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GET WELL SOON YIKES. Uh, bringing up the hands to cup the other person’s face while kissing with Lin?

It wasn’t the first time you had kissed.

You kissed nearly every night. Scripted, of course, by the feeling of his lips on yours still happened.

And you think you were getting used to it. It was just a few seconds, it was scripted, and if you weren’t doing it, someone else was. So you pretended not to notice how your hands would shake as you exited stage right. You wouldn’t have to be on stage again for another few songs, and it gave you enough time to silently collect your wits.

You hated how Lin didn’t seem as shaken as you pretended not to feel, simply wiping whatever lipstick had transferred from your mouth to his and continuing the show.

The full crowd helped, a sea of strangers shifting uncomfortably as you made out with your boss kept you grounded, so the full force of kissing him never truly hit you.

One night, however, Lin decided to experiment with some new choices. Performing in the same show often saw changes on the day to day, and Lin was the King of dabbling in new choices. But this was a scene you hadn’t touched since initial blocking.

“Then her mouth is on mine and I don’t say…”

You crossed the stage as you normally did, striding towards him. His hands, which normally gripped your waist like his life depended on it, instead found home cupping either of your cheeks, tilting your head ever so slightly.

You nearly collapsed at the change. It was intimate and personal, and if you didn’t know any better you’d think that he loved you just as much as you loved him. So you took fistfuls of his coat as you used every drama lesson you took to play like your knees weren’t falling from underneath you.

He pulled back with a look that had you desperate for more, but instead you hustled offstage. You would have to face him again in under a minute, and this time you couldn’t stop your hands from trembling.

As you fell to your knees in front of him he seemed almost...accomplished. Like he truly knew his affect on you and had been planning the unsubtle change just to see the look on your face as it happened.

You didn’t speak about the kiss and Tommy passed over the scene entirely when you received notes the next night.

That’s how Lin would kiss you from now on, and despite being shaken to your core eight nights a week, you never argued.

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so i was talking to @captain-kitt and they came up with the cutest headcannon kJHGFGHJK w hAT IF KARASUNO ALREADY WENT WITHOUT OIKAWA HAVING THE CHANCE TO THROW PETTY COMMENTS AT THEM


Listen I don’t care what the Boruto manga says Naruto is everyones dad and he’s super invested. Shows up to all the academy PTA meetings. Sits in the front row to cheer on Inojin at the spelling bee. Has tea parties with Himawari and her stuffed animals. Hosts Sarada’s favorite book club every thursday night. Oh Shikadai fucked up? Shikamaru, Temari, and Naruto are very disappointed. 

smh + self care

bitty: self care is playing with cornstarch/water mixtures, drawing designs on the counters with flour, and just being in a sunny kitchen with no expectations to feed to anyone. 

jack: self care is pushing yourself in the weight room but knowing how to listen to your body. it’s lying on the floor, boneless and panting, but thrumming with endorphins and success.

shitty: self care is sitting naked in your room, your homework finished, and massaging a mixture of eggs and coconut oil into your hair. 

lardo: self care is using the expensive, high quality paints you can never justify opening to make something self-indulgent that no one else will ever see. 

ransom: self care is sitting in a room full of friends and family, eating your favourite dishes and listening to the gossip around you and forgetting all about the uncertain future as you laugh along.

holster: self care is singing your favourite songs in the shower until your throat gets sore. it’s coming up with harmonies and different arrangements until the song is nearly unrecognizable, until it’s yours.  

nursey: self care is crying in a dark room, with no one around to hear you. when you stop, you don’t remember why you were crying in the first place, but you know you feel better.

dex: self care is taking up boxing to turn your anger into something constructive.

chowder: self care is wrapping yourself up in the softest sweater you own and spending a night being very quiet. 

okay so this is the piece I commissioned for @lady-vault-dweller. So much fun, so much heartbreak. It’s supposed to represent Feyre and Rhys’ journey as a relationship, and the way Rhys was so unconditionally supportive.


yall know this meme

i was rly nervous about posting my art on tumblr but in light of recent events i thought we could use some positivity in the tags

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to armys worried about bts going to the bbas:

no matter what happens and what hate, disrespect, and racism comes their way (which, lots will), they’re not walking alone. they’ve got us. they’ve dealt with hate since day one but the difference between then and now is the literal millions of people behind them. as you can tell by the voting we’ve obviously got a strong online presence that we gotta use to cheer them on and shape the narrative in their favor. bangtan defends army, army defends bangtan. they’ve talked about this plenty of times and have always given us overwhelming love and thanks. they trust and rely on us. we’re the reason they don’t have to worry and can focus on growing bigger and better. this is the time to show that and show how no hate can slow them down or dampen their shine even a little. we’ve easily got the numbers to call out any bullshit ignorant western critics wanna throw at them. tho please be careful because how we behave reflects on them and we want to make the boys proud so dont be an asshole, dont be petty or disrespectful, but dont stand for bullshit. lets earn the thanks they will no doubt give us win or lose.

lets be real yall, more fame and attention in america and the west does expose them more hate. gross racists are going to call them chinese, make north korea jokes, make fun of their english, reference asian stereotypes. misogynistic assholes are going to ridicule them for defying gender roles, for putting effort into their appearances, for having a largely young girl fan base. ignorant fucks will try to devalue and dehumanize them by treating them like a “cute little boy band” but none of that shit is gonna stop them from being mother. fucking. bangtan. sonyeondan. the internationally acclaimed, world tour selling out, record breaking, amazingly strong and hard working group that we love. and this is just the beginning cause they’re only going up from here.

at the end of the day the boys are gonna be true to themselves and we’re gonna be there supporting them. let’s make them bulletproof.

Oh hey. Didn’t see you there. It’s your best friend. Tereby Pipes. BAck at it again. Recording live from,, Paradise, So, Uh, I don’t really remember when. Or how I got here. I was a little disraaacted. Here is a picture of me being distracted while a universe was Birthing in front of me. Anyway, I’ve seen better, so, a qwuickupdate, fr the fans. n th folowers. The deceased friends and family. Uhm. Still sad. I’m workin on it. Turns out, Can Land does NOT have Prozac. I’m still waiting for my girl, FVASKA, to come back from the war… I’m hangin out with my friends: Stick, Tree?, and Dirt. Turns out my incapability to express genuine emotions aLIENAted everybody who was dear to meLETS TALK ROMANCE!!!!!!!!! So, I heard through the grapevine, and also by living with them for about three years, that,, CANYON, and, ROSS, stand next to each other. Under trees. karat an d eh,,,,,, Dont really stand next to each other. I havent seen them stand next to each other in a l- in EIGHTEEN MINUTESFFF HAAA anyway this concludes my lets play of SGRUB. All in all 7/10 game. All my friends died. 7/10 MAKE SURE TO LIKE COMMENT AND SUBSC