dont smoke smoking is bad

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Hmm hmm how about some of the cast of part 2 or 3.. as children on a playground?

(i cheated for the background but i hope you still like it)

someone needs to give these kids a lesson on playground safety

(original image)


3 2 1 Let’s Jam!

Klance x Cowboy Bebop

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Are there any Yu-Gi-Oh ships that you really like or have fun drawing? Could you name three that you probably like?

 God I’m a  Ygo multishipper so this is a very hard question for me! haha 

Here are some ships I enjoy drawing a lot tho~!

”To know what it’s like
to love somebody
the way I love you
To know how it feels
to kill yourself
with bad habits
To know what you want,
know you’ll never
truly have it” 

// New York City - The Chainsmokers 

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what do you think about elita smoking? would you ever try it? have you tried it?

“I do not approve of it, but I cannot stop her, especially now.”

It had been so long since she had last reverted to the old habit. He hadn’t even known she still secretly keeping the cygars hidden.

“As for myself? No. To both inquiries.”

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Can you draw one of the clothing edits from sucoolioclothes? I'd really like to see your rendition. :)

An edit? Not really my thing but here’s an attempt 

She’s too cool for school, Just look at her smoking 

I’m just going to leave this other edit here.

I’m just going to keep adding to this post till I’m done with this

>20 bad pearls later and I’m still having fun with these edits