dont say anything if you dont know anything


June: “I’m sorry that you have to leave so soon. I wish you could stay longer but we’re actually not allowed to have people over. Dad always gets mad at us.”
Nina: “Oh, I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have come over then.. I don’t want to get you into trouble..”
June: “No, it’s fine. Dad usually doesn’t get home until 8pm, so it’s fine as long as people leave before then. He won’t know.”
Nina: “Are you allowed to go over to my house in the evening..?”
June: “Umm.. I don’t know? I can ask. But I don’t know.”
Nina: “I hope you can! My parents have no problem with people coming over. We should hang out more.”
June: “Yeah, I’d love to!”

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Does faldur stutter at the f's or is he just really going FFFFFFFFFFHHh

i mean i see it as a stutter but ur welcome to interpret it however u like

he has a lisp too if that makes things more fun to read 

in short: he sounds dumb. who knew having a mouth filled with broken glass teeth stops u from talking right

I Love You

There’s a lot of hate in the world right now. There always has been, but it seems to be running rampant right now, and I can’t tell if that’s because more people are paying attention to the news and more things are being reported or if it’s just a really terrible time for a lot of people right now. But either way, there are a lot of people that have to live with and are affected by this hate, and to you I want to say that I’m sorry and I love you.

Sorry’s don’t help, I know. “Keeping you in my thoughts” won’t help you deal with the loss of a loved one or the fear of being targeted because of your appearance. I’m not the easiest person to talk to, and I doubt there’s anything I’d be able to say to make you feel better if you did try to talk to me, but I’m here for you if you need me.

You’re strong. You’re beautiful/handsome/amazing. You matter. You can’t stop terrible people from doing terrible things, you may fear for your life based on decisions your government makes, and you may even have to fear celebrating with friends/family/your country because one person could decide to ruin it. But you can’t let that fear control you; you deserve all the happiness in the world and you shouldn’t let anyone keep you from achieving that. But please, stay safe, protect the people you love, and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t worthy of the things you deserve, whether that be happiness, compassion, love, or respect.

I love you all~

taking a break

im sorry guys im taking a break from posting! i’m almost at 200 followers which is amazing! but i dont get feed back on my fics and its stressing me out, i dont think you see how much work i put into this, i write request at school, in the car, and stay up until their done. you send a request in and i finish it the same day and sometimes you dont say anything nice when its posted. also when you request you dont say anything nice either. The other day I literally posed 4 fics and got no responses. i’m sorry but i’m going to finish this last request and then i’m taking a break i don’t know if its going to be for a day, week or month, again i apologize! but fell free to send messages ill be sure to respond! have a wonderful day/night with much love - hailey p.s theirs going to be a birthday post on the 21st <3 also thank you to the same people who like all of my posts I love you guys! you’re amazing so thank you again!

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I've been trying really really hard for the last like 6 months to lose weight because i absolutely hate my body but nothing is happening :( i eat super healthy and i work out but i'm stuck and it's very frustrating. Do you have any tips? I love your blog v much btw

please dont ever come to my blog for weight loss tips or anything as such. i refuse to be a part of that. I have struggled with my body and eating-issues for a long time and to tell the truth i still struggle at times. i don’t want to say anything because of course i dont know whether you are healthy/ or need to lose weight. your aim should be to be healthy, not to see numbers decreasing. remember muscles weigh more than fat anyway. also changes to our bodies take TIME and also sometimes, our bodies are just how they are meant to be and there is little we can do to change that. i dont have tips other than eat enough, carb up, and get enough sleep. enjoy life, food. and dont get obsessed with it. focus on HEALTHY. dont look at your body in the mirror like its a object. healthy is what is important

thanks for pretending i never existed when i still cared for you :)

i mean you were still really dear to me and i still checked your blog just to make sure you were doing alright but i mean i guess i wasnt enough huh

