dont talk to me about her arms ok


But let’s talk about the Supercorp scene.

Because in every superhero story, there is that cliche part/scene where the superhero saves their love interest or significant other and then they carry them in their arms.

And THIS, this is that scene for Supergirl. She saves the girl and carries her in her arms. No one can tell me this is a “just friends” scene. Its THE scene, the cliche hetero superhero scene. And now we got it and it was 100% gay. Dont fight me on this, thank you.

nO BUT LIKE have we talked about les mis peoples reactions to “Oh Anna, if only there were someone out there who loved you…” YET??? no i dont think we have ok i shall talk about it

eponine jumps up and yells “I KNEW IT!!!” because she did 

combeferre puts his arm around her shoulder and smiles and keeps quiet about the fact that he had figured it out, too 

courfeyrac is FURIOUS because LIKED hans a lot. he saw him and was all “oh yeah, this guys is smooth as hell. and nice. he’s just like me. i love him” so when he finds out hans was evil, he practically spits out his [insert your headcanon for courfeyrac’s beverage of choice] and bangs his head against the wall and it makes gavroche giggle

enjolras is conflicted. because, on one hand, hans was trying to overthrow a monarchy (and, a monarch who had frozen her kingdom and hurt people). which is something that enjolras can totally relate to. on the other hand, hans is pure evil and tried to kill a 21 year old girl. he keeps his inner conflict to himself 

grantaire is like “well yeah i mean what did u guys expect he was way too good to be true" 

cosette leans into marius’s shoulder and is really sad for anna and just disappointed that a character could be so evil. 

marius is mad at hans but then he gets distracted because cosette is upset and he must make her not upset and so he forgets that he was mad pretty quickly quickly