dont take life too seriously quote

“•life is a joke •

i quit ballet when i was 10 to play soccer…. i started ballet when i was 3 years old… i hated it.. but i "at least had to make it to point, like my mother.” it was everyones dream for me, before i even had a chance to dream it up myself… i was so busy hating the way life worked… that i forgot how much i loved the feeling of dancing to classical piano for 2 hours 3 times a week. today i remember so many things i loved , but somehow forgot cuz again, i took life too seriously. • 
me really tryna keep my peace before exams 
goodluck fuckers, but dont take yourself too seriously… youz a joke too ma 📸@jamesmountfordstudio"

Just had this conversation with @girlwithribbon. omg I couldn’t stop laughing.

This is what happens character design goes right. Too right. I remember a quote from my friend:

“We’re at the age where our fangirl crushes are either young enough to make us pedophiles or at least ten years older than us” 

Both of us are over 20.