dont send me hate pls

Um.. I got something to say in regards to the type of hashtag relatable posts I keep seeing.
The ones in which the basic message seems to be: “lol I hate myself no one actually likes me lmao” in different formats.

You know you don’t have to feel like that, right? That thinking no one gives a shit about you is not a personality trait that’s just a part of you? And that reblogging those posts will not make the situation change at all?
You deserve to feel ok with yourself. But just wallowing in the feeling won’t change anything. There are people who you can talk to and things that can make your self esteem better.
You don’t have to feel like that.

Anyone who writes Erwin Smith as abusive, toxic, cruel or, god forbid, a rapist to Levi just for the betterment of another ship not only doesn’t understand Erwin’s character at all (because it has been proven time and time again that he feels a ton of remorse for sending people to their deaths, and he practically thinks the world would be a better place with him among other things) but they also obviously have no grasp of Levi’s character, either. If someone really thinks that Levi would just take abuse lying down until someone else comes to save him, then they obviously have no understanding of a character that they claim to love so much. This isn’t about what you ship at all, this is about completely missing the mark when it comes to these two awesome characters. 

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