dont smoke smoking is bad


yall like ….. spooky dads???????

i just had to get this out of my system

hes basically constantly rotting/regenerating cause his body is kind of trying to eat itself to keep itself alive idk.

if he focuses on it real good and kind of idk meditates in a way he can get the regeneration part to take over a little more and look somewhat more human but baseline is kinda half and half :Ua So basically he’s gotta Force himself to Look Human so is probably only doing it to not freak ppl out and not because he’s having a “good day” (metaphor what metaphor)

(also maybe he can feed off other people to tip the balance but HE KIND OF TRIES NOT TO DO THAT!)

if he gets real emotional he just. Cloud.

this is enabling my favorite headcanon for Reaper which is: faceless smoke in a hoodie, probably some teeth

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Hmm hmm how about some of the cast of part 2 or 3.. as children on a playground?

(i cheated for the background but i hope you still like it)

someone needs to give these kids a lesson on playground safety

(original image)


3 2 1 Let’s Jam!

Klance x Cowboy Bebop

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Are there any Yu-Gi-Oh ships that you really like or have fun drawing? Could you name three that you probably like?

 God I’m a  Ygo multishipper so this is a very hard question for me! haha 

Here are some ships I enjoy drawing a lot tho~!

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Okay but wait! going back to the lil dragon thing, how would 2p France react if he was just chilling on the couch smoking a cigarette and the lil dragon hopped onto the couch next to him, and after watching for a little bit, the dragon started puffing out smoke every time 2p France did? Like, every time 2p France puffs out some smoke from his cigarette, the lil dragon mimics him?

Awww! That is actually really cute! -Admin Jay

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“Are you…smoking like me? Do you think this will make me like you?…”
Francois eyed the dragon down as it sat on his couch and rolled his eyes as he smoked. It wasn’t cute. It wasn’t…okay, it was kinda cute. The little dragon just sitting there watching him with those big eyes… He couldn’t control it nor will he ever admit to the small chuckle that slipped between his lips with the smoke as he watched the dragon slowly puff out smoke too.
“Doubt you wanna try it…but if you’re willing…”
In a show of Francois style friendship, he would lower his cigarette from his lips and hold it before the dragon and let it do…well whatever it is dragon’s do. Regardless, the little flying fire breathing lizard would wiggle a way into Francois’ heart after a while and earn a place to stay at his house. Though he would avidly deny caring about the dragon to anyone, especially Oliver, who asked. 


He’s an old friend. I should count myself lucky.    There aren’t many of ‘em left these days. 
   Girlfriends, the odd boyfriend…                They all have a nasty habit of walking out on me.
        A couple of weeks and they’ve had enough.
                         The mystique gets shabby, the jokes turn into digs, the sex goes stale.
                                                        You’re lovable man of mystery turns into bloke next door.
I’m hopeless when it comes to finishing relationships. Always have been.
     They usually end in showdown, or a bedroom scene, or an argument at the bag of a taxi.
                         And they throw up their arms, or give me the v,
                                                         and bugger off without so much as a by your leave.

You better beware of this loser tbh

Inspired from this art project. Not gonna lie I saw the ‘John’ one and thought i had to draw this :’) Some notes inspired from Hellblazer(etc.) and some from the notes in the project~