dont stop believing

He once bought Rachel a star, and when she asked if it was named after her, he replied “No, I thought about that, but then I named it Finn Hudson. Because there’s already a star named Rachel Berry. And she’s right here on earth, and she’s brighter than any of those stars up there. So I just wanted to make sure that whenever she feels lonely she can look up in the sky, and no matter where I am, she can know that I’m looking down on her.”

Perhaps he is out there, bright and shining as a star in the sky. Forever in our hearts, Cory. Rest in Peace.

Just a small town dog 

Livin’ in a lonely world 

She took the midnight train goin’ anywhere 

Just a city dog 

Born and raised in south Detroit 

He took the midnight train goin’ anywhere

Make sure your dog never gets lost (if/when he decides to take the midnight train away form you) with a dog tracker! Check out Whistle. I used it for my pup and it’s pretty awesome.

This happened last weekend at Teen Wolf convention Howler Con in NJ when a fan asked the “Boys will be boys” panel if they could have any song play when they enter the room what would it be. To be honest, it was one of the most inspiring moments I’ve had on stage. I’m feel fortunate we got video of it from so many different angles.