exactly it: she has found her own style, and it’s working out great for her. And that’s what I wish upon every other artist out there.

There is no reason to purposely put yourself in someone’s shadow, just because you admire them so much.

So like Noah Bradley says in his art camp:

Study art from masters. The older, the better. And if they’re dead, that’s the best. There’s nothing else they could’ve taught you.

(This isn’t an actual quote, it’s just very much the message he gives from what I remember.)

I would change that a little: Copy masters (Master painters, Disney illustrators… and there are more) as well, and especially. Don’t just copy trends or trendsetters, guys. Find your own signature. Something that others will want to copy as well. Something that’ll be uniquely yours. Try different things. Dwelve in cartoons even when you’re into realistic things. Just to better yourself.

And here’s a thought:

Can we make it socially acceptable to be comfortable, as artists, to cite our inspiration? To say;; hey, I tried this artist’s style today. Here’s how it turned out!! Because there must be a reason why we don’t do it. And maybe it’s some untold social construct?

I don’t know. I just think we should move past it.


inspired by the time i randomly ran into goro at the subway bread store?? ? they r gay bcuz i said so (anyways im sleep deprived don’t judge me)

i’m sorry but i love this moment more than anything

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What do you do when your forced to comfort and deal with the most emotionally abusive person in your life

idk whats ‘forcing’ you but uh im very fucking passive aggressive when i dont wanna/shouldnt have to be puttin up w somethin lmao.

like if its irl i guess idk what to tell u but if its texting or something i’d just time my responses for gradually longer & longer after their replies. start at around 5mins then get to half an hour and then eventually 2 hours & at some point u can just stop altogether lol



Listen to me, you’ve got this dark pit inside you. I know. Believe me, I know. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall into it. You don’t have to be a monster… It doesn’t matter what you are. It only matters what you do. It’s your choice.


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Can you recommend some good P101 blogs to follow?

Hey, bud sure I can~

(I’ve bolded the ones I’ve talked to a bit, so I know first hand how lovely they are)

@donghans@ong-seungwoo, @godsewoon, @peachgodkangdaniel, @im-youngmin, @fykenta, @louoons, @jeongsewoons, @swoojin, @produced101, @kangdanielx, @jihoong, @park-woojin, @binsmoon, @jongibugi, @incorrectbroducequotes, @godkenta, @park-woojins, @misckpop, @lai-guanlin, @extraongdinary, @zhu-zheng-ting, @fy-samuelkim, @ji-hooon, @euiw00ng, @euiwoong, @dae-hwis, @hitoritabi, @junior-royalz, @brandnew-ldh, @kim-biased, @pd101producesme, @kim-sangbin, @kangbaeks, @k-jaehwan, @jinguos, @deer-jinyoung

I’m sure there are tons of more people to follow in addition to the ones I’ve listed above, though~

Hey uh, this is just a heads up to any of my followers and/or fellow memebers of the ninjago fandom, but if you personally dislike any of the things I draw i.e any ships or portrayal of any characters, I suggest you leave this blog now/block me now as I do what the fck I want and don’t want to hear any complaints if you can easily avoid me. Thank you.