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Track 1 - Kisses
木村 良平
Track 1 - Kisses

HEY! HEY! HEY! It’s track 1 for Bokuto! Enjoy his kisses! Sorry it doesn’t sound exactly like him, but I found this one to be the most similar cause he kinda has Boukto undertones.

Haikyuu Character: Bokuto Koutarou

Drama CD: KISS x KISS Collections Vol. 36

Producer: AIR LABLE

VA:  Kimura Ryōhei

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Track 2 - Phone Call and Kisses
林 勇
Track 2 - Phone Call and Kisses

Here’s track 2! HOly, his voice in just one ear feels so weird in a good way. A word if warning, the last couple of seconds are NSFW cause KISSES! 


Lol I’m currently in a classroom posting this. Hopefully no one looks over here. 

Haikyuu Character: Tanaka Ryuunosuke

Drama CD: Otsukiai no Katachi Hirose - Junya

Producer: Apricot

VA: Hayashi Yū

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Track 3 - Iwaizumi reads you a bedtime story and cuddles and kisses
Track 3 - Iwaizumi reads you a bedtime story and cuddles and kisses

I hope you guys are having a good day, here’s track 3!  [SFW (just a couple of kisses) ]  Please use headphones for the best possible experience! And because kisses. You don’t want anyone accidentally hearing it.

Iwaizumi is such a good boyfriend in this cd! He reads you a bedtime story, he deserves all the kisses. Just give him all the kisses!

Haikyuu Character: Iwaizumi Hajime

Drama CD: Shūkan soine CD shirīzu vol. 05

Producer: Black Butterfly

VA:  Hiroyuki Yoshino

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ayyy doodle Detective prince Clothes swap in both games wwww
(now im addicted to P5 style bcuz that game hv similar theme with NDRV3 too)

and also idk how to make Akechi’s hair welp and also Saihara look like Minato in P3 too askahdkjhskdjhskhdsjdk

(plz dont repost / crop / edit my art )