dont stop moving forward

starsigns stuff
  • aries: huge assholes, but nice assholes. they always got your back
  • taurus: quite chill with anything unless it has to do with their own feelings
  • gemini: hella misunderstood probably. gives the best advice to pick yourself up again
  • cancer: sees right through peoples bullshit. they just know. dont even fucking try buddy
  • leo: awesome, friendly and devoted to you until you pull a dick move on them
  • virgo: may appear vague but are the greatest friends to have around
  • libra: will do anything to at least make you smile once. smart and a nice person in general
  • scorpio: full of secrets, get really possessive of things/people they want or have
  • sagittarius: brutally honest and a lover of freedom. they dont stop moving forward and never will
  • capricorn: persevering, always tries their best. a bit on the picky side sometimes
  • aquarius: often the one making inappropriate jokes at the wrong moment. likes learning new things
  • pisces: are almost constantly daydreaming. never really shows how they really feel but still has a heart of gold