dont shoplift


The more you lift and go on HUGE ASS HAULS, the more you make it UNSAFE for other lifters. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, there are people out there that might be in NEED of certain things that they can’t afford or provide to their family!! These huge hauls with 10+ makeup palettes and over the top purses and multiple things you DONT NEED! Yes shoplifting is illegal and hey, grab what you can WHEN you can, but it’s also
A way for people to make a living and boost things they get. I’m just saying, with all us lifters out here (and we don’t even know how many) there are going to be MAJOR consequences!!! More LP in stores now, and if they didn’t have them they do NOW. More plainclothes LP, more tags, more security. MORE WAYS TO GET CAUGHT. If we ALL cut back just a little at a time, it will make a HUGE difference and stores won’t be as prone to prevent lifting, if they don’t notice it even happening. I want us all to be safe and I was the community to work together at doing this, because it’s for US.

I stole expensive makeup one time and it was a becca highlighter and I swear I have dropped and broken that thing three fucking times and that just proves that you get what you deserve, dont shoplift kids its stupid

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts about stealing, or shoplifting? Because my friends do it so much it's like an addiction to them. I mean I steal too, but not as hardcore as them.

The way you’ve worded this ask makes it obvious you’re not talking about struggling people stealing necessities, like food, which is an entirely different issue of class and poverty. The way you’ve worded this makes it sound like you and your friends do it for fun, like a hobby, and that makes me mad.

Stealing is awful and you need to stop. If you’re so against capitalism and consumerist culture then just don’t go shopping, don’t visit the stores, don’t give them your patronage, speak out about why this wasteful culture is bad and which brands are not giving back to the people. Just stop shopping.

You know who suffers when you shoplift? It’s not the CEOs. It’s the retail staff who are working long hours, late nights, weekends and holidays, under harsh fluorescent lights, on their tired feet, with forced smiles and polite manners in the face of rude customers. People who are just trying to earn a living and aren’t getting paid enough for it. They’re the ones who have to explain to their bosses why stock is missing at inventory. They’re the ones who have to explain how they missed entitled little shits like you taking the stock without paying for it. Depending on the business, they’re the ones who get reprimanded for your behaviour and who, maybe, if it’s a small enough store, have to pay out of their own pocket and with their own time to make up for the things you stole.

So you can’t pretend that shoplifting is some punk rock ‘stick it to the man’ gesture, because it is very much not. If you think it’s cool, you’re wrong. Taking shit that you have done nothing to earn isn’t cool, it’s ridiculously childish.

If you think it doesn’t have consequences, you’re wrong. It has consequences for the local staff, and it could have consequences for you, too. If you’re caught, you’ll be arrested and charged. Do you really want that on your record?

If you desperately want the stuff you’re stealing, do some work and earn some cash to pay for it. Maybe in the process you’ll gain some appreciation for how gruelling retail work is and how frustrating it is to be stolen from.

And if you don’t actually want the stuff you’re stealing and you’re just doing it to be cool, then you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. Get some new friends and grow up.

So I ran into a post of a kid warning people not to shoplift when they’re nervous because she just did it and got caught and ?????? The moral of this story should be ‘don’t shoplift at all, period?’ I’m amazed that this even needs to be said?? I don’t know why this pro-shoplifting nonsense keeps getting passed around on Tumblr, but it seriously needs to stop.