dont stand in

Both @ordinary-runner and @nikigettingfit tagged me to do this, so thank you ladies. This was pretty hard to do.

One insecurity: My belly. I like my arms and legs but my belly is still pretty big. 

Two fears: Losing contact with people I care about and falling in public and people laughing at me for it.

Three turn-ons: eyes, brown hair and a great smile

Four life goals:
- visiting Japan

-Going to Oktoberfest in Germany

-Competing in an obstaclecourse. I dont care if I end last place

-Going snowboarding/skiing 

Five things I like:
-Watching my fish swim

-working on my (koi)pond.

-Learning about waterfiltration

-kickbiking in the woods.

-Relaxing on a beach

Six weaknesses:
- Soda
- I often dont get enough sleep
- I dont always stand up for myself
- I need to listen to my body
- Trusting my leg and getting too confident about my strength
- I sometimes want to help people, even if they dont deserve my help

Seven things I love :
- seeing my body change

-making people laugh

-a strange dog that wants to be pet by me.

-discovering new talents I can do .

-I love making soups

-I love proving people wrong.

-I love it when people compliment me.

so i was talking to @captain-kitt and they came up with the cutest headcannon kJHGFGHJK w hAT IF KARASUNO ALREADY WENT WITHOUT OIKAWA HAVING THE CHANCE TO THROW PETTY COMMENTS AT THEM



I know what’s said about me behind my back. Whispers of infidelities. My husband’s heard them. And I suspect, given the look on your face, you’ve heard them, too. Thomas and I are not bothered by them. The only question that remains is… are you?

  • Person: Oh so you know that Harry Styles gu-
  • Me: Harry Styles? Like my son Harry Styles? The Harry Styles that grew up in Holmes Chapel and worked in a bakery? The Harry Styles who at just 16 auditioned for the X Factor and joined one of the most successful boy bands of all time? The Harry Styles who's in Christopher Nolan's wartime movie "Dunkirk"? The Harry Styles who, despite all his successes and accomplishments has continued to have a heart of gold, while pushing what it means to be a male through his fashion, personality and style, in the most artistic way that one has ever seen????
  • Person: ...
  • Me: Nope. Never heard of him why?

Honestly though Riza he’s got a point >w<

I’m so sorry @theishvalanalchemist your text post deserved a much better comic ;_;

life’s too short to pretend you hate everything/everyone bc it’s the cool thing to do

My RWBY Secret Santa gift for Reba (floralninjachan)!!! Here’s some silly Lancaster for you!

I hope you’ve had a fun and festive week! Happy Holidays :D