dont really like the song as a whole though

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what sufjan songs give you a gay vibe? hahah i love your blog btw

this is the best question i’ve ever gotten haha thanks

off the top of my head

  • To Be Alone With You, definitely, very strong gay vibe (also very strong god vibe)
  • The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us, which i’ve spent an obscene amount of time listening to, is totally a song about being in love with your best friend. like literally. “we were in love” “he was my best friend” “touching his back with my hand i kiss him” i mean come on
  • a lot of songs are pretty ambiguous on the pronoun front? the only indicator in Casimir Pulaski Day is “blouse”, which isn’t really that strong of an indicator of gender tbh. that one could be gay
  • i could totally see The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts being about being gay for superman
  • Chicago speaks to me on a really deep level about teenage exploration and experimentation and there are some lyrics in that one that could be interpreted to be about sexuality
  • He Woke Me Up Again is definitely more “god” than “gay” (when you actually look at the lyrics) but when i was younger when i heard it i’m pretty sure i thought it was really gay
  • All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands is one of the songs that can easily be both/either god/gay, with the “and I am joining all my thoughts to you / and I’m preparing every part for you”. even though with the theme of the album it’s very clearly spiritual it gives me that vibe a lil
  • Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day? (Well, You Deserved It!) feels really gay to me like the whole. a lot of queer families have issues around holidays with interacting with other family members who aren’t cool with queerness, if you know what i mean? that song is pretty gay imo
  • this is all i’ve got right now. i feel like i’m forgetting something from Illinoise tho

also i dont want to put it in with the rest (you’ll know why if you’ve actually listened to it) but John Wayne Gacy, Jr., has some… themes, and i feel like i should mention that, but i wouldn’t call it the same due to the nature of the song

to be fair there’s probably more but i haven’t listened to most of Age of Adz (only Impossible Soul, which is pretty… woman lovin’) or Michigan (at all, actually, a tragedy, since i live there)

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Hey! Could you write a Saphael drabble based off "you wanna dance?" I never knew I needed this is in my life, but here we are =)

I got the idea for this prompt fill from this song, which just sounds like a really cheesy song that would be played at a highschool reunion. Hope you like it!

“You want me to do what?” Raphael hadn’t really been listening to Simon’s rant, like he never did. But when he hears the words accompany and fake boyfriend, his attention is immediately drawn back to the fledgling in front of him.

Simon groans in frustration and shows Raphael the letter he’d been holding the whole time.

“There’s a highschool reunion this weekend and I can’t show up alone. Please?”

“Why dont you ask Clary as your fake date?” Raphael asks, even though it pains him just speaking her name around Simon. The fledgling seems to have finally gotten over Clary and now he’s purposely pushing him back into her arms because he’s too insecure about Simon to act on his feelings for him.

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omg I really really like your headcanons a lot!~ I was wondering if you could do some for the RFA members upon finding out MC can play the piano? .o.

im glad you like them! ^^

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • he’s giving MC a tour of Sky University
  • they walk together holding hands as he shows MC the cafeteria, his dorm, and the different buildings on campus
  • he also just wants to show them off
  • “this is the music building. i’ve never been inside, though”
  • Yoosung tried to continue the tour but MC insists they explore the music building further
  • “i dont know if i’m even allowed in there. i’m not a music major”
  • “oh, what? is Yoosungie scared?”
  • MC teased him
  • Yoosung puffed up his chest and denied being scared, leading the way into the music building
  • though once inside, Yoosung insist MC keep their voice down and tenses up every time he sees another human being
  • “you’re such a baby, Yoosung!”
  • MC pulls him into a practice room
  • it’s a small space with nothing but a piano and a chair
  • “i really dont think we should be-”
  • but before Yoosung could finish, MC started to play the piano
  • it was beautiful
  • Yoosung really thought he might cry
  • since then they always sneak into the music building so MC can play the piano
  • usually Yoosung just studies, or listens, or he’ll ever take a nap in that tiny room while MC plays for him
  • thank god no one ever came into that room, or they might get in serious trouble


