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Commissions are open

They have always been open but what ever

Well the money from this will be going to my friend Jae, I’m not going to tag his account because I’m worried about giving information about him and stuff.

Let’s just say, he has some health problems, and not a lot of money.

He is actually transgender, so I really really want to help him with getting food and a proper binder that doesn’t hurt him.

If you want to buy one, there are examples in the “my crappy art” and “Ohh ahh pretty glow” tags.

Message me for prices!

Some money may also be DONATED to Sai-Shou. I would not be buying commissions I would DONATE the money.

other than each other, i can think of exactly One miles ship and One phoenix ship that arent Creepy so when someone says they dont ship wright//worth i dont trust them bc either they don’t ship either w anyone (which is fine) or there’s like a 90% chance they ship something Bad

Hey in case you guys didn’t know I have a webcomic that I started forever ago and then stopped and then restarted so if ur looking for a story w/ LGBT characters of color being made by someone who is both of those things, maybe check it out, in a v short synopsis its about: 

Phoebe (the protagonist) and her friends trying to prevent her accidental starting of the apocalypse, while the small town they live in is blissfully unaware of her immense power. 

So if you’re interested check out @accidental-antichrist and follow if you want to see more, I publish every Thursday (PS the arts not super great now but maybe you can stick around and watch it get better) 

Personal rant

So yeah, im seriously so far from
Fine. Im really not doing alright. Its just ive been drinking, and alcohol doesnt seem to be affecting me in the most positive way lately. Ive been working my ass of at my internship, which i like very much, and it has been sooo stressful, since it is 5 days a week and because it is a film job i have to make very long days. Which i have to combine with my side job because else i dont make enough money to live by myself. So my week consists of me working about 6 or 7 days full time. Im always very tired and agitated. But it has been worth it. My internship has enabled me to do project i else wise would have never had the opportunity to do. But just the knowledge that the company doesn’t have the budget to offer me a job, makes me very sad. Ive been working my ass of for months and they have been nothing but positive about the work i have accomplished there. The knowledge of that i will have to say goodbye in a month makes me very sad. I know that it hasnt been for nothing but it just stresses me out so much since i dont have any future plans. I have no idea what to do with my life from here. So knowing that this job wont be a possibility and considering that I’ll probably have to look for another for the future of my life gives me so much anxiety. Because i seriously dont think im
Capable enough to be working full time for a video production company. I just dont know. Growing up is scary and im just so afraid ill never get anywhere in my life and im just scared that i made the wrong decisions along the way. Anyways that was my story of self pity….

Starter call for members of CBKW verse only.

My anxiety ridden skating son needs to stop hiding and make some temporary friends before death becomes a feature in life. 

So hit that like if you want temp friendo or maybe enemy. Throw me a message if you would rather plot than have me make some silly scenario up. 

Small reminder!!
Your muse isn’t yours. Other people can enjoy the same character and roleplay as them and the good side of this whole roleplaying business is that everyone plays a character differently & makes it unique!!