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hung out mostly with my coworker in Melbourne–at one point, on our way to the casino, he and this other guy took a smoke break, so I stood around and waited for them to finish. as he lit up, he said, “Rona, you don’t smoke, you don’t drink, you don’t do drugs, what do you do that’s enjoyable?” and I have to admit for a minute I was tempted to ask for a cigarette, just to see what it’s like, but then I remembered all that sixth-grade health class stuff, how addictive nicotine is, how expensive a tobacco habit is.   

didn’t know how to play poker, so ended up at the roulette tables and won $35. went to a bar crawl with aforementioned coworker and he got us cocktails and mojitos and scotches and ciders and kept pressuring me to drink–i don’t usually drink because it tastes horrible and i don’t really like the idea of “loosening up”, but hey, he was covering everything and i’d never had anything besides wine and beer, so why not? 

but sure, maybe he was “cooler” than me in those aspects, but afterwards we sat on the waterfront and talked, and he kept going on and on about how he was so smart, he was so close to getting into Harvard (he’s the year above me and goes to UCLA), he didn’t even study and got 6th in the country for Chemistry Olympiad, if he had just tried harder he could’ve gone to the international olympiad…and I didn’t tell him that it didn’t matter what he could’ve done, it matters what he did do. we started talking about transfer apps b/c he hates his college and feels like he should’ve gone to a more prestigious school, and his GPA is quite good, but he doesn’t have ECs because he spent all his time partying. and of course, there are people who party and have great extracurriculars; this guy is not one of them. i saw this twenty-one-year-old, still bitter over getting waitlisted everywhere, stuck at a school he doesn’t like but without the extracurriculars needed to transfer, still talking about how smart he was in high school, so much smarter than his academic rival who did get into Harvard by sheer luck (or so he claims), and…I was supposed to believe he had a cooler or more fun life than me because he drinks and parties and gets high? and I felt like I could already picture him a decade from now, in some management position, a corporate cog, making good money, but still bitter that his life had been merely okay and not spectacular. there wasn’t anything admirable about it.

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what do you hc shiro's sexuality?

Hmm. I usually go with pan demiromantic/sexual for Shiro. I don’t think he’d really have a label for himself though, since I don’t imagine him putting too much thought into that type of stuff in the first place. So as far as he’s aware, he’s just Shiro, hahaha.

OH! But I also really love ace shiro, too!

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//I’m sorry i have not been on at all this week. been having to deal with the guy that I replaced on the job, almost a year and a half ago, throwing a fit and screaming at me for an honest mistake on my teams part. Whole thing boiled down to opening a harassment case at work, because I have age, gender, and race all going against me, and it came literally down to me not putting up with his shit anymore to get HR involved.

I’m just too tired, mentally. going to try to catch up on the two threads I owe tomorrow. I’m so sorry guys


I know that im not good with words or transferring what im thinking or feeling into words at times. But here it goes. Monty oum was my hero his passing hurts so much he was the one who taught me more the my father. He taught me to be myself and not care what others think be yourself. Dont let others push you around push back of you need to. Dont me scared to be yourself amd shoot for the stars. Hes given me laughs tears. I found more of my creative side becuase of his inspirating work RvB RWBY. I wish I could have been one of the lucky few to meet him or be the even luckyer few to have worked with him. I will forever miss him he will always be in my heart. He was my biggest hero.Rest in peace Monty Oum