dont take their shit

on shippin controversial shit

if you have any trouble at all differentiating fiction and reality, if you have trouble not letting yourself be influenced in action or thinking by works of fiction, then you are not well enough to be involved with fiction as a whole.

its not the writer, the artist, the musician, not anyones responsibility but your own to censor and limit the content u take in. what fictional content makes u think or do irl is wholly and totally your own responsibility and your own fault. dont be so childish as to blame a story you read for why you did something cuntish and vile irl

im sick as shit of antis behaving as if victims of abuse and trauma have to be babied. victims are aware of tagging systems, age restrictions, content warnings, and their own fucking limits. every adult has to learn to protect themselves and if that means cutting your interaction with certain content by blocking tags, creators, even entire sites then that is not something to be ashamed of. 

your experiences online and how it affects you are not anyones business but your own, take care of yourself and know your own limits. you cant control other people and the reality is that there will never be a censored utopia where shit that triggers you will be erased completely. so look after your health and happiness and focus on building boundaries for yourself

Its Voltron but soft #2 (full)








Youtube lower octave

Yall free to make covers of this and write sheet music and download it with youtube converters for whatever purpose you want! Please message me if you make something so I can yell about it!! 

  • Ravenclaw (right after they've graduated hogwarts): You know now, as far as society is concerned, we're adults.
  • Hufflepuff: Yes! Isn't it exciting?
  • Ravenclaw: Adults who have to make their own decisions about their lives.
  • Hufflepuff: It's so freeing, isn't it?
  • Ravenclaw: I have no idea what I'm doing and I want to go back to school.
  • Hufflepuff: ...
  • Ravenclaw: I don't want to do classes or anything, I just want someone to cook for me and tell me when meals are so I don't forget and basically be able to ignore life's responsibilities.

Aw shit, look who did another one!

How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire
Guide to Borderline
  • How to figure out what a borderline means in texts;
  • Nevermind, it is not important: It really is important as fuck but I am afraid that you are not gonna get it and I won't be able to explain.
  • x
  • Ok. : I am pissed off to the point of one more wrong text and you are out of my life so quick that you are not even gonna notice it for a week.
  • x
  • Do you really think so?: Stop joking and tell me what you really think in honesty this is important.
  • x
  • I am fine: I feel shit like usual but to explain you that I usually dont feel good so that is my default setting is gonna take shit ton of time so I am lying.
  • x
  • No I am not mad, just a little hurt: I cried my eyes out and probably still crying and blaming myself for everything even though you are the asshole.
  • x
  • You don't have to: I would love it if you do the thing but I am scared that you secretly don't want to do it so I am giving you an escape. But please don't take it I will get sad.

please consider: the most important team skull au that nobody wanted or ask for, where everyone is Kids

guzma leads a gang of kids who injure themselves doing parkour and pretend that their scrapes and bruises are from picking fights when really theyre just falling off of things a lot and trying to look cool. plumeria tags along to make sure nobody dies, she always has an endless supply of band aids on her and gets mad when any of the other members take off their band aids to show off their gross injuries. 

also guzma’s hobby is catching bugs… his dream is to catch a vikavolt (it will never happen) kukui always wants to hang out w/ him but only because he wants to see guzma’s bug collection and whenever guzma wants to do something else kukui is like “oh nvm…im busy”

jk and tae both HATE jimin

listen here, im here to prove to all of you once and for all that these two despise jimin. like, you’ll see in just a second how the hate rolls off them in waves. anyways, starting off with the maknae

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listen to me, this is exactly how i look at someone i hate

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LOOK. jk’s giving us all pointers on how to show your hatred towards someone through your eyes. take notes peeps.

now, THIS is how you do it. look at him shoot hearts daggers with his eyes. anyways, let’s move on to tae bc im already losing it

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tae be like…”jimin get your frickin small hands away from me. i dont like you jimin, i dont like your small hands either i dont find them cute at all”

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tae: “wow, i hate jimin with every fibre of my being…” look at those daggers hes shooting at jimin. damn. can you feel the hate yet?

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what you’re seeing above is NOT vmin cuddling. fuck no.

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dont even get me started on this jealousy…thing bc thats a separate post can you feel me rolling my eyes yet

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time