  • “Zen, you have a piano?”
  • it was the first thing MC noticed when they came to Zen’s house for the first time
  • “yea! i dont use it a whole lot, though. just to teach myself songs and stuff like that”
  • Zen smiles and rubs the back of his neck
  • “it’s pretty out of tune, to be honest”
  • MC sits down on the bench and scoots toward the piano, placing their hands delicately on the keys
  • they play a few chords
  • “MC, i didnt know you could play!”
  • MC looks back at Zen, scoots toward one end of the bench and pats the space next to them, inviting him to sit
  • “Zen, do you have any piano books?”
  • Zen stands again to fetch some old music books from when he first started playing piano
  • “this is all i have. they’re for little kids though”
  • MC grabs a book and opens it to a random page
  • “you can read this, right?”
  • Zen nods
  • they place the book upright on the piano
  • “i’ll read the right hand and you can read the left”
  • MC turns to Zen and smiles brightly
  • “will you please play a song with me, Zen?”
  • Zen feels his cheeks heat up
  • why does MC have to be so irresistibly adorable all the time


  • on Jaehee’s break she decided to check if anyone was logged into the messenger
  • she enters a chatroom that MC and Yoosung were in
  • “Hello, Jaehee!”
  • MC greets her
  • “hello, MC”
  • Jaehee reads what she missed, seeing that MC was just asking Yoosung what they should do when they get bored
  • he, of course, started begging MC to play LOLOL with him
  • thank god Jaehee logged in, because they were about to make an account
  • “why dont you try doing something more productive?”
  • “theres nothing to do in Rikas apartment besides play this dingy old piano, and i’ve already done that for like five hours today!”
  • theres a piano in Rikas apartment?
  • and MC can play it?
  • “if you played for hours, you must be pretty good”
  • “yea i’m alright i guess”
  • Yoosung leaves the chatroom after a few more minutes, and Jaehee’s break ends so she has to leave, too
  • “dont go, Jaehee! i’m so bored T_T”
  • Jaehee smiles at her phone
  • “dont forget to have lunch, MC”
  • when Jaehee leaves the chatroom she checks the time again and sees still has a few minutes before she needed to start working again
  • she decides too call MC
  • “Hello? it’s me, Jaehee”
  • “i know, silly. i have caller ID”
  • Jaehee blushes
  • “i was thinking about what you said about the piano and Rikas apartment and, well…can i listen to you play?”
  • “okay!”
  • MC puts their phone on speaker and sets it on top of the piano, then starts to play one of their favorite songs
  • Jaehee feels herself relax as the music reaches her ears
  • it’s like MC is lessening the stress of her day with every note
  • after that Jaehee calls MC everyday after lunch to hear them play piano


  • Jumin is real pressdt about making sure MC is comfortable in his home
  • they came to visit just to make sure he was okay and he’s just like
  • i didnt have any time to prepare
  • during dinner he tells MC about all the different rooms
  • “um…what about that piano over there?”
  • MC shyly gestures to a baby grand that was in the room
  • “you can play it if you’d like. i even have plenty of music book for you to read out of”
  • MC smiles, and gets up from the table
  • Jumin follows them to the piano
  • they start looking through a pile of music books until finally they find one they want to play out of
  • MC blushes and looks at Jumin, who was standing next to the piano, facing them
  • “my sight reading might be a little rusty…”
  • as MC starts to play, Jumin can immediately tell they were just being modest
  • the music was beautiful, and they didnt play a single wrong note
  • Jumin really thought he might cry
  • he’s never met anyone who could play so amazingly
  • is this LOVE


