dont shonda


Truth is, I was glad you were there. You were a good mistress, probably a great one… you know what I mean. || I was happy you were around, too. With you around I had an out. You were my out, Mellie.

Watching HTGAWM S.2 E.1 (spoilers)
  • HTGAWM: *strange woman comes into Annalise's house*
  • Me: Wtf? Oooh the lawyer, right
  • HTGAWM: *strange woman acts strange around Annalise*
  • Me: Could it be...? Nah...
  • HTGAWM: *strange woman kisses Annalise and Annalise kisses back*
  • Me: Pffft, I knew it. It was so obvious.
  • (Mom: (someone please smh) Ew no, skip that it's gross
  • Me: ._. -_-)
  • HTGAWM: *Connor moves in with Oliver*
  • Me: OH YAS. FINALLY!! *fangirl attack in front of mother who, as long as they're dudes, doesn't seem to mind*
  • HTGAWM: It was bonnie.
  • Me: W H A T ?!?!?!?!
  • HTGAWM: *shotgun* *Wes running out of the house* *Annalise bleeding* *credits*
  • HTGAWM: *Coming up next week...*
  • Me: *closes laptop violently* NO. NONONONONONONONONO. NO.
  • Me: .....
  • Me: *opens laptop again to post this on tumblr*

wow i knew that callie could grow cartilage but i didn’t think she could grow whole legs?? who knew??