dont play with my feelings like that

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How would you characterize your (awesome!) mob boss Nick? He seems real charming in a dangerous sort of way.

well i guess when im starting to draw him, i think of like, a cool mobster in my head and imagine him doing stuff, witty lines and all. theres the whole “i dont even care about this situation that much” air that i give him to make him seem Powerful and Important, which often makes people feel threatened or inferior. mob boss nick isnt so much a Bad Guy as a guy doing Bad Things and he’ll play nice if you let him have the power he wants in a situation, or at least make him feel like hes the one in charge. hes still loyal and honest, but he can find loopholes in everything and will exploit them to give him the upper hand (since regular nick is caring and selfless, mob boss nick a bit more ruthless and uncaring). hmm i dont know, thats just my vague interpretation of him?

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random, i know and i don't know if you can relate. but, i've been playing the sims literally all day in the dungeon of my room and i just went downstairs for the first time in forever and it's kinda dark and i screamed because i thought i saw a slug on the floor, but it was actually an ice cube. i feel like ea should have a warning on their game, like, instead of don't drink and drive, "don't sim and life. happy simming. :))" it's been a long day, i apologize if this is a waste of text.

DONT SIM AND LIFE sjdvnlfkqdw;asnlvdkm;w

whenever i finish playing i feel like im a gremlin coming into the light bc time goes by so quickly and suddenly its midnight ack!

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Is it just me or does the daddy kink kind of creep me out?? Cause it's kind of like sexualizing a father figure and I'm jfjrjjjrjwjjf like no i dont want to play a child and calling my s/o "daddy"

i feel that on a spiritual level tbh

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I'm glad I was able to tease you successfully Are you just a lee yourself or are you someone who would tease and tickle someone to get them to wreck you? Would definitely play with those feet of yours such cute laughter you have 😈

Aha thanks for the compliments friendo. I’m gonna say im like 95% Lee unless I’m teasing or I’m feeling terribly sadistic (you dont want me in that place trust me).
Example! I was actually cuddled up with my bud/FWB tonight and he kept tickle attacking me, anywhere from short squeezes to ‘conveniently ’ resting his fingers right over my ribs by my underarm and ‘accidentally’ moving to full on wiggling his fingers over my neck and in my underarms. So naturally, I teasingly prodded his tum a little just for funsies and OMG so flinchy 💕 It was adorable! But he was determined to not be attacked himself and just make me giggle and squeal (which he said was really cute???? ExcUSe????) so he said like if I did it one more time I would get it back twenty fold. And like I believed him but also I didn’t think he could be that bad??
So what did I do? I waited like 15 minutes and I prodded his tum again.
But ugh he actually stopped after like 10 minutes, let me catch my breath for 20 seconds, and went right back to tickling me everywhere !! WoRST!!!
So yeah, moral of the story: Rosie is a dumb-dumb and will certainly tease in order to get it back. Rosie is also too sensitive to afford doing that, but it was fun anyways.

never let someone make you feel bad for wanting to learn something because of a form of media you like! 

you want to learn piano so you can play ‘his theme’ from undertale? 


you want to learn to swim because of free! Iwatobi swim club? 


you want to learn to knit so you can make sweaters like mabel from gravity falls? 


you want to learn how to garden so you can be like jade from homestuck?


you want to learn how to write books  so you can inspire others like your favorite author inspired you?


you want to learn how to draw so you can inspire others like your favorite artist inspired you?


you want to learn how to make games so you can inspire others like your favorite producer inspired you?


you want to learn this activity because something that makes you happy relates to it? 

