dont steal it guys

Dont steal a dead mans copper

DM: “[the dead body] has a couple coins in his pocket but nothing too interesting”
BARBARIAN: “how many coins..?”
DM: “I dunno, like 7.”
PALADIN: “you are NOT taking a dead mans copper.”
BARBARIAN: “why? hes dead!”
PALADIN: “Its 7 copper pieces holy shit. I will give you one whole gold piece if you dont steal a dead guys copper.”
PALADIN: “one whole gold piece! thats 93% more than your 7 copper pieces!”
BARBARIAN: “fine! I’ll take your stupid money. ”
DM: “okay, if you’re done here you leave the room.”
BARBARIAN: “before we leave I roll slight of hand to pocket the copper pieces.”

BTS Reaction to you being really chubby and insecure.

Genre; Angst/Fluff??? Small bits of smut???

Authors Notes; Thank you so much for the request!! I personally feel that all of BTS wouldn’t really care about your body type and would just love you for you 😊 Hope you like it ^_^


Jin; Being quite the motherly/caring type I think he would just want to make sure you were okay 24/7. If he saw you comparing yourself to others he’d make you forget about them and show you just how much he loves your body 😉 Jin wouldn’t be one to really care too much about weight or body size, his main concern would be your self-esteem and making you know how much he loves you, all of you.

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Suga; We already know Yoongi doesn’t care about physical appearance but I do think he would feel like he wanted to protect you constantly. His main focus would be on making you feel good about yourself as he doesn’t like seeing you upset. He may seem cold on the outside but with you he’s a little fluffball who pays you lots of compliments, and may god have mercy on those who make you feel anything less than beautiful.

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J-Hope; This little ball of sunshine has two sides when it comes to this; you’re my goddess & I will kill anyone who says otherwise. Hobi couldn’t care less what you looked like as long as you’re happy and he’s the one making you happy. He’d kiss every inch of your body every day and find your chubbiness incredibly cute 😊

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Rap Monster; He hates to see you upset or insecure about the way you look because to him you’re the most beautiful thing on the planet and much like Yoongi, Namjoon would go for anyone who thinks otherwise/makes you think otherwise. This boy loves to show you in the dirtiest of ways just how much he loves you and your body 😉 Chubby or otherwise Namjoon will love you with his entire heart and soul.

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Jimin; Smol bean has had insecurities about being chubby himself so he knows exactly how you feel and just how to cheer you up. He’d take you on cute dates anytime he’d see you comparing yourself to anyone. He loves to hug you from behind and kiss up your neck anytime you feel less than the amazing person you are. 😊 😊

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 V; Taehyung’s main priority in life is to make sure you’re happy, when he first finds out about you being insecure about your body and being chubby he’d sit you down, get down on his knees and explain to you just how beautiful you are until you’re beaming. He’d also make sure you never skipped any meals, making sure you ate properly at all times. Tae would only care about your happiness and wellbeing.

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 Jungkook; Kookie would at first be annoyed and perhaps angry if you saw yourself as anything less than gorgeous but would then understand that your self-esteem isn’t really your fault and insecurities usually come from bad feedback from others. Lil kook would love it when you smiled and he’d often poke your cheeks calling you a cutie. Jungkook is honestly the type to “fite” anyone who disagreed with his view of you and would always protect you, making sure that you felt good about yourself, not caring what you look like.

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For real though, art takes years to improve and develop (even if an artist is not very experienced they still put lots of effort into their work!), artists pour their heart, knowledge and energy into a piece. A character is crafted with thought, emotion and purpose. It carries a very special meaning to it’s creator/owner.

If u steal a person’s art and/or characters you are practically stealing part of their identity.


Distant - Yoongi Scenario

Title; Distant

Genre; Little bit of angst ending in fluff

Type; Scenario

Group/Member; BTS – Suga (Yoongi)

Summary; Yoongi is being distant and isn’t paying you any attention nor is he paying the things you’re doing any attention. One day you give him a piece of your mind and he realises how he’s made you feel and apologises. Fluffy ending.

Request; Hey, can you please do a scenario for Suga? something where he is being distant and doesn’t pay attention and the one day you give him a piece of your mind. and then he apologises and it has like a fluffy ending? thank you xx


Words; 1578

Authors Notes; Hope you liked this ^_^ Thank you so very much for the request.If there are any errors grammatical or otherwise do let me know. 

