dont talk shit about my cat

the other day i was hanging out w/ my uncle and i mentioned i had pet rats and his immediate response was “they’re just food, i used to get them for my snake.” so im like??? “they actually have a lot of personality, theyre super sweet and are basically like little weird puppies, i love mine 2 bits” to which he responded “nah theyre all just food” and then proceeded 2 graphically describe how he used to kill rats to give to his snake, which included drowning them, suffocating them, and bashing them against the concrete. this is a reoccurring theme ive noticed that happens when i talk abt my rats. people are immediately like “ew thats so gross id just kill them” AND IT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH BC!!! YR TALKING ABOUT MY FUCKING PETS!!! MY LITTLE BABIES THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!  u wouldnt talk abt killing someones fucking dog or cat!! so dont fucking pull that shit with anyones animals no matter what they are!!!! its no different!!!!! 

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the only gladion memory i have is following my mother around while she talked with faba and colress (dont ask why colress was there i have no clue?) and befriending his magnemite and honestly im glad thats the only memory i have right now because its nice to think about and frankly i dont wanna remember when lusamine went Shit (also colress you seemed like a pretty alright dude other than the team plasma shit your pokemon were nice)

the signs as shit my family says (part 2)
  • aries: its MY cake i wanna SET IT ON FIRE
  • taurus: dont throw your nose at me
  • gemini: i would kill jesus
  • cancer: do you ever stop talking about dicks
  • leo: your cat just punched me in the face
  • virgo: we'll get the noob chicken
  • libra: piss on the kangaroo
  • scorpio: just ignore the fact that i threw a baby at you
  • sagittarius: weapons arent normally meant for consumption but ok
  • capricorn: im gonna pancake everything i can
  • aquarius: you're not allowed in the dishwasher
  • pisces: just because shes fluffy doesnt mean shes a good person