dont step on them

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there's so much discourse on your block I just wanna say that whatever bb I am here for you ❤️ don't let bad anons weigh you down ❤️

they dont weigh me down bc i piled them up and step on their faces to get higher

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how the hell are kin people talking and interacting w/ each other, the majority of kinfolk i see have strict rules about interacting w/ them and dont want others making the first step w/ them unless it's THAT specific canonmate, yet still act like absolutely nobody wants to talk to them. i shouldn't have to feel like i need to submit a 3 page essay after making a sacrifice when the stars align JUST to talk to people from my source. its taking enough courage and energy from me just to say hello..

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those are not zippers on his boots, it's part of its design

Thats a zipper, and my bf has shoes just like this for his mccree cosplay. Even if it wasn’t a zipper its still not a cowboy boot because cowboy boots are meant to protect your feet from being stepped on by a horse. The zipper creates a weak point in the shoe that would allow pressure to push if the horse stepped on. The zipper is to far down the shoe. If it was up higher then I can say they would work better like these.

I have been stepped on by a horse many times, with cowboy boots and without. I would never wear these for riding boots. They have the cowboy boot shape+ classic heal. But they are not cowboy boots. Even tho the picture above is a riding boot, I still dont trust them but I have had a horse step and stand on that lightly upper area of my foot when I was an idiot and not wearing the right boots.

So yeah its a zipper

Edit: the picture above is a basic riding boot

mood is blasting bsds op 2 avoid listening / involving self in family arguments

—  My younger brother yelling at his friends on Skype

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—- R.O.B. was usually pretty precise… but today was some sort of off-day, apparently… because the poor robot had dropped his Gyro, and was now chasing the rolling top around… at a rather slow speed. It wasn’t that much of a problem, until… it rolled toward someone’s feet.

      THAT was when R.O.B. started to get pretty antsy.

      … Maybe if he’s lucky, Corrin won’t be upset…

the thing is with courn is that it’s not only gwen helping courtney’s character which is usually what people focus on like courtney helps gwen’s as well like..

gwen can be pretty down on herself a lot i mean shes a strong girl but sometimes she punishes herself when she feels like she hasn’t been a good person and doubts herself and people around her always demonize her for everything even when she hasnt done much wrong

and courtney could step in like dont let them tell you who you are and dont let them make you feel like garbage and youre better than what theyre making you out to be and can just help her a lot with her confidence and self-assurance and can help her realize that

not everything is her fault

spork relationoship tip of the day: although you shouldn’t ever be treated like less than you deserve. when it comes to little things, stop asking urself ‘why aren’t they doing this for me’ but rather ‘why haven’t i been doing this for them’. giving is the first step to recieving. and after a while if they dont reciprocate stab them in the eyes with a spork bye

Prince and his Maid part 4

Word count: 1284

Smut: No 

Requested: Yes 

Summary: You make a decision 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

With the announcement with Prince Liam and the Princess who you do not know yet, the both of you were hurting. When the king said those words you couldn’t believe it, you didnt want to, but you knew that your two would never be together as much as you prayed and hoped it will never be.

The Prince stood up “No what? Why are you bringing this to me now?” you asked with anger in his voice

“Because you not been acting like a prince, you have been doing what you want sleeping with god knows who” you looked away hoping no one would see you “And we need this for the kingdom, you know her its Princess Monica from the kingdom of Giacchino.” Liam groaned

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The easiest step of them all, just avoid the heart break, the pain and humiliation, yet something was different this time around. but don’t fall in love you remind yourself


Forget about the way your heart leaps out of your chest when you see her. Forget about how you memorized every curve of her body, forget about how you crave her touch, her kiss. Forget about the way it felt to have her body pressed against yours. Forget about those 3am kisses and smoke rings, you shared with another to forget about her. Forget Her.

Never let the walls around your heart crumble after so many years of building them up. Never let them ask about what pains you and how they can take it away. Never let them in when your vulnerable. Because like the parasite they are, it’s hard to remove them. Never let them in.


Some where along the way I failed this step. I fell in love and like all falling its hard to get back up. Somewhere along the way I failed this step, and I find myself falling desperately in love with all the small imperfections, the way your smile starts at one side of your face, the way your voice gets faster when you talk about things you’re passionate about. The way your eyes turn up and you pout when you don’t understand something the first time around. so maybe I failed step one, but you’re worth it.

—  To the girl I almost had.
Bring Me Back- Part 2

Caroline’s voice is chipper and there is an evil grin on her face as she leaves the fate of her ex lover’s lives to a coin flip.