Laying on the bed you shared with your long-term boyfriend Yoongi you stared up at the ceiling as a frown settled on your face. You could hear the thump of a beat thudding through the walls from his home studio. For the past three weeks, Yoongi had been the most distant you’d ever seen him. Sure, when he had lots going on with the boys or pressure to finish a song on time he’d end up being a tad distant – but never for this long and he certainly never ignored you, which he’d been doing quite frequently within the past few days.

Sighing you sat up and rubbed your face with your hands. You loved him, you really did. You loved him more than anything but sometimes he was just so damn hard to read and he wasn’t exactly the most vocal of people. In the beginning, you had gone back through your memory to see if there was anything you had done that could have prompted this mood shift for your boyfriend. Going back weeks and periodically sorting through moments you’d spent together you found nothing. There was nothing you had done, that you could remember, that could have possibly upset him.

You shook your head and stood up, heading for the kitchen. You figured he still had to eat and knowing him he probably hadn’t moved from his spot all day. Your gaze lingered on the door to his studio longer than you would have liked as you slipped into the kitchen pulling out all the ingredients needed to make Jajangmyeon, also pulling out the necessary utensils. Stomach growling, soft beats thudding, and the sound of the griddle sizzling along with your slow humming were the only things to be heard in your small apartment.

The apartment had been one you had bought when you graduated from university, despite a number of possessions in it having grown over time, it was still your modest and quiet little home. Yoongi had moved in a while ago, just after you marked your 4 and half year anniversary. The edges of your mouth tugged up as you remembered your first night together in the apartment followed by countless other great memories. The boys sometimes came over too, the younger ones Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook always creating small messes and then moving onto the next thing that piqued their interest, leaving you, Jin, and Hoseok to clear up. Yoongi and Namjoon would always be too busy mucking about or having tiny rap battles to notice that you needed help.

The food crackled in the pan, bringing you out of your little reverie and you cursed as it spits some sauce at you, narrowly missing your face.

“Aish” you grumbled, pulling the pan off the griddle and scrapping half of the food into your bowl and the other half into a bowl for Yoongi.

Licking your fingers clean of extra sauce you picked up some veg and began chopping, soon sprinkling the greens over the two bowls and picking up the bowls themselves, making your way to Yoongi’s studio with a hopeful expression on your face.

Opening the door with your elbow you slipped inside the home studio Yoongi had made out of one of the spare rooms. You carefully placed his bowl on his desk in front of him, not even remotely breaking him out of his concentrated stare, focused on his computer. Placing your own bowl on the small glass table near the back of the room you tapped on Yoongi’s shoulder, a small smile gracing your lips.

“Yoon, I made us some Jajangmyeon, you really should eat something” you spoke softly, your hands slowly rubbing his shoulders.

Yoongi let out a small grunt and shrugged your hands off his shoulders, his gaze still focused on his work. Swallowing the growing lump in your throat you nodded ever so slightly and left, picking up your bowl on the way out. Upon closing the studio door, a sob left your mouth as you took deep breaths, attempting to keep any tears at bay. Slowly padding back into the kitchen, you set down your bowl just as your walls crumbled. You slid to the floor, back against the kitchen cabinet as sobs racked your small frame. You couldn’t keep it in any longer and let out a cry, heaving as your mind dreamt up scenarios you’d been trying to ignore. Maybe he was cheating? Perhaps he’d just fallen out of love? Was he even really in love with you to begin with?

Somewhere along the way, you managed to quiet your mind and stop crying, dabbing at your red and swollen eyes with a tissue curled upon the sofa whilst some drama played softly in the background. Hearing the sound of Yoongi’s studio door opening you clenched your fists, knowing you’d have to confront him at some point. That some point would be today. Speaking your mind had to be the best option, surely. You could hear your boyfriend slowly making his way over to the sofa and when he sat down he didn’t even look at you, just reached for the tv remote with a bored expression etched into his face.

“I was thinking we could go on a little trip with the boys at some point? If you could get Bang PD-nim’s approval of course” you said quietly, your voice slightly hoarse from crying.

No response, not even a sigh. Just silence.

“We could go camping or something… Or maybe swimming?” you tried again

Nothing. That was it, that was the breaking point. You stood up abruptly, seeing red.

“Min fucking Yoongi! Look at me when I am speaking to you!!” your voice came out as more of a cry than you had planned.

The dark-haired man looked up at you with a shocked expression.

