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the thing about being a young woman is that they will take everything from you. and i mean everything. and they will make it about them. your makeup, your clothes, how much you eat. your attitude, your hairstyle, your gym routine. they will take your driving and your train stations and your video games. your sexuality as sexy, your gender identity as a fetish, your cooking. your tv shows and your high heels and every harmless thing. 

if they cannot eat it, if it does not satisfy them, it will be an immediate shame. they cannot control how much you put food into your body, so it is seen as disgusting. your love of starbucks is your vapid need, your comfortable boots are symbols of your inherent stupidity. your fake nails, your body’s natural cycles, the hair on you. bath bombs, pink, the low singing of women talking about depression. your crazy, your hyper, your laughter, your loud, your excited, your passions. the things which are yours, that do not belong to them, that cannot be taken and devoured like flower petals, cannot be sucked dry until the wilt forms in you. 

do not satisfy them. let them starve. let them shy from the sin of you, the unfettered sinfulness of loving taking up space.

an imp and her wolf

 dk if anyone already mentioned this, but this day 79 years ago, men who wanted to make Germany GREAT were destroying about 1400 shops, homes and worship places of people whose religion was said to be “bad”, and killed and raped more than 400 of them. Just because a fascist, racist, sexist egomaniac had brainwashed the masses into believing every little word he said. Nearly 8 decades later, a country which used to stand for freedom and independence, has voted a man their president who has just as much hate in his rotten soul. The masses are applauding for a man who makes events like the Night Of Broken Glass and killings of people for nothing but their heritage and religion scarily realistic again. Hitler would be proud. I can’t believe this is happening. 


Tony Goldwyn saying ‘Wow’ on Who Do You Think You Are [x] [per request]

A sigil for drivers to stay safe this holiday season (and always)
Originally intended for those delivering pizza, mail, etc. but can be for anyone.

Also, PSA: if people can stop shooting pizza delivery drivers, that would be great. I shouldn’t have to feel unsafe at my job. 

Please share for anyone else in this line of work. <3

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teach me wise master the art of dva

quick and simple guide to how to be a good dva:

1. SPRAY AND PRAY. your bullets do very little. so you need to ALWAYS be shooting. you dont have to reload, and all that happens is you slow down moving. rein has a shield up? constantly be firing. never stop shooting. get shields down. harass people from afar. people who are waiting at a choke who have to keep ducking/diving to stop taking damage can’t focus. always be firing.

2. YOUR DEFENCE MATRIX EATS ULTS. you can completely eat up projectile ults (hanzos dragons, meis blizzard, zaryas graviton) and in other ults (such as high noon, pharas justice) stand in front of them/block them with your body and hold down your defence matrix!! it’ll stop it from firing. you can save your entire team this way. if you feel like the enemy is saving ults, SAVE YOUR DEFENCE MATRIX. you need the full duration to eat most ults.

3. YOU CAN BOOP PEOPLE, JUST LIKE LUCIO. when you fly forward using your jets (i call it your bunny hop) you deal damage to the people you hit, and you can also push them back. TILT THE ENEMY TEAM. shove them off bridges, ledges, shove them off highground, make their day HELL. HARASS THEM!!

4. you do not need a zarya, mei or rein to get a good ult off. it’s good to have a graviton, a blizzard or a hammer down.. but it’s not 100% needed. you can still get 3-4 kills if you choose where you ult right. go onto practise maps with bots. experiment where to throw your ult. the bridges in lijang tower, for example, are GREAT. 

4.5. A STATIONARY ULT WITHOUT A ZARYA, MEI OR REIN IS USUALLY BAD. which is the only thing i’ll say abt it. if you don’t have one of them, FLY UP, ULT, and let your mecha fall back down. people won’t see it and won’t know where to run. it panics them. 

5. make sure you have the ‘is this easy mode?’ voice line equipped. you will win games.