Tyler and Matt look to eachother with terrified and bewildered expressions before bringing themselves to look back at the woman they had both loved.

Matt opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the sound of the door of the bar opening.

Elena and Bonnie walked in, their faces contorted in anger and concern.

Stefan found the knife he held in his hands thrown across the room as Bonnie flicked her wrist. He rolled his eyes and sighed deeply, annoyance painted all over his face.

“Ugh. The witch is here.”

“Stefan, dont.” Elena said, her voice harsh.

“The witch and the nag.” He turned back towards the bar and sat in one of the chairs. “Great.”

Caroline sighed as she moved towards her friends. “What do you two want?”

Bonnie stepped forward. “Care- you dont want to do this. Just leave them alone.”

Caroline looked at Bonnie for a moment before giving her a sly smile and whiping around to attack Tyler.

She immediately felt her brain begin to fry, every nerve on fire as she collapsed, screaming in pain.

“I said- Stop!” Bonnie yelled.

“OKay, okay!” Caroline cried from the floor as Stefan’s breath picked up, his anger at seeing Caroline tortured, rising.

Bonnie released her hold on Caroline and Caroline recovered on the floor for a moment before standing up and walking over to the bar.

“God you are seriously off your rocker.”

Bonnie ignored her as Elena stepped closer to Stefan.

“Stefan- there’s someone here…someone you need to see.” Her voice was hesitant.

Stefan furrowed his brow, curious as to what Elena had up her sleeve.

Before he could question her, Stefan heard the outer door of the bar open and recognized the sound of his brother’s footsteps. There was a second pair of footsteps that were vaguely familiar but he couldnt place them, although he knew they belonged to a vampire.

Stefan’s mother walked into the bar next to Damon, and Stefan was nearly speechless as his body moved from his chair seemingly on its own

“Who is that?” Caroline asked, her voice still annoyed from what had happened with Bonnie.

“My mother.” Stefan answered her quietly, his brow furrowed in confusion.

Caroline remembered the story Stefan had told her about his mother and how he had acted when she died. She remembered the pain she saw in his eyes when he talked about her that day in the flower shop. She saw the heart break in his face, the sorrow and regret in his voice as he remembered his last days with his mother.

Caroline knew what his mother meant to Stefan.

She looked into Stefan’s eyes and in that instant, her first human emotion in a month washed over her.


Caroline couldnt help the flood of hapiness in seeing someone so incredibly important to Stefan, return to him. She felt the glee that she knew Stefan would have felt if he had his human emotions turned on. Her connection to him was so strong that she was unable to deny the profound effect his emotional state had on her.

Then, the second emotion began to tear through her humanity shield.


She was overwhelmed by her worry about how Stefan would handle something so profound. She could feel the wall she had put up to block her emotions crumbling and part of her wanted to steel herself and push her concern away, but another part of her couldnt. She was unable to block out her fiercely protective instict that wanted to shield Stefan from any pain.

Caroline looked over to Stefan, her own emotions begining to flood her conscious and looked for signs that he was going through something similar. She saw a flicker of light in his eyes before his face went cold again. Caroline quickly wiped the tear that threatened to fall from her face and returned her own unaffected expression to her face.

When Stefan spoke his voice was a mixture of curiousity and annoyance.

“Damon?” Stefan stepped closer to his brother and mother. “What the hell is going on?”

“What? No hug for your mother Stefan?” Damon asked his arms outspread and a forced smile on his face.

Stefan didnt even glance back to the woman standing next to Damon.

“I see.” Stefan nodded and smirked. “You thought bringing her here…however it is that she’s here…you thought it’d make me turn it back on.”

Stefan laughed softly as Damon’s smile turned down and his face filled with worry.

“Well, as…disinterested as I am in why my mother happens to be here…” Stefan stepped closer to them again, this time staring intently at his mother. “…and as a vampire, I’m going to let you go ahead and explain yourself before I snap your neck and be on my way.”

Damon swallowed hard. He hadnt expected that this wouldnt work. He had assumed seeing Stefan’s mother would trigger something powerful enough to bring Stefan back.

What Damon didnt realize is that when Stefan saw his mother, the only emotion that flashed before Stefan’s eyes was anger. Sure, there was a glimmer of hope for a second but then the cold, calculated part of Stefan’s mind figured out how his mother was standing there and was able to push aside the shred of human emotion that threatened to push him back to his humanity.

