dont talk shit about my cat

the other day i was hanging out w/ my uncle and i mentioned i had pet rats and his immediate response was “they’re just food, i used to get them for my snake.” so im like??? “they actually have a lot of personality, theyre super sweet and are basically like little weird puppies, i love mine 2 bits” to which he responded “nah theyre all just food” and then proceeded 2 graphically describe how he used to kill rats to give to his snake, which included drowning them, suffocating them, and bashing them against the concrete. this is a reoccurring theme ive noticed that happens when i talk abt my rats. people are immediately like “ew thats so gross id just kill them” AND IT PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH BC!!! YR TALKING ABOUT MY FUCKING PETS!!! MY LITTLE BABIES THAT I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!!  u wouldnt talk abt killing someones fucking dog or cat!! so dont fucking pull that shit with anyones animals no matter what they are!!!! its no different!!!!! 

NCT dream and things I’ve said/texted to my friend pt. 2

no one asked for it but I’ve reached the peak of shit posting so why not

Mark: I have Christmas fudge and chronic depression

Renjun: why am I listening to my best friend talk about sex I’m seriously just trying to eat the inside filling of caramel pie because I hate the crust

Jeno: it’s 2:51 in the morning and I’m trying to telepathically connect with my cat to tell him to get off my pillow and I think I’m making progress

Jaemin: wHaTs A kiNg To a gOD

Haechan: listen im NOT saying I don’t wanna be here but like I DONT wanna be here

Chenle: one of my New Years resolutions is to be more zen yknow calm down some then my life will be yeezy or better yet Gucci

Jisung: the only thing you have ever EVER contributed to this family is donuts and you’re telling me you FORGOT them

Super Stupid Weeb daydream

god stupidest daydream that just had me laughing like hell, cause it was a situation where adriens super weeb powers saved the day. A huuuge anime fan got akumaized because like, it was a pretty genuine reason she was so angry that people where making fun of her and telling her that attachments to fictional characters were meaningless and there were no lessons to be learned from cartoons or anime or any kind of animated materiel and she just wanted to show that they had depth and mattered to people cause sometimes cartoons and anime help people deal with stuff.

i digress

so, surprise surprise, she uses famous attacks from various animes and uses anime/cartoon characters as her lackeys. imagine the heroes surprise when they show up at the scene to a very strangely dressed akuma and then like out of nowhere she’s like “my friends will teach you a lesson” and freaking like Goku pops the fuck out of nowhere and adrien is like “what thE FUCK OH MY GOD” and has to dodge this super OP attack. and as hes running hes like “NO FUCKING WAY THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW” 

he is simultaneously extremely entertained and scared as hell cause each character seems to be true to form, so like they are just as strong but also COMPLETELY in character. So as him and ladybug are running like hell he is trying to remember every anime he’s ever watched and figure a way out of it. he’s shouting shit like “thats saitama DONT LET HIM HIT YOU. THROW SOME FUCKING COUPONS AT HIM, THROW GOOD COUPONS TO DISTRACT HIM AND RUN” Their plan is mostly freaking run because crazy ass attacks are wrecking everything and if they get hit they are screwed. Luckily the akuma is mostly summoning good guys, since as a fan thats who she favors and they arent hurting civilians and in some cases actually save civilians from falling buildings and stuff. in one fantastic encounter LB and cat noir get separated and Cat gets backed into a corner when he hears “now I’ve got a fire in my belly!” and he goes freaking pale cause fuck he can NOT beat Natsu Dragneel in a straight fight he had a stick FML, but he loves Fairy Tail, he knows loads of shit about Fairytail and he can see Lucy trailing along behind him so he’s like “if they really are in character maybe i can fix this shit” and starts talking to them

“I’m not the bad guy!” he begs, “and i dont think that girl is either she doesnt want to do this shes being controlled by an enemy named Hawkmoth, he is manipulating her and her emotions thats how he hurts people! He waits until they are suffering and in pain them offers them a twisted messed up deal so he can use them like puppets! Thats WRONG and I know you agree with me!” he looks past Natsu to Lucy, “manipulating people is wrong, hurting people is wrong, and summoning people with real genuine emotions and using them to potentially hurt thousands of people in the crossfire of a gigantic battle no one wanted to have is WRONG”

he plays straight to their characters and they both look angry. Natsu looks at him and says “All those people, while they were running away. They were calling out to you right?”

he nods

“You’re their hero, and if an entire city like this trusts a kid like you then im thinking maybe you’re not the bad guy” Natsu grins, “so if you’re not the guy I should be hitting then who are we going for?”

and just like that Adrien starts making allies through the power of weeb knowledge and he gets to live out an absolute fan boy dream as he fights alongside all of his favorite freaking heroes to win the day and save the city

The End

yaboybigbadguzma  asked:

For Jasprose you might be thinking demigirl?? Seems most appropriate tbh. Jaspers probably doesn't identify too strongly as anything being a cat but Rose as far as we know is a cis girl. Identities fuse and suddenly demigirl.

idk you could be right but i dont know shit about terms………i dont know shit about anything lms if you dont know anything either

also you fool i would die for trans girl rose its canon and no one can stop m


yes this is me as an airbender yES this is shameless, shameless self-insert but BEAR WITH ME i did it for an atla contest which idek how to link to you guys idk?? what im doing??? also i put mad effort into this like my hand was hurting bc as always i left it all at the end and i designed like my whole bender outfit and shit and drew myself with WAY more hair than i actually have so idk i like it even if i dont win?? it was p cool ye a h

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a - Age: 18

b - Birthplace: ………….Chatenay Malabry ( its in paris dont talk about it)

c - Current time:  09:013 p.m

d - Drink you last had: Orange Juice

e - Easiest person to talk to: Kapu ^^

f - Favorite song: I don’t really have favorite, I just have songs that I like at the moment

g - Grossest memory: uuuuuuh, when my cat had shit stuck on his behind ( i dont even know how or why it happened )

h - Horror yes or horror no: As in, do i like horror movies or something ? Cos if so then fuck yes i do!

i - In love? Nuuupe

j - Jealous of people?: Nupe nupe

l - Love at first sight or should i walk by again: ( what does walk by again means wut ? ) Uuuh well i guess the second cos i don’t really believe in love at first sight for me

m - Middle name: Emilie

n - Number of siblings: Nah im an only child

o - One wish: Please no more stress

p - Person you called last: My dad

q - Question you are always asked: “So, how’s school ?” ( the wooooorst )

r - Reason to smile: My friends irl and online ^^

s - Song you sang last: “Dommage” by Bigflo and Oli

t - Time you woke up: 8:00 a.m

u - Underwear colour: Uuuuuuh sorry no

v - Vacation destination: United States or Japan or Great Brittain or Germany or- hey nevermind just all around the world

w - Worst habit: Being a lazy ass and doing everything last minute and having panic attacks on it

x - Rays: No ?

y - Your favourite food: CREPES, CHEESE WITH BREAD ( especially camembert! )  EVEYRTHING

Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo

the signs as shit my family says (part 2)
  • aries: its MY cake i wanna SET IT ON FIRE
  • taurus: dont throw your nose at me
  • gemini: i would kill jesus
  • cancer: do you ever stop talking about dicks
  • leo: your cat just punched me in the face
  • virgo: we'll get the noob chicken
  • libra: piss on the kangaroo
  • scorpio: just ignore the fact that i threw a baby at you
  • sagittarius: weapons arent normally meant for consumption but ok
  • capricorn: im gonna pancake everything i can
  • aquarius: you're not allowed in the dishwasher
  • pisces: just because shes fluffy doesnt mean shes a good person