dont put the hair like that plz ; ;

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Hey! Can i get a marvel ship plz? I'm about 5 foot 8-9 inches. I have curly red hair and dark brown almost black eyes. I'm an ambivert. (Its where some days I'm an all out extrovert and other days I'm an introvert. So like a mixture of both) I play basketball and guitar and I LOVE animals! I have 2 dogs and cat. I'm a teen (I dont want to put my age on the internet) thanks!

Hiya doll <3

I ship you with Tony Stark!

Tony absolutley adores the fact that you can play guitar, sometimes when he’s working in the lab or feeling low, you’ll whip out your guitar and play some ACDC for you guys to rock out to. Tony loves to show you off. whether it be that you radiate confidence or are too shy! (he finds both highly adorable). When you think he’s been cooped up in the lab for too long, you’ll pull him out to the nearest court and play some basket ball with him (you claim its good for his health but you just want to beat his ass) and even though Tony never thought he’d get a pet, you some how manage to convince him to get a dog (even if she does pee on the expensive carpets).

pda rating 1-10: 8

who’s the big spoon: him | you

who says i love you first: him | you

who cooks/buys dinner: him | you

who plans most of your dates : him | you

who sends the most texts: him | you

who gets jealous more often: him you

who plans something special for your anniversaries: him | you

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theme: i would change it | it’s alright | very good | flawless

posts: they’re alright | very good | flawless

icon: i would change it | it’s alright | very good | flawless

overall blograte 1-10: 7

following: no sorry but i love you | following now | forever and always

compliment: I love love love your icon! It was my phone’s wallpaper for a while XD

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