dont ship them but this moment was intense

anonymous asked:

gosh , i dont wanna sound like a crazy shipper but is it just me or is jikook crazy alive recently , like i have a boyfriend and when hes tryna get me to do something , he always stares me down adorably , jikook yesterday just reminded me of him , i dont even ship them that hard but they are totally giving me boyfriend vibes , i also got really uncomfortable while watching the stare down on vlive , it felt like i was intruding , whats ur opinion on jikook recently kay ??

The vlive stare? Ha ha. Well it’s a moment between boyfriends but it wasn’t that intense to me? I took it more like Jimin was giving Jungkook the ‘listen here you adorable piece of shit’ look.
Everything else is really boyfriend ha ha. And it’s cute we are getting so many more moments cause adorable.