dont say anything if you dont know anything

OKAY BUT if someone previously identified as asexual, aromantic, etc., but they now identify as something else, it isn’t “proof that aces don’t exist” and you’re not a bad person for changing the label of your identity. 

Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S

andreil valentine’s day

it’s 1 am and i should be writing an essay but instead i wrote some valentine’s day andreil oops

  • it’s andrew and neil’s first valentine’s day together
  • they didn’t have anything planned or discussed it
    • neil hasn’t ever spent valentine’s day with anyone who meant as much to him as andrew has
    • and andrew could care less about valentine’s day
      • except for the excessive amounts of chocolate on sale the day after
  • the day before valentine’s one of the foxes (probably nicky tbh) comes up to neil and asks him about his plans for valentine’s
  • neil didn’t know that he was supposed to even plan anything for his whatever with andrew
  • cue nicky acting all scandalized
    • “what do you MEAN you don’t have anything planned ??? no plans AT ALL on the MOST ROMANTIC day of the year ???”
    • “why is it such a big deal it’s literally one day”
    • “WHY IS IT SUCH A BIG DEAL you break my heart neil. truly. do you hear that? that’s my heart breaking”
    • “no i dont hear–”
  • neil leaves nicky in the middle of the hallway pretend sobbing
  • later that day neil and andrew are on the roof (bc of course they’re on the roof where else would they be? interacting??? with people ??? lol)
  • neil brings it up
    • “are we doing anything for tomorrow?”
    • “what makes you think that”
    • “idk but nicky rendered one of my ears useless from screaming about needing to do something for valentine’s day”
    • “i don’t care about valentine’s day”
    • “ok but like do you wanna go somewhere or not”
    • “i don’t care”
    • “you’re so annoying andrew i literally ask one question”
  • the next day neil is in class and he gets a text from andrew
    • ‘come to the roof’ is all it says
    • ‘i’m in the middle of a lecture what do you want’
    • andrew doesn’t answer
  • so neil excuses himself from the class
    • “sorry im suddenly sick cough cough”
  • when he gets to the roof andrew is sitting there but there’s also a blanket and some food
  • and andrew is avoiding looking at him until he sits next to him on the blanket
    • “i thought we weren’t doing anything today”
    • “i changed my mind”
    • you changed your mind or did renee convince you to do this”
    • “shut up and eat your food”
  • they finish their food and sit there smoking until andrew suddenly says
    • “don’t think that this means anything”
    • “i don’t”
    • “because i still hate you”
    • “i know you do”
    • “but you’re tolerable”
    • “wow what a compliment i’m so honored andrew”
    • “and now i don’t tolerate you anymore shut the fuck up neil”

Lol I’m so mad. Don’t message me with ship hate. If you don’t like a ship I draw/ship I like blacklist it or unfollow me. I don’t need to be told how disgusting I am or how much you hate me.

yoonseok headcanons
  • yoonseok: have always been close friends but it never really became anything more until one day one of the members is like "you know you and hoseok act like a couple" and gi denies it but then he starts noticing things like he catches himself gazimg fondly at hoseok whenever hes telling a story or how his fingers burn to touch him when hes close by and how he can read his expressions and body cues so naturally and how he quietly spoils hoseok and hes like fuck we do act like a couple
  • and hobi is like ive always liked yoongi hyung bc hes so gentle with me but he let his feelings become general affection and even if it made him sad he didnt want gi to feel bad so he kept it to himself but he notices that yoongi is more touchy with him and the boys go on this haunted maze thing (taekook's idea)and yoongi goes with hoseok, he feels the butterflies when yoongi takes his hands in his bc he knows seok is a weenie but seok also sees yoongi's ears turned red due to blushing so he smiles and the soft affection simply grows stronger until everyone just kind of accepts that yoonseok are together without them having to say anything. they dont say anything bc they dont need to and just like how the grass is green and the earth is round are universal truths, yoonseok loving each other is also a universal truth

every time this guy that i like does something that i could interpret as potentially suggesting that he likes me, he then completely confuses me.. we spent literally more than an hour today kinda cuddling on a sofa while chatting and watching videos, but


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I've been having a pretty crappy day-soon-to-turn-week (job stuff), do you have anything that might make me feel better?

aw man i am so sorry to hear that! stay strong my friend, u can get through it! <3 i dont rlly know what to say im sorry,, i rlly rlly wish i could help out in some way! but alas i AM but a humble blog about awkward screencaps, so

im just gonna do what i do best ! (sorry i dont rlly have anything better to offer,, i can only hope all this silliness can cheer u up a lil bit!)

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A is best friends with B who is visibly depressed. B wants to ask for help, but doesn't want to feel like a burden. B is also in love with A, but is afraid to tell A. -based on a true story

Relatable.I drew most of these from my own personal experience. I figured the best way to match a true story is with more true stories? 

