dont talk about my moms yo

A day in the life of a smol trans dude

I made my mom salty because I brought up testosterone. She was talking about how it would be okay with her for me to go on birth control to stop periods except its like taking hormones to trick your body into thinking its pregnant and it can feminize your features and how she knew I didnt want that. so it wasnt a good idea. ANd i was like yo how come i cant start T? and she was like thats an adult decision that I dont want to make for you. and i was like why cant i make it? and she was like cause youre not an adult. And I was like how come it would be okay for me to take hormones to feminize my body but not to masculinize it. she didnt answer. and then we were both salty. lololololol

How would you guys have felt if, instead of your SS and their spouse being openly awesome and sweet towards each other from the get-go, could have had more options on how they treated one another? Like, more options to be sweet and loving, kind of passive or aloof, or a complete dick (shotgun wedding gone awry, insults, etc)  And therefore gave your SS a different reaction when their spouse was shot, leading to a different approach on finding Shaun. Maybe your SS didn’t give a crap about their family to begin with~? Maybe they loved Shaun but not their spouse or visa versa? Shaun watches their living parent find him, and depending on how assertive and compassionate the SS is in finding out where Shaun has gone, it changes Shaun’s overall perspective on the wasteland. The more people are helpful towards finding him the more likely he is to change the Institute’s path, the less likely the SS is, the more vengeful and hate-filled Shaun becomes, and figures the world is better off without his mom/dad and the sick fucks that they befriend along the way.

It was my little twist on bringing morality back into the mix. Unfortunately if you’re good, you’re rewarded with “Happy ending :D” so I’m starting to fall back on my “Shaun recreates your pre-war home life and neighborhood” option as a sick fantasy reward for a “good player~”. But maybe I can do a weird twist on that for an “evil” player as well… :3c (Neutral people probably bore Shaun)

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Yo and your gf ain't shit...typical white children talking about "my mom had me trapped" ok asshole whatever that probably means that your mom like probably gave you a curfew or cut your phone and you think that means abuse

oh my god no I dont even have a phone I couldn’t even leave the fucking house I was there to take care of my siblings so my mom could do whatever she wanted. I cleaned the house every day, I cooked the food every day, I DROPPED OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T LET ME GO SO I COULD TAKE CARE OF MY BROTHER. she constantly told me how worthless I was and how I would have to stay with her forever, she didn’t teach me to drive because she didn’t want me to be able to leave, she would hit me with boards and wire hangers and accuse me of sleeping with whoever she was dating, when a man tried to force himself on me she told me not to tell anybody because it could come back negatively on her. she is mean, she is cruel, she is greedy, she is hateful. she literally had me trapped she made sure from the moment I started living with her that I could never leave because I would never have the means. whenever we didn’t have enough money for food she bought for herself first. she treated my mental illnesses like a joke and the minute i turned 18 she started puttin bills in my name and didnt pay them. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, she was NEVER around when I was a child, she was on drugs she taught her children how to SHOPLIFT with her, when we did get to visit her she would always be sleeping or high or gone it was and always had been just me and my siblings because my mother is a BAD person so take your uninformed no based rude ass out of my fucking inbox because you don’t know what you’re talking about. the shit my mom did to me and my siblings runs deep and I don’t talk about it online for a reason but I guess if you think you need goddamn justification about why I moved in with my girlfriend and her parents here it is you enormous asshole