dont steal or else



We found her hanging out around our house in Kitchener/Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and she kept on meowing at our window. We’re feeding her and have two other cats and everything needed to take care of her, and shes a really nice cat, but I’m guessing she belongs to someone else.

So if you’ve lost a cat or know someone whose lost a cat that looks like this one (and are somewhere in the area) then please message me!

Note: I’m not sure that this cat is a she, and the collar we added because she didn’t have one

i am such a got damn packrat whenever anyone in the house is getting rid of anything half the time it ends up mine. my sister had a pile of dice she didnt want so i took them. why? i have no idea. i like dice and i have an inexplicable desire to hoard all of them. if someone doesnt want a book i claim it even if i have no interest in it and will probably never read it im just a tiny dragon sitting on a pile of garbage


That’s right, I’m back at it again. With wings this time! And legs! (Pixie boots were kinda a given)

Heh, but yeah. Last picture I drew for you, I was so grateful that you actually responded to it. And I’m.. again.. very blunt. Though, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately in how I’m going to say this, but I should really stop over thinking for my own good and just say it.

Your art inspires many and kinda speaks to me in a weird way. Like.. shows your personality a bit. The little #tags you write, here and there, are quite enjoyable and sometimes even make me laugh and/or smile. 

I don’t know you, but I can tell you’re an amazing, kind, talented, and over all great person. I’d love to get to know you better. Though I’m pretty sure I’m to shy to do this kind of thing like.. ever. I can’t shake the feeling that we could be pretty great friends.  

Sorry for my overly awkward and pretty awful proposal to initiate a friendship, but it’s all I got.

Well that and bad puns, but that’s about it. <:0)

Am I the only one who just really wants to see eun ha won just kick kang ji woon's ass?

Exactly one year ago today I saw ATL live. Seeing them again in a week. I’m happy.

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SO I’ve been reading “The hero of Wolves” by the wolfess….

(Thank you author u write beautifully)(now i have an excuse to draw this cinammon roll)



“oh but Dan looks so good in this pic” - great. fantastic. but dont crop out the person who actually got the pic taken with him

“the fan doesnt look good though” - shut the fuck upppp. who even are you to judge that? the fan posted it and obviously likes it. dont make them feel bad when they see the same pic with them not in it

“oh i dont know. i found it on twitter and couldnt find the full thing” - shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhut up. its not even your pic to begin with. that is outright just stealing someone else’s. dont fucking do it. do not

if the fan in the pic crops it themself and then posts it then that is 100% totally fine and up to them

but with all these meet and greets that have happened and that are going to happen in the future

be nice. dont crop. love everyone. because you all look hellas good