 Also, I am currently crying cause I spent like half an hour writing out prompts for this, and I was almost done when tumblr glitched and I lost the entire reply.  

Trigger warning for Depression and Anxiety.

1.A:”You know you can talk to me, right?”

B: “I know but.. I am just.. I am afraid of loosing you..”
A:”Why would I leave you?” 

B:”….lots of people leave when I get too personal…”
A: “I would never do that to you.” 

2. B: “Thank you..” 

A: “For what?” 

B: “For helping me. For staying with. For not questioning me or pushing me out of my comfort zone. For just being you. Just for everything. Thank you.” 

3.B: “Hey.. I dont want to bug you.. but could you maybe, talk to me for a little bit, just until I calm down.. Please?” 

A:”Of course, what do you want to talk about?” 

B:I… I dont know.. Everything? Anything.. I just need to hear your voice..” 

A:”Oh! Okay then. Do you want to hear about this weird dude that came into my work yesterday?” 

4. A:” You know I am here for you, Right? You dont have to tell me anything you dont want to, I dont want to push you or make you feel uncomfortable, but I am always here for you, no matter what you need, okay?” 

B:”I know.. Thank you..That means a lot to me..” 

5. B: “I hate to ask you of this.. but.. could you please watch me.. I dont.. I dont trust myself to be alone right now.. Just.. Make sure I dont do anything stupid, okay?” 

A: “Okay. Do you want to come over? No one’s home, we can have a movie marathon?” 

B: “You dont… dont have to do that, if you dont want to.. You can just text me or something…” 

A: “I know.. But I want to, I like when we hang out..” 


6. B: “Thank you..” 

A: “Why do you thank me so much?” 

B: “Because I mean it. I’ll probably never stop saying it: Thank you.” 

A: “Oh.. Well then.. I love you too.” 

I hope these work for you. If you need anything else, please feel free to contact me. 

Bts reaction to their underage friend drinking


Can I have a bts reaction to you drinking underage with a group of friends please

ahaha is this me? btw im making them only friends because i think its innapropriate for the to be in a relationship hope thats ok


Full mother mode activated. Jin would not be ok it and when he found out you had gone out drinking with your friends after telling him you was staying over at a friends to do some revision together.

“y/n youre too young! its bad for your health youll have lost a kidney by the time you turn 18 if you keep doing that!”

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i feel like suga wouldnt mind too much about the drinking. He would be more annoyed at the fact that you said you was sleeping over at a friends house when you went out to a local park all night to drink with some people, as he would be angry that you never told anyone where you was.

“ah y/n what if something happened? We wouldnt know where to find! if you ever go drinking please tell someone, tell me and any time you’re in danger or just want to go home call me and ill pick you up no matter what time ok. i just dont want anything to happen to you”

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Rap monster:

He would be fine with it depending on who you was drinking with and where you went. If it was you and a few of your close friends that Namjoon new or atleast new off he wouldnt see a problem but the moment you said you was going a house party or somewhere he did not know of he would not be happy. He looked at you like you was his little sister and wanted to protect you but also new you wanted to have fun sometimes and just be a teenager.

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You told jhope everything and when you told him about your sleepover with your friends where you all got very intoxicated i feel like Jhope would be ok with it. He would probably laugh at you “ah i remember when me and my friends did that. good times, of course i cant remember most of it” he would exclaim laughing. The only time Jhope would have a problem is if you ever when out drinking at night with people you didnt know. Then he would have a different view/ “if you dont know at least half you’re not going!i will restrain you myself if i have to y/n”

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i feel Jimin would bug you about being careful. “i dont mind you drinking y/n but please tell me so i can make sure you’re safe. Dont ever be afraid to call me ok? if you ever find yourself in a situation where you cant go home because you dont want you’re parents seeing you call me and ill look after you. If you’re ever in danger or anything please call me ok. Dont go to parks and drink at night or anything” He would be very protective motherly like jin but wouldn’t scold you as he knows what teenagers are like and you only want to have fun.

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Tae would be chill about it. He would probably tease you about getting drunk “ah we got  little rebel, how adorable” he would say squeezing you in a hug. I feel like v would trust you enough know that you are responsible and know how to take care of yourself.

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He no doubt use to do this all the time so would see no problem in it. “aslong as im never holding your hair back as you’re being sick its fine by me” He would chuckle

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Yo, you got any scenarios where Person A is trying to confess thier feels to Person B except Person A has no idea how to describe feels cause they're fairly new to this and Person B knows and is impatiently acting clueless to what's happenin'

I can most certainly try! 

1. A:”So I uh.. Well you see…. Okay, I can do this… So the thing is.. I sort of.. Well..” 

B:”Its okay, take your time. I can wait.” 

1. B:”Is there something you want to tell me?” 

A:”Yeah, I.. I wanted to tell you that.. That I.. Well that I have no idea what I am doing…”

B:”Yeah, I dont know what you’re doing either.” 

