dont take this lightly

past trauma had made me,,,p guarded when it comes to romantic relationships so it takes a long time to say ‘i love you’ and also its something i dont take lightly but also more than that is saying 'i trust you’ like i will always mean it and it has a v big significance in terms of 'i feel safe around you, i dont have to hide around you’ like idk this is all Gay but basically its nice not being in relationships where i am constantly Afraid

not to be corny but i literally heard a voice in my dreams early this morning telling me today was a really crucial day to journal and express m'feelings and i dont take that shit lightly especially with this huge ass full moon we have tonight i would recommend yall doing the same tbqh

you know what? slytherins are awesome! wanna know why? because they have the possibility to be the greatest hero or the most terrible villain. slytherins will do anything to reach to their ends. dont take the phrase “they will do anything to reach their ends lightly” because guess what? that can be a good thing for a slytherin that just wants to help …. just think about it!!! slytherins who want to end world hunger and just create peace. just think about how hard they would work just//// slytherins  

this isnt even accidental fuckups out of ignorance this girl willfully and repeatedly made fun of child sexual abuse victims, victims of incest, rape victims, was antiblack, made fun of native americans, she drew racist caricatures out the wazoo and was fatphobic as a cherry to top the Problematic Pie like….. she can die. i dont take that thing lightly i hate even saying “go die” even as a joke. like i hate wishing death on people. but she can die ☺️☺️

Did you know it is illegal for you to continue conversation with someone online under the age of 18 after learning of their age. Its considered ‘luring’ and ‘grooming’ and it makes you a predator. Even if you guys are talking casually. (Considering you guys arent blood related). After a couple of messages it makes you a predator. Theres a lot of youngsters on this website and other social media, and a lot of adults on here, even if your intention isnt wrong its completely inappropriate for you to continue to speak to them, you are the adult the moment you realize you are speaking to a minor the conversation should end if you are over the age of 18. Dont take this lightly, its actually really serious, and if you are 25, 26 years old or whatever you’ve got no buisness speaking with someone 17 and under, be smart, dont land yourself in shit. And kids, if I have any young followers, stay safe you’ve got no reason to befriend adults on social media.