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heyy i'm new to the fandom and I'm trying to read up on the lore and figure things out. Can you help explain the adult timeline and other timelines? I'm pretty confused.

in ocarina of time, link spends 7 years in what is basically a coma and misses out on his childhood/teenage years, so he chooses to go back at the end of the game once he has defeated ganon, back to when he was 9-10 (aka before most of the game happens). this leaves us with two timelines:

  • adult timeline:  the timeline where most of the game took place. since link has gone back in time, there is no link in this timeline – therefore, no spirit of the hero to reincarnate and defeat ganon once he breaks free. shit goes down, wind waker happens
  • child timeline: the timeline link went to at the end of the game. most of the game hasn’t happened yet (it’s not specified at which point of the game he is, but it’s before ganondorf steals the triforce of power). link tells zelda and the royal family about everything that happened and they bring ganon to justice and an eventual execution. but there’s a twist: link returns with the triforce of courage in his possession, which causes the triforce of wisdom and power to go to zelda and ganon. shit goes down, twilight princess happens

there’s a… third timeline… where nintendo dumped all of the classic games… caused by link dying to ganon in the final battle of oot. nintendo said something about link messing up the flow of time and whatnot but it’s bullshit and i want a legitimate explanation as to why only this game over is canon. there’s a few theories (some of which i actually really liked) but they’re not convincing enough imo. anyways:

  • downfall timeline: the classic game dumpster. link dies, zelda and the sages team up to imprison ganon’s ass in the sacred realm. it works for a while, until it doesn’t. shit goes down, a link to the past happens

i don’t think i need to explain the original timeline, but just in case, it’s the one that starts with skyward sword and continues with the minish cap, four swords and the beginning of ocarina of time. it happens before the split, which means that all these events happened historically, no matter what timeline.

i hope it helped!

(AU: Time Reset)

He remembers the burning ashes touching his cheeks. The feeling of dread and loneliness in his stomach as he cried out loud, waiting for be saved by someone. His mother or father, anyone that could save him from the burning building. His white clothing brunt and ashed with the fiery wood. His surrounding were covered in black, red, yellow, and a hint of purple. Ash and smoke choked his throat as he continued to cry. He remembers his vision snapped to another pair of eyes, in a different but similar situation.

He can feel his hand grabbing someone and pulling hem out of rumble and burnt wood. A voice shouted in his head, not making any familiar words but felt a stock of fear in his gut.

His eyes regained vision to his own, seeing through the tears and the brightness of the fire. Arms wrapping around his waist and being passed on to a familiar set of arms. Kisses were placed on his head as his eyes focused on the person who saved him. They rose their arm and a chime caught into his ears.

Before he knew it, a single blink changed his settings.

“Lucky? Sweetie? Are you okay over there?”

Lucky snapped his eyes open and a sharp gasp escaped his lips. The burning sensation were replaced by warm sunlight and a gentle breeze. His cheeks were no longer stained with tears and ashes. Around him was a bustling kitchen where servants were cooking and getting ready for a meal. Lucky’s eyes landed on a older woman, wearing fancy white garments with a golden trimming much like his own. The sound of clackering pots, pans and shouting weren’t enough to cover his racing heart. His body shook in surprise, clenching onto an apple that now has dents from his nails.

“Sweetie, what are you doing here?” His mother chuckled, his mind regaining what was going on. Lucky remembered walking downstairs to the kitchen, planning to steal a few pieces of food before lunch.

“I don’t remember, mom.” Lucky said, giving a soft smile at her.

“If you say so. I won’t tell the cook by the way.” His Mother winked in the joke where Lucky can’t find to be laughing, “Father and I will be waiting in the dining hall. Better not be late again, Lucky.”

With that, Mother kissed his cheek and shuffled out of the kitchen. The young man stood in place, confused at the sudden jolt of fear. He did remembered going down here for a small snack, but what was that just now? Memories from his young was all but faded. He closed his eyes, imaging the same burning building surrounded him. But nothing came up. Opening his eyes, he looked over the sea of people. Some dirty from lots of work, others just woken up. All smiling and having a grand of a time.

Lucky huffed a chuckle and took a large bite out of the apple, leaving the kitchen with a few goods days to the servants and a happy smile.

Right behind Lucky was a counter, decorated with fruits from other planets, flowers grown here from his personal garden. Besides the fruit basket of Earth Apple, sat a Tokei Kyutama.

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Smh I was buying clothes for uni and these fuckboys walked past singing(?) the lyrics to It's Everyday Bro and I wanted to put duct tape over their mouths;; How are you, anyways?^^

i dont even know what that song is but it sounds very fuckboi-like;;; just shove socks in their mouth

and I’m;;; getting upset but I’m okay ^^;; How are you?? ~Admin 404


12x23: “The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon but that we wait so long to begin it.”

13x01: “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

(More of the quote from 13x01: “The time is coming, they think, in some far future, when they shall find leisure to enjoy each other, to stop and rest side by side, to discover to each other these hidden treasures which lie idle and unused.” “She never knew how I loved her.” “He never knew what he was to me.” “I always mean to make more of our friendship.” “I did not know what he was to me till he was gone.”)

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Nintendo E3

Best Case: Smash 4 Switch, Animal Crossing app looks good, Mario & Rabbids looks okay (or there are more characters wink wonk Rosalina), Zelda DLC out immediately, something about Mother 3/Virtual Console, Pikmin or Metroid that looks good. Arms amiibos are announced with bendy interchangable arms or whatever, Twintelle isn’t immediately sold out. All existing Mario series amiibos are compatible with Mario Odyssey, which also has a health bar ala 64/Sunshine.

Worst Case: Mario Odyssey is delayed until 2018 and they don’t talk about anything we don’t already know about, there’s like more than an hour of Treehouse focusing on the shitty onslaught of upcoming 3DS games, Arms, or even Splatoon 2. There’s no entertaining sketches in between discussing games or whatever.


1. yes it is, if you actually dont think so youre either wildly ignorant or ableist, or both.

2. dont compare who has it worse as a way to excuse silence/erasure/acceptance of ableism, thats ableist.

3. if you dont include ableism in your social justice, and your thought of equality simply because you dont think its “as bad” as other forms of discrimination and inequality, stop.fighting for social.justice cause youre doing it wrong my guy, and excluding disabled people in this way makes you ableist.

4. if you think this, youre ableist and need to get your shit together.

5. Ableism exists, stop excusing it, stop erasing it, stop accepting it, stop ignoring it, stop excluding us. STOP. BEING. ABLEIST.


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