dont take any shit


Soo I watched In A Heartbeat about 15 times in the last few days (and I will eventually try to draw them in my style but their designs were too cute not to try to draw them as they were)

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wtf is going on with all this cryptic shit? spew your theories

dont take any of this serious because nothing matters children

well like me and kale @sunshinebrendon thought it was something to do with the spongebob musical because

square hello but then kale started talking about how its a cube so three brendons and now she wont stop talking about hm getting cloned and i wanna die and



curtain call??? h,o,y,e,a,h,

then we started talking about how someone else (brendon) mightve been posting them because of this

i also got really excited because spongebob has a song called best day ever and kale would not love me for my wonderful amazing find

also hello patrick wears heels/??? confirmed?? practically throwing the answers in our laps?

but then theres this

so no one has any idea of whas going on 

abandon ship ye all we’re going to all die tomorrow

angsty/dom!connor x reader headcannons

tw: smuttY holy hell

a/n: im really Feelin some things for connor tonight

-ok so connor isn’t in a very good mood one day and is just typically being his moody and broody self right

-ur over at his house tho (u two r home alone btw lol) and he’s bein all angsty but ur just happy u get to see him for the first time today!!

-ur tryin to hold his hand and give him sweet lil neck kisses but he just keeps getting all annoyed and maybe even snaps at u (he claims he’s tryin to finish homework but we all know he never actually does that shit lmao)

-him snapping at u is like the last straw tho bc u dont and never will take any of his shit

-ur kinda thinkin, “fine, if he isn’t gonna love on me then i’ll just do it myself”

-so connor is still sitting there,, right, and u start undressing urself but he doesn’t notice yet


-ok so like connor always buys u sex toys bc he knows how to Treat his woman right and he looooooves using them on u

-u cant keep them at ur house tho bc ur parents would FO SURE find out

-so connor basically has like a drawer full of sex toys in his room lmao

-connor finally notices some kinda odd movement out of the corner of his eye and oh go d what the fuc k is she doi n g

-ur laying on his bed using the last vibrator connor got (u know,, the pink one,..) but now its UR turn to ignore HIM (also u are 100% Feelin urself if ya know what i mean ;)

-connor can really only look at u in shock for a little bit

-emphasis on little bit bc then his eyes kinda narrow and do the thing where they get kinda dark

-he’s incredibly turned on but also still kinda annoyed bc, fucking hell, you’re distracting him and now he has to “punish his bad girl” hngggbdihafjb

-he decides that he’s gonna take the lead now

-rough connor sex ensues (this includes lots of dirty talk, probably edging, hair pulling and even a lil light choking bc damn)

-after he finally lets u cum tho,, connor has always been super into aftercare!! like i said he knows how to Treat u right (aka lots of blankets and cuddles and a lot of times he’ll make u ur favorite warm drink and will watch u drink it as he plays w/ ur hair and tells u how beautiful u are and it even gets a lil emotional some times :’)

-i love dom connor

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It's funny because in the UK 16 is legal, Ruby can get laid in the UK.

okay this is a more serious answer because I dont take any shit for this kind of stuff;

- I live here in the uk. I’m very aware.

- The age of consent is lower in this country to protect children and give them access to contraceptives and other help they may need for if they are experimenting (Cause let’s face it, kids will)

- it is not in place so you can fuck a 16 year old. She is still a child under UK law until the age of 18.

- I know you probably meant it as a joke but I don’t tollerate this bullshit.

i love seagulls and geese… theres so much seagull and geese hate cause theyre aggressive and dont immediately run away if people get close to them… like their space is their space and they dont take any shit if u get in it. theyre also really, really beautiful animals.

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the fact that Akira is Keith and he is in fact as violent as that post depicted (with Shiro and Akira) i just find this amazing bc you and other people draw Akira as this sweet sarcastic person who can do no wrong and has amazing legs, where in reality hes actually cold af and will/has stabbed a bitch. He still has them legs tho so-

my boi akira has been enslaved by the galra i dont know how long but damn he didnt take any shit in the arena holy fuck dont judge a book by its cover folks


Hello friends! I’m taking commissions for the first time!!

Alright, story time

Due to our dental insurance deciding not to cover any of the work done during this past month we now owe 2000$ that has to be paid within 6 months (September).

My mom had finally gotten our family some dental insurance after 3 years of being without it. During the first checkup the ladies at the dental office had called the insurance people to ask if there was a waiting period in order to use the insurance and they had told them that there wasn’t.

My brothers and I had all been going to the dentist, and after 7 appointments the dental office called us and told us that our insurance wasn’t covering any of the work because there was a six month waiting period. Because the dental office didn’t catch this either they are willing to lower the price for us but as of right now we have to pay the 2000$.

So in order to try to lessen the financial strain on my parents I’m opening commissions!! This is my first time doing commissions so please bare with me

I will draw almost anything, any fandom, not just dgm, I’ll consider nsfw but it will have to be talked about. Message me here or on my main bitterkanda. Or if you’d rather, you can just email me.  You can look through this blog or my older art in this tag for more of my work.

I will be accepting payments through paypal and google wallet using the email (paypal adds a fee if you’re paying through that)

If I accept your commission I request to be paid before I begin the work. The prices are negotiable (you can definitely pay more ;0)

Ahh thank you for your time, please reblog if you can, I’m hoping for the best!

Why I love your Zodiac Sign!
  • ♈ Aries u make me feel protected bc u are stronger and more sophisticated than me but also very loyal and friendly thanks
  • ♉  Taurus best eyes and best hugs, very warm, a person that feels like a home
  • ♊ Gemini how does your mind come up with so many things and how does your mind save so much information you always have something cool 2 say
  • ♋ Cancer i can be a child when i am with u because you are like a mother but also dumb and funny and playful like a 7-year-old lets camp outside and laugh at silly jokes
  • ♌ Leo you are so artistic and theatrical its like im watching a film being with u you are so exciting and fun and glorious. A+ for entertainment
  • ♍ Virgo you have the best humor imo; so dry and cynical but not just dumb but actually very intelligent and witty. youre hilarious and i can count on you thanks man
  • ♎ Libra you bring peace and harmony wherever you go youre like a little cute flowerchild so lovely and charming youre just naturally irresistable
  • ♏ Scorpio i love how you question things and go deeper instead of staying at the surface. you are the realest, 100% authentic and dont take any shit youre awesome
  • ♐ Sagittarius u dont care and thats gr8 bc theres never any stress with you. youre just silly and adventurous and a good person thats all that matters to u and i love that
  • ♑ Capricorn its cute how youre so mature but behind locked doors can be so silly. youre like the best of both worlds with your reliability and good sense of humor.
  • ♒ Aquarius youre friendly and tolerant and such a people-person, its very refreshing to know someone like you who you immediately feel comfortable around bc you accept people!!
  • ♓ Pisces youre so sensitive and responsive, you get people without words and you can adapt to them so easily. youre the most empathetic of all!

Dear Nintendo:

please let me wear cute clothes

this still isn’t ml someone yell at me to get back to work

there are seriously HILARIOUS comedians like aziz ansari for example or (if you haven’t seen her netflix special yet, it’s amazing) jen kirkman that can legit make you cry laughing while still being “politically correct” so nah jerry seinfeld you can suck my dick tbh you made a movie about a bee/human romance i dont have to take any shit from you, son