dont take things so serious

luke seeing the millennium falcon arrive on his depression island: oh my gosh there she is. my long awaited Daughter. oh boy im Excited

luke: okay i think Shes behind me. i have to play this out Just right. my 100% Authentic Beige And White Tunic has to flow in the wind at a precise speed as i take off my Hood okay luke you can do this you took Theater for 4 years

luke: *turns around* my long lost daughter how ive missed y

luke: …,

eduardo saverin: mr. skwyalker…,,, pleasle……is thath you.f,……

luke: andrew garfield star of the social network directed by david fincher himself, nominated for Eight Academy Awards, Winning Three ?

luke: well andrew this wasnt the surprise i was expecting but ill take it nonetheless what can i do for you

eduardo: plfaesle….my name isn;t andrew garfie/ld its., eduardo

luke: oh silly me. my mistake eduardo, co-founder of facebook what brings you out here

eduardo pulling out the lawsuit papers out of his handbang: mr skwyalk,/er…..mark turn;ed to hte dark s;ide…,,,,he diid somethign so bad

luke: eduardo this is a serious accusation and i dont take these things lightly so if mark did something you need to tell me

eduardo: *takes a deep breath* he dil tued m;y shares 

luke: oh eduardo thats no problem im sure your shares are still in good standing with the leads of facebook

eduardo: mr. skywalker you don ot understand. you cannot even begin to comprehend. 

luke: well…what were your shares diluted down to

eduardo: point zero

eduardo: Three 

eduardo: Percent

luke pulling out his rose gold iphone 7 plus to text leia: leia sweetie i know its been a long time and theres some not chill things happening on your end but. i have a client im afraid whatevers going on with Benjamin will have to wait. goodbye

good question, mr. tri-coloured hair! okay, so, think about it like this; an artist THROWING A BUCKET-LOAD OF PAINT ON A BLANK CANVAS, SCREAMING THEIR LIFE-LONG WORRIES THE WHILE. kinda hard to image, right? because, like, no fucking offense who would do that? not only would that cause a vast amount of worry or fear from those around, but also people going “ what the fuck are you doing ? “ – since ya’d look A WHOLE LOT OF LOONY! oh yeah, depending on who saw and who told who about this, depends on whether or not your entire art career is over. ❜ not unlike the bleached-haired female to approach random strangers on the street, mumbling ( or, in how others may hear at times ) YELLING over random quotations she obtained from the online multi-verse. bouncing on the soles of her worn-down high-tops, with hands intertwined together behind her back, catish grin, which was often stuck onto her freckled face, gleaming; yet the slightest trace of malice held within. ( it was always like that. mostly “ cheery “ & “ bright “, as some may tell, but it was also / snarky /; it gave off a feeling – as if she knew something you didn’t. / testing you /, seeing how long you could last in devastating situation. always teasing; always knowing. )

only now, did she truly focus on the painting; paying heed to the artistic piece in front of them both. some piece from, according to what the information card below it said, from ancient egypt; anubis using the scales to weigh the heart, or, in simplier terms, “ the judgment of the dead. “ ( although, she kinda just thought it was a dog figuring out how much flour would be put in somekind of meal. i mean, that made more sense than anything, right? how would you even figure out the deeds of the dead from a simple balancing thing? yeah, there’s no sense at all! ) okay, so way off-topic, but don’t you think anubis is kinda hot? in a weird furry sense! you know what furries are, right? if not then WOW, you must be older than you look. although, that’s like, relatable? BACK TO THE TOPIC OF SCREAMING, NOW! okay so – look at the art from another angle! think about how the artist felt while drawing this! since it’s dealing with death, you have to think; they MAY have no been feeling it that well, mr. krabs! angry? perhaps. terrified that they were gonna be next? maybe, i have no clue! so see, leave it to imagination! that make’s everything funnier! ❜ who needs proper grammar when you can say words that make things more interesting? or, in her case, saying things that make teachers throw erasers at you from across the room while screaming things you didn’t give a damn about. small bounds of laughter leaving her, before turning to look at the taller male, to, not only get a better look at his details from aside his overly-dramatic hairdo, see how he reacted to her… / wide choice of words. / blinking a few times – is that real leather? also, that thingy around your neck, are you apart of the illuminati? is it real gold? ‘cause WOW, where can i get one of those? oh wait – that’s actually a bad idea. i’d turn it in! i’d give it up for real cash money! back to the clothes, now! is it real leather? doesn’t it get hot? was it expensive to buy all of that? it / looks / so expensive! ooo, did you steal it? stealing things is so cool! does that make you a bad guy? hey, we could start a bad-guy duo together! no, that’s a terrible idea! if we both got caught and went to jail, then whose gonna turn in the things we take? i mean, my dog could, since he’s pretty smart and the boys downtown / kinda / know him, but like, what about us then? i could get out, but could you? hm… too risky! let’s just scratch that idea completely! // @pharahos - re.

advice that the signs need to take.....
  • Aries: u dont need to be 1st all the time, chill!! stop being so selfish
  • Taurus: can you do something different for a change? like go outside? damn
  • Gemini: stop tryna be everyone all @ once, u fake as hell
  • Cancer: stop crying and put yourself first for once
  • Leo: its ok to be proud but damn take some criticism sometimes
  • Virgo: stop tryna be a perfectionist 10000% of the time, ur bound to fail at some point n thats ok
  • Libra: you are so damn loud!! and u change your mind too much!!
  • Scorpio: u really need to get over that one thing that happened 5 years ago
  • Sagittarius: something goes wrong then u wanna bail n haul ass--dont do it! most of the time bad shit happens so u can learn from it ok
  • Capricorn: learn to take a day off, u overwork urself sometimes. 2 much stress...
  • Aquarius: do u feel any emotions, ever? try introspecting for once
  • Pisces: it's not that deep, fam... dont take things so serious
  • me listening to Jeremy and Chris joking about Natasha being a 'slut': Wow now time to watch tumblr lose its shit over two guys being painfully obviously sarcastic and not at all serious.
  • tumblr: loses its shit because thats what people here do
  • me: looks into the camera like Im on the office