“You have been distant with me for the past three fucking weeks! You have ignored me and you have completely disregarded everything I’ve done, whether it be for you or in general, and I’m sick of it!” you shouted, your body shaking slightly in anger

Yoongi looked confused for a moment, before his expression changed to one of irritation, “Where the hell is this coming from!? You know I have shit to do! Sorry that unlike you, we can’t all just sit around and watch dramas all day!!” he shouted back at you, infuriating you further

“Where’s this coming from? You have the nerve to ask me that? Yeah, I know you’ve got shit to do but you don’t usually ignore me and everything I do for three fucking weeks Yoongi!” you pushed back, rage dripping from your words like venom

“You want attention is that it?! Well here, you have my full fucking undivided attention right now!!” Yoongi spat

You scoffed and shook your head, bemused by his snarky attitude. “It’s not about attention!! It…It’s not about attention…” the last of your words were no longer filled with anger but dejection.

You shook your head once more, tears now spilling from your eyes again “It’s not about attention Yoongi…Christ…It’s about feeling alone, it’s about not knowing whether you even love me anymore. Whether you even loved me to begin with. I know you have lots to do. Good god, I know more than anyone, but three weeks Yoongi? Three whole weeks with you ignoring me, never once even sparing me a glance.” You let everything out, tears trailing down your cheeks as you moved to retire for the night.

You walked past him watching as his face changed from irritation and anger to sorrow in an instant. Sniffing you made your way to the bedroom, sleep now the only thing on your mind, too tired to deal with any of this anymore. Changing into your pyjamas that consisted of a pair of Yoongi’s boxers and one of his large t-shirts you slipped into bed inhaling his soft scent as more tears threatened to fall.

You had only been in bed for about twenty minutes before you heard the door of the bedroom open and listened to Yoongi enter the room and get dressed. You felt the bed dip as he got in quietly, you could hear him sigh as he wrapped his hands around your waist, resting his head in the crook of your neck.

“I’m sorry,” he said softly “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant and I’m so so sorry I’ve been ignoring you.”

You couldn’t help but scoff lightly “Sorry doesn’t exactly cut it Min.”

You heard him sigh and curl into your body a little “I know, god I know. I’m so stupid sometimes. I just get caught up trying to make perfection with my work, that I forget that I already have perfection right here.” He chuckles

You sniff and turn around in his arms, resting your forehead against his “You really are something Yoongi.” You laugh quietly “You just made me feel like I was just a bother. I felt like you had fallen out of love with me.”

Yoongi presses a soft kiss to your nose, making you chuckle “Never.”

You curl into your boyfriend’s arms, the lump in your throat swallowed, tears on your face now fully dried.

“I really am sorry jagiya” he whispered, leaving small kisses on your head.

“I know, I forgive you” you whispered back, eyelids becoming heavy as you lay wrapped in Yoongi’s warmth. Maybe speaking your mind was best after all.

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Day 1 // Types of Kisses

Happy SoMa Week to everyone!

Unfortunately my contributions will be delayed for a day (or a few days depending on my busy life sched and motivation). But as you can all see, I will be animating for this year’s SoMa Week! (which will take more time omg)

To help a lil Mak out, 1 like and/or reblog = 1 encouragement for Mak!!! I don’t want to stress out on this week, so if you guys want to see more animation from me for this week, please send out your support!

Nonetheless, hope you all enjoy the rest of the week, and have a lovely time!! I’ve seen a lot of art and fics and I will reblog some of them soon after I’ve finished my works.

For now, have all the SoMa kisses w/ some of their cool outfits <3 Tag your fave kiss!

BTS Reaction to you coming home crying after failing your exam

BTS Reaction to you coming home crying after failing an exam

Genre; Angst (???) & Fluff (???)

Authors Notes; Thank you so much for the ask ^_^ Hope you liked it!!


Jin; This caring little bean would instantly be rushing to your side to ask what was wrong. He’d sit with you until you stopped crying, supplied with tissues, hugs, and many kisses. Once you had finally told him the reason you were crying was because you failed an exam he’d sit with you and comfort you until you wanted to get up. He’d then make you your favourite food and go over study tips with you whilst watching a drama.favourite food and go over study tips with you whilst watching a drama.

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Suga; At first, he would be a little overwhelmed by you storming in, crying your eyes out but after a few seconds his protective side would kick in and he’d be asking you who made you cry, telling you that he’d find whoever it was and remove them from the planet. His words, although they would make you giggle a little, wouldn’t do anything to stop you from crying. Yoongi would become a soft bean around you whenever you cried – hating to see you so upset. Once he’d managed to get you to calm down and tell him what’s wrong, Yoongi would sit and go over your course study material, explaining things you didn’t understand.hating to see you so upset. Once he’d managed to get you to calm down and tell him what’s wrong, Yoongi would sit and go over your course study material, explaining things you didn’t understand.