“Stefan.” Damon started, his eyes traveling to his mother for a moment before going back to Stefan’s. “She was turned in 1858, she faked her death and left. She’s been stuck in a prison world since 1903 after a series of…unfortunate events.” Damon glided past the ripper part of his mother’s past, something he didnt want to share with Stefan yet.

“Uh-huh.” Stefan nodded and turned back around to the bar where another knife laid. He caught Caroline’s gaze for a moment, curious as to what her reaction was to all of this. Caroline stared back at him, seemingly bored of the situation but Stefan could see something else behind her blue irises.

He ignored the suspicion that washed over him as he turned back to Damon. Stefan kept his tone light, even though Caroline could hear a quiet rage beneath each word.

“And what? You thought seeing my dead mother would make me want to feel all of the horrible things i went through when she died? You thought i’d be so happy to see her i’d forget about how she lied to me. Abandoned me?You think i cant figure out why she was in a prison world?” Stefan stepped closer to his mother and pointed the knife casually at her. “Probably not going to be wining any humanity awards are you mother?” Stefan smiled and returned his gaze to his brother.

“You expect me to want to feel anything in this moment Damon?” Stefan laughed and tossed the knife in his hands up into the air, letting it spin and catchign it again. “If anything, bringing up the most painful memories of my life is probably the worse decision you’ve ever made.” Stefan laughed. “And seriously, thats saying a lot.” Stefan let his eyes travel to Elena and smirked before bringing his gaze back to Damon.

“Stefan-” Lily began but was cut off by the knife Stefan had held hurling through the air and slamming into Damon’s chest.

Damon groaned loudly and stepped backwards, pushing his mother aside when she tried to help him. He pulled the knife out and threw it to the ground. “Dick move Stefan.”

Stefan shrugged. “The shirt’s ugly.”

Caroline swallowed hard and prepared herself to give the preformance of a lifetime. She knew exactly why Stefan through that knife and it had nothing to do with Damon or his shirt. He couldnt stand to hear the sound of his mothers voice. It was too much for Stefan to handle.

If Caroline was going to help bring Stefan back though, she would have to be able to stay close to him and that would only be possible if he belived she still had her humanity switch off. She could feel all her emotions threatening to tear her apart but she concentrated on only one. She knew that’s what she was supposed to do when the flood of emotions began to pour back in. She knew she had to concentrate and focus everything she had onto one emotion.

She chose love.

Her love for Stefan would keep her whole enough to get herself through this transition, and help her stay focused on getting Stefan back.

Caroline let out an exaggerated sigh.

“Well this is all very interesting with the bonding and the family drama but I’m bored.” She turned her gaze to Stefan, steeling her eyes to the emotions that began to push against them. “Stefan?” Caroline began to walk towards the exit.

Stefan smirked and nodded. “Yeah.” He walked closer to his brother, passing Caroline and putting his face in Damon’s. “I’m done here.”

Damon let Stefan pass but reached his hands out to Stefan’s neck, preparing to snap it. Caroline was faster though and grabbed Damon’s wrists, breaking them both in one quick motion.

Damon cried out as Caroline forced herself to smirk and walk past him.

Caroline debated if she should try and let someone know she was back, let someone know she was on their side and she would help get Stefan back but she didnt know how or who she could trust.

Her eyes darted around the room quickly as she made for the front door and landed on Bonnie.

Bonnie was looking at Damon reset his wrists with a scowel on her face. She brought her eyes’s to Caroline’s and gave her a withering stare. Caroline waited until Elena wasnt looking, and she let heremotions fill every inch of her face. She let the pain in for just enough time for Bonnie to see it.

Bonnie blinked multiple times, unsure of what she was seeing but sure that it was significant. She watched as Caroline narrowed her eyes at her, trying to communicate in a split instant before exiting the bar.

Bonnie gasped as she put together what it was Caroline’s expression was telling her.

Damon heard Bonnie’s reaction as the front door closed behind Stefan and Caroline and looked over to her.

“Bonnie?” He asked, confusion coloring his face. “What is it?”

Bonnie didnt answer at first. She knew what Caroline was telling her, she knew Caroline’s emotions were back on. She saw it all over her face. But Caroline wanted only Bonnie to know that her humanity had returned. She could have said something to Damon before, but she didnt. Caroline could have signaled to anyone in that room, but she chose Bonnie.

She doesnt want anyone else to know yet. Maybe she thinks Stefan would figure it out if anyone else knew…

Bonnie shook her head as she stepped closer to Damon and Lily.

“Nothing.” Her eyes went to the floor as Damon’s expression turned suspicious. “It’s nothing.”