3. B: “Come on, it can’t be that hard, right? It’s just words.” 

A:”That’s where you’re wrong. It’s not just words. Its the words.” 

B:” The words??”

A:”Yeah. You know.. The words… The 3 big words??” 

4. B:”What are you trying to say?” 

A:”I don’t know what I am trying to say! That’s the whole point!” 

5. A:”I’ve never.. I’ve never had to say anything like this before. But that’s because, well, I’ve never met anyone like you before. You make me feel so weird, but like, not a bad weird you know? It’s a good weird. A really good weird. It’s kinda scary but it’s also really nice. Like really, really nice, because you are really nice. Your.. Your you.. and you make me.. I dont know.. I dont understand…” 

B:“Yeah… I love you too.” 

I hope you like them, and if you need anything else, feel free to contact me! 

I Love You

There’s a lot of hate in the world right now. There always has been, but it seems to be running rampant right now, and I can’t tell if that’s because more people are paying attention to the news and more things are being reported or if it’s just a really terrible time for a lot of people right now. But either way, there are a lot of people that have to live with and are affected by this hate, and to you I want to say that I’m sorry and I love you.

Sorry’s don’t help, I know. “Keeping you in my thoughts” won’t help you deal with the loss of a loved one or the fear of being targeted because of your appearance. I’m not the easiest person to talk to, and I doubt there’s anything I’d be able to say to make you feel better if you did try to talk to me, but I’m here for you if you need me.

You’re strong. You’re beautiful/handsome/amazing. You matter. You can’t stop terrible people from doing terrible things, you may fear for your life based on decisions your government makes, and you may even have to fear celebrating with friends/family/your country because one person could decide to ruin it. But you can’t let that fear control you; you deserve all the happiness in the world and you shouldn’t let anyone keep you from achieving that. But please, stay safe, protect the people you love, and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t worthy of the things you deserve, whether that be happiness, compassion, love, or respect.

I love you all~

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When fear has been lying about their Alicia centric episodes because supposedly this one was supposed to be but it's been 30 minutes and she's only been in it to wrap her moms foot, sleep with foot face and have him teach her how to shoot while telling him he's a good leader...




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read something and made me wonder if we're doing any good with the calls/chats. the netflix reps are made to act like they agree etc. they're just doing their jobs at the end of the day. they dont get a say in anything, and i doubt these "we're hearing talks about this and that" are true. they say that just to calm you and make u feel reassured but they couldnt even say anything if they knew. these transcripts get sent over right? why would they say things like that, things they dont know.

I mean they do type up everything you say to them and send it to headquarters and all of these calls are being recorded and the majority of them are heard by someone up top. And in regards to we’ve been hearing talks, it may just be a rumor among them because I’ve been told as well that the reps have been chatting about the insane amount of calls they’re getting by this. I don’t want anyone’s hopes to get up by I also don’t want you guys feeling down because nothing is happening. In order for this to happen, we have to continue until we get what we want. I believe the customer service reps may not generally know what’s going on because as I’ve been told on one call, they’re usually just there if you’re having issues with your account and so in other words, they’re pretty oblivious right now.

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so i'm a lesbian and a friend of mine recently told me she's bisexual and i want to tell her i'm a lesbian because a) she likes to talk about boys with me and i have to lie and say they're cute when they're not and b) so i can talk about girls with her and not feel like i have this secret to hide. the only thing is, i don't know if i can trust her to keep a secret (i have trust issues™) because i'm still in the closet and if word gets out that i'm gay then i'm going to have a bad time™. advice?

how close are you with this friend? how long have you know her for? also note that you dont necessarily have to tell her anything if you dont want to/if you feel it puts you at risk.

that being said, if you want to test out the water, you can give  few subtle hints. like. not lie or anything, say “hes.. not really my type”, or maybe compliment a girls photo with her (maybe in a Straight Girl Gal Pal™ way) 

but theres always the option of asking her if shes good at keeping secrets. like if you can trust her with something important, and see where it goes from there (if youre also testing out the water here, you can give a smaller secret like. idk “i cant really ride a bike or something along those lines)

hope this helped

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Whats the worst undertale thing you think youve ever seen, asking in a purely humor way. If its so horrid that you dont even want to say it in fear someone (me) would google it, you dont gotta, but im curious.

I… actually don’t know! I haven’t exactly seen anything too bad? And I mean that purely like, I haven’t seen anything that made me cringe and exit out. 

I could go into the fact that a lot of people in this fandom demonized Asgore into the ground while putting Toriel on a pedestal? That always bothered the living shit out of me, because it’s almost as if they didn’t even play the game yet went around attacking people who liked him as a character? 

That’s probably the ‘worst’ I’ve seen, right next to the person who decided to give a Frans artist cookies full of needles and thought that was remotely okay to do. (I still have a huge-ass draft saved of a rant I did for that incident… but I don’t know if I’ll post it.)