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J-Hope; He would practically flock to you with tissues, hugs, kisses, and before you even closed the door he would have ordered your favourite take out. He’d practically scoop you up and cuddle you until you fell asleep, constantly telling you; “It’s okay Jagi, it’s okay”. Lil hobi would absolutely favourite take out. He’d practically scoop you up and cuddle you until you fell asleep, constantly telling you; “It’s okay Jagi, it’s okay”. Lil hobi would absolutely make sure that you got to re-do your exam. Whatever it took. He’d even kill a man. Okay maybe not because y’all know Hobi is literal sunshine and couldn’t kill a man if he tried, but you get my point. 😊

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Rap Monster; Namjoonie would probably be very logical about the whole situation. When you came home crying he would be startled and confused for a moment like Yoongi but then he would sit with you and logically go through every detail of the exam. Joonie would be really good in that he would be able to help you create a very solid revision and study plan. He’d colour coordinate everything with you and help you understand things you previously didn’t. Although he’d be very logical about it, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t comfort you, soft Namjoon would come out and he’d make you both hot chocolate with little marshmallows (might also set the kitchen on fire in the process though)

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Jimin; Get ready for squishy Chim because he’s coming out and he’s here to stay. Chim chim would legit pick you up as soon as you came in the door and take you to the bedroom (not for that tho lol 😉 ) He would swaddle you up in blankets and the duvet with him and he’d cuddle you until you stopped crying. When you told him you’d failed your exam he would kiss you all over your face and whisper encouraging things into your ear until you felt better. Literally would not leave your side.

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V; Tae tae would try to make you laugh so you would stop crying. Pulling a variety of derp faces, jump about, perform silly songs and dance (pulling you into it all). By the time he’d finished making you laugh he’d sit down with you, pulling you into his lap and ask what was wrong. When you said you’d failed your exam he’d become your personal hypeman, raving about “What nonsense! We’ll get them to remark it! Or you can redo it!! My jagiya is a genius so they must have it wrong!” making you laugh even more 😊

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Jungkook; Smol bun wouldn’t know what to do at first. He’d probs make some joke in poor taste, making your cry even more but once he realised that wasn’t the right thing to say and that you were seriously upset by this, he would comfort you as much as he could, he’d curl around you in a loving hug and wouldn’t let you leave from his embrace until you felt better. Later on he’d make ramen or get takeout and watch dorky movies with you, making sure you were okay in the end.

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Day 6 // Feisty

( Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3 // Day 4 // Day 5 )

Pokemon AU ! (last 2 animations taken from Episode 21 of Season 8: “Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut”)

I’ve literally been trying to get this AU out there for 2 years and now I can safely say I have a legit PKMN AU now :) Maka is May and Soul is Drew (Black Star would be Ash and Tsubaki is Misty for some reason). Other characters are still in progress. I’m not sure if i should art more of this, but if anyone’s interested, I’m open for art requests and suggestions on this AU (and all other AUs i’ve had this week) ^^

i dont really know how to make this prompt work, just please have soul&maka bickering as usual

oh and bonus gif:

Nothing Without You {Part One}

Title; Nothing Without you {Part One}

Genre; Angst to Fluff (Just angst in this part)

Type; Scenario (With fake texts at points)

Group/Member; BTS – Suga (Yoongi)

Summary; After helping Suran with her debut single, Yoongi gets closer to her. You, his best friend and an aspiring rapper can only watch from the sidelines as he begins to neglect you and grow closer to Suran. You eventually go on with your life and try to act normal, no longer going to his or seeing him at BigHit studios. Yoongi notices your absence and notices that he misses you and that he is nothing without you.side-lines as he begins to neglect you and grow closer to Suran. 

- Chunks in italics are flashbacks

Request; ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Words; 1069

Authors Notes; Heya! Hope you liked this!! I wrote for both of these requests as they were very similar, I also wasn’t too sure whether you wanted Yoongi & the reader to be dating or to be best friends but I ended up making them best friends because I felt it worked better (I hope you don’t mind) I have also decided to make this into a three-part piece; part one scenario, part two fake texts, part three scenario with fluff ending. Enjoy!! 😊

You had always rejected the cliché of falling for your best friend. Until it actually happened. You weren’t too sure when exactly you developed feelings for Yoongi but when it happened you knew you were royally fucked. Becoming friends with him had happened almost instantly, going from a shy and awkward first meeting to a friendship built on insults and a mutual distaste for people within just a few short weeks. At first, you refused to acknowledge your budding feelings for your best friend but after a while, it became more and more difficult to do so, the feelings began popping up at inopportune moments wreaking havoc on your daily life. Yoongi would post a picture of himself on his and the boys Twitter and instead of texting him and telling him he looked ugly you found yourself blushing and wishing he’d look at you the same way he looked at the camera.