when the signs just dont like you (sun and rising for this)
  • aries: tells you, not in a necessarily mean way, but bc they just dont and dont want you to waste your time
  • taurus: you might never know tbh! they dont like you so they just try not to deal with you but you'd never rlly know
  • gemini: they ignore you and just. dont entertain anything you do and talk to everyone but you
  • cancer: you'd literally never know at all, they just would keep your conversations short and superficial
  • leo: starts mad drama for no reason other than their dislike for you, and its funny bc it can be intentional or not, it just always ends up happening
  • virgo: they just make snide remarks to anything you say, dont put up with you or deal with you.
  • libra: doesn't really entertain conversations with you. is polite but distant, deflects any possible attempt at sustained conversation. also talks to their friends about you
  • scorpio: very intense weird vibes. like they exude their dislike for you its so wild but they dont even have to say anything bc u already know not to try
  • sagittarius: you would literally never know but they talk shit about you to their friends. is warm and polite and genial to you but also somewhat standoffish
  • capricorn: very critical, visibly annoyed bc they usually keep a neutral face but they want you to see how annoyed they are and leave
  • aquarius: they act the same with almost everyone so you'd never know but once you think about it you've never actually said more than 10 words to them ever
  • pisces: talks about very superficial topics with you and doesnt care about what youre feeling. leaves when you start to talk about yourself

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🌠, 🌟 & 🎵 !!

🌠 if you were in charge of the world, what would the world look like? 

oh god please dont put me in charge of anything oh jeez. I’d like to say it’d be a good world, but lbr i can’t take charge of anything

I already answered 🌟 and tbh I dont know any others

🎵 name 5 songs you love at the moment 

1. It’s Alright by Majik
2. From the Start by Koven
3. Speak Easy by Mansionair
4. Weight of it All by Handsome Ghost (my favourite one tbh)
5. Depth by Rivver

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pleae tag relationships i just got cheated on by my boyfriend it just. makes me super sad im sorry if this ask sounds mean or weird i just dont really want to see it as much as im happy for you and zen

anon i’m really sorry youve been through that but i talk to and about zen and really about relationships in general a lot and i just cant guarantee im going to be able to create a space free of anything that you might find upsetting. im not trying to be an asshole im just being honest about the fact that i dont feel that i would be able to catch everything. i dont even really know what in total you would count as something youd wanna be tagged. is it just me and Zen, or ship stuff too? anything i reblog about dating?

if i post anything like the read more i made last night ill probably say in the tags im talking about my relationship but i cant and like… am not willing to tag every bit of PDA between me and Zen. that makes me uncomfortable for personal reasons.

i hope you understand where im coming from? i am sorry that youre having a bad time and i do understand if you end up just feeling that youd rather unfollow me but i wanted to like… explain how i feel rather than make false promises or flat out deny your request.

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[tw suicide] you dont have to do this or even read but you have a large following and idk what to do?? tumblr user @summer-breezy has recently posted a goodbye note saying theyre leaving earth and i cant do anything i dont know them personally/irl but maybe theres someone who does who can call them/physically check up on them??? please please or even if everyone could just send them nice words or ANYTHING

I am so sorry I didn’t see this early! I’ll go look

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I dont know what I belive anymore. I dont know even know if ill believe anything from now on that Robert says. Like was he lying that he had feelings for her to get her in bed..or was he lying to Aaron that he never felt anything for her. I dont even know. Now the line "things have been different between me and Aaron since you turned up" makes me question whether he genuinely wanted to marry Aaron or did it because he was feeling guilty. Ugh fuck you ED

same, anon :/
they’ve made us doubt everything, past, present and future with this crap and i really don’t see how that was necessary..

it makes me mad tbh that people are mad at lucien for what happened in acomaf like…. do you not understand… his past… his relationship with tamlin,,,, i jsuytssjnh fhnjdf 

Watch on



seleniftie i made one too :))))) happycandylove

no judgement please. the guitar is my little brother’s aaaand my dad was distracting me. oh, its also right handed and im left handed and my capo is a pencil and 2 hairties. so yeah. this is a cover of i know places, my favorite 1989 track. listen if ya want. taylorswift