dont play innocent

If youre a fan of Ray, draw HIM fan art. Draw Twitch fan art. Draw him and Tina.
But continuing to draw Ray in AH doesnt make you a fan, it makes you insensitive and childish. Ray has moved on. Hes expressed over TWO YEARS that AH is in the past and he never ever wants to return. He LOVES Twitch. He LOVES streaming.
So if you’re gonna say “I draw Ray in AH because Im a fan”– you’re not. Youre being insensitive and a jerk.
Jeremy doesn’t exist as a replacement. He’s his own person. He’s put his heart and soul into AH.
If you argue “yeah but what if I have Ray AND Jeremy?”
No. Ray has moved on. Jeremy deserves respect and recognition.
Most of this fanbase is made of adults and older teenagers. You’re not little children. You understand what respect is and you understand that people are real and have real feelings. Quit playing dumb.
Stop. Drawing. Ray. In. Achievement Hunter.
Get over it.

Edit: In the past, I’ve had people argue that I can’t police what people draw and thats… Incorrect? If youre being disrespectful, if youre being a jerk, you deserve to be called out. Dont play innocent, dont tell me “but I just wanted to make fan art!” You understand what tact is. You understand what respecting people’s wishes are. Im allowed to call you out on it.

Sasuke is an easily jealous person - there’s no damn doubt about it - and Naruto taunts him on purpose. He’s always butting in on their conversations.
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Brothers Best Friend- Jack J Imagine.

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Y/N!!” Sam, your brother yelled from downstairs. As I walked into the room I saw Jack J & Jack G sitting on the couch, Johnson with an afraid expression on his face, “I’ll let you three talk” Gilinsky said walking away. Shit, you thought he knows. “ hey babe” Johnson said, Sam gave him an angry look, “Sorry” Johsnon mumbled. “how long has this been going on?” Sam said trying to hold his extreme anger in, “what do you me-” “DONT FUCKING PLAY INNOCENT WITH ME Y/N” Sam yelled making you jump a little, “sit down please y/n” Johnson said softly. You sat down beside him and he grabbed your hand and whispered; “he knows of us baby”. “Why him out of all the people on the entire fucking earth y/n” Sam said now calmer. “Sam, I love Jack he makes me really happy” you said. “And she makes me happy, we are happy together Sam please just accept that we are together because I’m sorry but we’re not breaking up” Johnson said. Sam was a little bit surprised by Johnson’s words but nodded, “okay, you guys seem to be really happy so I’ll let you guys be together but no PDA when I’m with you guys please, oh and have safe sex!” Sam laughed. Me & Jack looked at each-other and kissed, “ WHAT DID I JUST SAY, EEWW” Sam said playfully running away like a little kid.

A/N: sorry if its bad and short but I just think this is how Sam would react and stuff :) hope you liked it tho xx 

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|change your ticket|

|watching you get dressed, messes with my head, take that bag off your shoulder, come get back in bed, we still got time left, this don’t have to be over|

She flipped her hair over her shoulder while she tried to put her black high heels back on. One of my fingers trailed down her spine causing her to look back at me with a smirk “come back in to bed, you don’t have to leave” she giggled slightly and stood up, the dress she wore last night hugging all her curves. She was absolutely stunning and I just wanted to fuck her over and over again. She sighed and grabbed her purse that laid on the hotels floor. I wanted her for one more time, her skin was intoxicated, I believed she could trap any men she wanted if she wanted to, she was just that good. She put on the rest of her garments back on and started walking towards the coffe table to grab her keys while I watched her without a blink from the bed, I bit my lip and smirked, I wasn’t gonna let her leave.

I stood up from the sheets and walked up to her, pressing her back onto my chest, gripping onto her hip tightly. “Stay for me” I muttered while I went to kiss the skin of her neck, she groaned softly, something she usually did when she got frustrated. I grounded my hips into ass, making her feel what she had done to me. “Will you stay because you did this to me?” Asked, a slight tease in my voice. “Pretty please” I moaned “I want to feel that pretty tight pussy around me, one more time” I groaned, her knees buckled making her hold onto the table in front of her, a mug smile played on my face.

|and you say it’s hard to keep a secret, girl, don’t leave me all alone in this hotel and these shades can hide us from the streets, yeah one weekend, I promise that I’ll never tell|

She wasn’t supposed to be here with me, she had a boyfriend but I still rubbed my fingers on her clit and kissed her neck deliciously, being aware that I couldn’t leave any hickies for her other lover to see. “Zayn…uh…fuck….I can’t..stay….,uh…fuck” she screamed her nails running down my back. I smirked down at her then went to kiss her full lips “but you can, baby girl” she moaned loudly as I slipped a finger inside her already wet walls. “I promise I won’t tell” she snapped her fingers up into my hand. “You want another one?” I asked, she nodded her head quickly, I nodded along with her a mockingly way “then beg for it, baby….what do you want?”

