dont stop believing

“I want to open my eyes at 7 am in a work day and find you warm in my arms. I want to hug you so tight and so gently against my chest so I can show you how much you mean to me without words. I want to think about you whenever I see something you like on the street, whenever I look at the sky and it’s in that shade of blue that you like. I want to miss the sound of your steps coming home late at night, skip a heartbeat at the thought that soon you’re going to knock at my door with a tired face and cold hands. I want to search for your hair and shirt through the crowd and for your coat in the lines. I want to stare at the sun going down with your hand wrapped around mine and nothing else touching. I want to wash the dishes and feel you teasing me and get angry afterwards. I want to laugh with and at you when I had the worst day ever. I want to watch the worst tv shows and the creepiest documentaries and the saddest movies with you. I want to smell you cooking for me and watch you giving me that look that says “I know you can’t cook, I’ll do it but you have to learn”. I want to talk about  your thoughts, my fears, politics, injustice, our damaged childhood. I want to crave sweets with you before periods. I want to feel bad afterwards. I want to text you the oddest things when I’m just 4 ft away from you, sitting on the toilet. I want to sneak up on you when you’re listening to music and slightly dancing. I want to tease you when I’m bored and you’re looking for a movie to watch on the bed. I want to buy you the perfect present and spoil it cause I can’t keep a secret. I want to kiss your neck when you’re leaning on the desk studying your ass off. I want to sing in the shower and hear you laugh in the kitchen. I want to sing with you and be totally off-key. I want to scream when you decide to cut your hair. I want to like your hair later but don’t say anything anyway. That same night I want to whisper in your ear “You look good though”. I want to see your smile in the dark. I want you to be proud of me when I graduate. I want to be proud of you when you do. I want to be away from you and see the look on your eyes when I come back. I want to be with you when you don’t get your dream job. I want to celebrate with you when you finally do. I want to watch you grow and succeed and overcome your greatest fears. I want to travel the world with you with savings of out first year of paychecks. I want to see us slay in our careers, and be two badass women in two completely different ways. I want to experience the mid life crisis with you. I want that house on the mountains. I want to stare at you sitting on the bow of the boat looking at the sunset. I want to come to you and kiss you in that very moment. I want to close my eyes at 11:34 pm with my nose on your neck, wrinkles in my smile and my arms around you. I want to love you everyday of my life and watch you loving me as much as I do. But the thing I want the most is to be okay, even if I know that I can’t have everything I want. I want you to have all that, even if I’m not the one who will give it to you.“

Submission by anyotherdayanotherlife

So there’s been something on my mind that I think is really cool, and I feel like gushing about it cause i have no shame. 

One thing i really love about tf2 fans are their own class OCs. It’s just awesome because you can really see the creativity that people put into their characters. And what makes tf2 even better is that it is a world that is wonderfully chaotic and surreal. Anything can happen, at any time. We already have hints of there existing other teams and mercenaries and what’s amazing is that, it means your OC could be out there, in the tf2 universe, doing their own thing, having their own adventures, interacting with the Teufort 9, etc..
There are no boundaries as to what can happen, nor rules holding you back. I’ve heard people sometimes say that their OC isn’t that good or original, or feel like it doesn’t match the universe of the story- which is a shame to hear. 
And speaking as a crappy artist myself- if someone ever loved my world and my work so much that they want to jump in and have fun and add to the story with their own imagination, headcanons, etc., then that’s amazing! You truly have achieved something incredible if you can impact someone to love your stuff so much, and inspire them to do more. And you never know if you will be the one to influence or inspire others. 

So I just wanted to say, again, that it’s awesome to see so many passionate people invest and create and write their own stuff. And even if you feel like your ideas or OC aren’t good, that doesn’t change the fact that only you could have come up with it; not to mention all the improvements you can achieve if you keep practicing your art, writing etc.. 
The best thing you can be is yourself, so be proud of whatever you come up with, never stop being inspired, and just have fun with that unique mind of yours :3 

agentmaplficent  asked:

I want two banners in Fire Emblem Heros for the Fates second generation, man. Like one for the Conquest kids with Siegbert, Forrest, Male Kanna, Sophie and Dwyer and one for the Birthright kids with Shiro, Kiragi, Midori, and Shigure. Also with Xander voluntarily staying with Veronica, SIEGBERT BEING SUMMONED ON THE OPPOSING SIDE MUST HURT HIM MY CHILD-

Yeah the outlook for Fates and Awakening child characters being put in Heroes isn’t really good at the moment. I just get this feeling they’re going to be taking quite a long time to show up in the game, but hey, I’m all for them when they do come. Maybe they’ll do a special event on Children’s Day in Japan….whenever that is

And about Xander, I think we’re supposed to take the Xander with Veronica and the Xander with us as two different Xanders…. I don’t know if Siegbert’s brain would be able to process two dads at once >W>;;;
Actually I’m not even sure that mine can

Accidental Friend

A The Losers/ Jake Jensen x reader fan fiction

Inspired by @theartofimagining13  and their imagine: Bonding with Jake Jensen when you start singing “Don’t stop believin” with him in an elevator.

Jake Jensen x reader
Fluff, humor
oneshot/ drabble

“A singer in a shmokey room.  A smell of wine and cheap perfuuuuuume.  For a smile they can share the night it goes on and on and on and onnnnnn…”

You can hear the falsetto singing from the closed elevator become louder as the doors slide open.  A man in a large wrinkled yellow polo shirt and baggy red basketball shorts enters the elevator waving his hands rhythmically before pointing at various coworkers while singing.

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