You knew he would never be able to return your feelings, he saw you as a friend and that’s it…

The music thumped through the large room and you could feel it reverberating in your chest. BigHit had thrown a company party to celebrate BTS’s Wings album and all of their latest achievements, and you – of all people – had been invited, like a sort of … plus one. You felt a hand slap itself down onto your shoulder and turned to see a very drunk Yoongi with a clear plastic cup in his hand and a smile on his lips.

“Heyyyy!!! Where have you been? You should mingle ya know… Could get to talking about you becoming a rapper” He slurred in your ear, momentarily lifting his cup and nodding at someone across the room.

“Yoongi” You started, taking the cup from his hand and his hand from your shoulder, “You know I’m not good at starting conversations with people I don’t know… And besides, I am a rapper. Just, an unsigned rapper.” You chuckled

Yoongi swayed to the music that was flooding the room and lost his footing slightly, letting out a small yelp as he almost fell. You moved to support your friend, putting his arm around your shoulder and making your way towards the door.

“I think you should call it a night Yoon, come on – I’ll walk you back to yours” You let out a slight grunt as you practically dragged him out the door, saying a quick goodbye to Namjoon and Jin as you left.

You walked Yoongi back to his house, helping him open the door and situating him on the sofa.

He gave you a gummy smile “Ahhh…You’re such a good friend you know that??”

There was that word. Friend, all he saw you as and all you should see him as.

“I just made sure you didn’t pass out in an alleyway and got home safely Yoongi” You laughed lightly, ignoring the way your chest tightened at his words.

You ruffled his hair and chuckled at the way he scrunched up his nose and grumbled at your action. Moving towards his door you said a quick goodnight and left, your heart still heavy from that one, stupid word…

So no, Yoongi would never be able to return your feelings because he was…well, he was Min freaking Yoongi, and somehow you managed to score a friendship with him - you weren’t going to push it. It didn’t matter anyway as in the past, you hadn’t exactly had the best of relationships and experiences with feelings. All the relationships you had been in felt rushed and somehow your partner had always managed to make you feel like shit throughout the entirety of your relationship, and when anytime you were single your feelings for someone were never reciprocated. They made that perfectly clear.

Even if Yoongi had ever had feelings of any kind towards you, they were most likely gone by now. Ever since his mixtape and production of Surans debut single, the two had been getting closer and closer and you wouldn’t mind that if it didn’t seem like he was falling for her. You sighed as you remembered the countless times he’d blown you off to hang out with her recently. There were always the “we’ll do it next time, yeah?” promises that he then broke the very next day. He’d been neglecting you for weeks upon weeks now and you’d finally grown to accept it, no longer texting or calling him, no more impromptu visits at BigHit. You’d given up trying to contact him and just continued with your life, your job, and your underground rapping. Eventually, you managed to even stop thinking about Yoongi every second of the day, concentrating on yourself and even going on a few blind dates with people your sister had set you up with. None of whom compared to Yoongi, obviously, but you had to try, right?

Slamming the door to your apartment you chucked your stuff onto the sofa and slipped off your boots. It’d been almost two months since you decided to leave Yoongi to it and you could honestly say it’d been rather rough but you’d made it this long. A sigh escaped your lips as you rub your face with your hands, your job taking its toll on both your mind and body. Making your way to the kitchen you take some ramen out and begin cooking it, not really in the mood to make anything remotely healthy. You yawned slightly, taking your now completely cooked bowl of ramen and carton of banana milk to the living room, groaning as the tv displayed nothing of interest.

A loud “ping!” sounded from your phone and you ignored it, slurping up ramen whilst watching some period drama on the tv in front of you. Once you had finished your ramen, you placed the bowl onto the small table just in front of you and sighed. Your phone had sounded exactly 7 “pings!” since the first and you really wanted to check your phone but you knew it wouldn’t be who you wanted it to be. It never was anymore. Throwing your head back and huffing you picked up your phone from beside you and checked the notification;

8 messages – Yoongles 😎

Your heart stopped for a moment. Well, how about that… With a slightly shaky hand, you moved to unlock your phone, the message app opening before you…

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Hey guys, I drew a cute lil Peter Quill because I’ve always wanted to see him wear a black shirt 😋

(and i worked all day on this and i’m really proud of it especially bc that’s the first time i’ve drawn facial hair and i think it turned out pretty good?? anyway i worked really hard so please give me love)

[and for the love of fuck pls dont steal my shitty art ok]