  • every once in awhile MC will force Seven out of the house
  • he pretends to hate it but lowkey loves it
  • today MC was excited to show Seven they’re favorite shop in the whole town
  • “wow, this must be a pretty fantastic place”
  • holding Sevens hand and dragging him along, MC turns around and nods
  • “it is! you’ll see!”
  • Seven giggles, MC is so cute
  • the place they finally arrive at is a tiny music shop, so packed with stuff it was almost hard to move around
  • “MC, you never told me you liked music”
  • MC rolls their eyes
  • “everyone like music, Seven”
  • they continue to pull Seven through the store until they arrive at a section with a few pianos on display
  • “this is why i like it here so much”
  • MC sits down at one of the pianos and starts to play
  • the music is gorgeous, like the most gorgeous thing he’s ever heard
  • he gets on both knees to watch MC’s hands more closely
  • they laugh, but continue to play
  • Seven wants to tell MC they are amazing, but he doesnt want to interrupt the music
  • when MC’s song is done, Seven stops a store clerk that passes near him
  • “hello sir, i would like ten of those”
  • he points to the piano MC just played on
  • they start laughing
  • “Seven, we dont need ten pianos”
  • “fine, i’ll just have one”
  • Seven grabs MC’s hands
  • “now you can play music for me all the time, and we never have to leave the house!”
  • MC isnt sure if getting a piano is a good idea anymore


My opinions on Andy Black, The Shadow Side.

So the long awaited single, and album have almost arrived. I myself was very very excited for the album, and was really looking forward to it. 

They dont have to understand was released and to me it was pretty good. Not exactly what i was used to from him but i still liked it and listened to it more then i had too. 

Then We dont have to dance came and i was immediately skeptical. They dont have to understand, we dont have to dance? What can we do andy? All jokes aside, I really didnt like we dont have to dance. For me, being a metal lover, it was way too poppy and the only part i liked was this part:

“You’re never gonna get it
I’m a hazard to myself
I’ll break it to you easy
This is hell, this is hell
You’re looking and a’ whispering
You think I’m someone else
This is hell, yes.
Literal hell.” 

At first i didnt but it eventually got stuck in my head but for me the rest of the song is very processed and repetitive, but of course, i didn’t absolutely hate it. But i certainly havent listened to it for fun.

Now ive listened to stay alive and i am praying that the rest of the album is better then this awful song. I love andy, and i love his lyrics on bvb but i cant help but think that he is trading in music for fans because this is awful, processed, pop music and i hate it. 

I can hardly listen to the first part with the oohs it kills me, so cheesy. Then the rest of the song is hardly an improvement. i did enjoy matt skiba’s vocals on it, but the song to me was just awful, processed, and totally studio pop bullshit.

The whole thing really bothers me. The names are not close to creative. I mean come on, we dont have to dance, they dont have to understand, stay alive? Not to mention The Shadow Side? Thats the best he could come up with? I doubt its just him making the decisions though and can only hope the bvb album is much better. I suppose him being happy in his work is whats important but i cant help but feel like this is all a ploy for more fans because the pop industry is where they all seem to be and thats where it seems this album is headed.

people need to realize theres a difference between being triggered and offended …. like for example, im triggered by certain songs. but if people listen to those songs, i dont tell them “hey you can’t listen to that song ever again because it triggers me”, because that’s just silly 

on the other hand, though, if someone is saying something like “lesbians are disgusting and ugly” then YEAH im gonna be offended, and yeah i’m gonna tell you to stop, because you are being offensive on purpose, and lesbophobia is something i cant really avoid 

and i think that’s where the whole “if we respected what people were offended by, we wouldnt be allowed to talk, ever!!” thing comes from. like no!!! understand the difference between triggering and offending someone !!!!!!! 

someone being triggered by something doesnt mean it’s inherently bad either, or that you’re not allowed to like the thing; it just means you should avoid exposing the person to the thing, thats literally it!!! 

and you could even compare it to allergies, for example. if a person is allergic to nuts, that doesnt mean you cant enjoy peanuts, that doesn’t mean you’re an awful person for eating peanuts, that doesnt mean theyre inherently bad; it just means that person is unable to be around them, and its not that hard to avoid exposing people to something they’re allergic to