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Philip and Lukas sitting under the tree and holding hands and playing with each other’s fingers and smiling and laughing with each other and kissing each other saved my entire soul, it cleansed me, it rebuilt me as a better person, not a word of an exaggeration

SO! I decided to do one of these too! I’m going on a 4 day weekend after thursday so please send some of these into my askbox! I’ll be finishing up the pallette requests and starting these during my small break!
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Pokemon Go Teams Be Like
  • Team Mystic: [pushes up glasses] you have miscalculated and that is your grave mistake for I am the superior trainer you peasant here to educate you on the unpleasant truths of this world Mystic is clearly above you and only the naive couldn't see that-
  • Team Instinct: hey pal lets just have a jolly good time please dont hurt me i work at walgreens
  • Team Valor: [muffled sound of 'Gasolina' playing in the distance] I HAVENT SLEPT IN FORTY HOURS I CANT FEEL MY LEGS AND I DROVE DIRECTLY INTO AN OLD NAVY FOR A SQUIRTLE

i feel sick to my stomach. my parents voted for trump. my brother voted for trump. i begged them not to, i stood in front of them and told them that this could kill me and it would kill thousands of others but they still did. and he fucking won. he fucking won. hes got this power. this child of a man, who screams and calls people names when they dont like them. acts like women are nothing other than toys for him to play around with. i feel hysterical, im not crying then i am then im laughing and for what? because this walking cheese shred is in charge of the fucking country. everyone cheers usa at him and its disgusting to hear, i dont wanna be a fucking american anymore. there is nothing proud about it. this is nothing to be proud of.

K-pop songs be like

“I struggled when i was young and I made my way to the top”

“I get horny everytime i see a girl and no girl can resist me”

“ I think about girls first thing i wake up and the thing in my pants go Mansae”

“I love girl but she always play me so i feel like a fool everyday and every night”

“im so cool, got my swag, girl be mine 4ever”

“Bishhh you better not mess with me imma screw your whole life up if you do”

“I am the best, can’t handle our shit”

ppl seemed to like the other dad hcs i posted based off @seidurstown dad au so here are some more!! enjoy :~)

• sportacus being the daytime dad and Robbie being the nighttime dad. like Stephanie goes to sportacus when she wants to play and run around but when she’s sleepy and it’s bedtime she goes to rob. she loves the way he reads her a bedtime story very softly and she insists that he’s better at tucking her in somehow (sportacus’ feelings lowkey get hurt every night)

• when steph has a nightmare or gets scared at night she goes and sleeps in bed with rob and sport and they both hold her in a little dad cocoon and she sleeps very soundly

• stephanie loves to play dress up with robbie because he has so many fun costumes and she always makes sporto and rob play with her for like, hours.

my other hcs were based off the idea that steph was their only kid but i wrote some including rottenella as well

• when stephanie and sportacus go outside to play sports and stuff robbie and rottenella stay inside to bake cookies and do arts and crafts :,)

• robbie packs stephanie and rottenella lunch everyday and he always leaves really sweet little notes in their lunch boxes telling them he loves them and that he misses them already

• steph and rottenella go to the same dance studio (steph is in hip hop, rottenella is in ballet) and at the end of the year they have a recital and sporto and rob are the proudest parents there and they buy them both the biggest matching bouquets and balloons and take them to a celebratory dinner and never stop gushing about how proud they are 

• also, rottenella and steph come up with their own dances and put on shows at home that robbie sews them costumes for and the dads are always very impressed 


he got pointy vamp ears

listen i know ive got so many requests in my inbox but…..i had to draw mika again im sorry

also i dont think ive said this before but it’s 1000% ok to tag my art as kin/me/id/etc!! i know some artists dont like it but i dont mind so feel free!

the 2 different sides of ryan ross
  • lyrics: "I feel as if I'm a figurine. I feel like something on strings posed by love's fragile fingers and possessed by a frantic fluttering in my chest. I am renewed. I am not of rags or of scraps. Pristine... I am something velveteen. The charcoal clouds have finally finished spitting on me, concentrating instead on painting a faithful portrait splashed across the canvas of the wine red heavens. You are draped across a vast daffodil cream."
  • his pet salamander bio: "Hey! this is ryan and I play guitar and sing for pet salamander. Im 16 and go to gayorman and I dont have a girlfriend but i would like one!!hint hint anyways theres some things you need to know about pet salamander like that 3 out of the 4 people in the band are gay, and they try to hit on me all the time. but anyways im sure that you know that im the hottest and most talented person in the band and that all the girls should know that! haha um some stuff that i like :punk rock!! rocky road icecream, Torengos chips, Marissa,and dancing cuz im so good at it! thats all later!!!!!!!! Ryan."