She moaned out into the space of the hotel room, the dark red curtains shut so no morning light would enter, specially so no paparazzi got pictures of our dirty little secret. “Zayn” she screamed, her grip on the sheets growing on the sheets growing tighter “yeah, baby?” I asked gently while my finger sped up making her body spam under mine “fuck, give me another finger!” She shouted clearly, her breath growing heavy, making her chest Heave up and down. I gave her what she wanted, the pretty little face she had could get her all she wanted. I licked up her cheek then taking up her mouth in mine “I’m going to fuck you so hard, babe” I said through my teeth “but first I need you to come for me” I ordered, she threw her head back and I could see the veins pulsing by her neck.

|dont play innocent, I know what you meant, when you said you’d come over|

“What are you going to do to me?” She said breathlessly, after her first orgasm of the morning had ripped through her body so perfectly. “Don’t play innocent baby, you know exactly what I’m going to do to you” I muttered, I crawled up her body and spread her legs harshly for me, I went in in between them, grounding my hard cock against her uncovered wet heat “o you want me to go slow” I asked, a groan leaving my lips as her heat made my boxers damp “or rough?” My breath fanned over the shell of her ear, I knew perfectly how she liked it, this wasn’t the first time but I wanted to tease her, I wanted to test her limits. She hated when I did this to her, she was the kind of girl that went straight to the point but I was a bit cocky today and I wasn’t gonna let this opportunity to.

Her hands traveled to the band of my boxers “stop playing games! zayn, just fuck me” she Instructed harshly, I let her slip the boxers from my waist and down my legs, she smirked as I grabbed myself in hand and started rubbing my tip against her wet cunt. She moaned loudly biting her lip to control herself but I didn’t want her to control herself, I wanted her to go wild, I wanted to hear her scream my name, to beg for me to fuck her senseless like I only knew how to do. I wanted her to tell me that I was so much fucking better then the guy she had home, but I already knew that because otherwise she would have never crawled back to my bed every other weekend and I didn’t blame her, look at how I had her whimpering under me, she needed me, she wanted me.

|aren’t we past that? Playin’ hard to get, we did that when we were younger|

I fucked her brains out, the bed sounding like the bed was going to break beneath us, her hands touching my skin roughly as I fucked her roughly, the only sound leaving her lips were my name and it sounded like music to my ears. She was fucking perfect under me, her cheeks a sweet tint of pink and her lips rosy from all the dragged kisses I have giving her, she shut her eyes tightly as I pounded relentless into her welcoming cunt, taking everything inside me to hold myself together. She felt so fucking good, so fucking perfect. “Don’t play hard baby, just cum for me…you know you want to” I moaned as I laid my thumb over her clit and rubbed circle against it, it going along with my sharp thrusts, her moans urging me on to make her cum.

I thrusted back almost completely then thrusted back into her, her hips snapping into mine as we kept the Rhythm going. I threw my head back as groans left my lips, she was the only one able to make me cum in this way, the only one to make me explode in ecstasy, “I’m coming zayn!” She screamed out, warning me of her juices prepared to melt around me. I healed onto her hips as I hit her spot over and over again. “Right there…fuck, daddy, right there!” She moaned loudly, her walls contrasting around me as she came, her breath heavy as she tried to still it. I came soon after, collapsing onto her body, we were both panting, sweaty messes, I shifted to the side, holding her into my arms until we could let words out.

|why don’t we take some time, why don’t we take a little more time, why don’t we make it right, girl, I don’t wanna say goodbye|

I kissed her forehead as she slept soundly in my arms. This girl would never know how much I loved her, even if she didn’t belong to me. I wanted her for myself and even if this was selfish, I didn’t care,I just wanted her. If only she could hear my thoughts, I would never grow the guts to tell her how I feel.

|hope you liked| ;)