dont pick on the fat kids

anonymous asked:

You look like a baby monster. i get why people tell you that you look unhealthy. bitch you look like diabetes. you look like a bitch who wont be able to feel her toes soon. if we got shipwrecked on an island you have enough body fat to sustain me for years! Your entire existence is a fucking joke. OMG I dont know what to do, why are you that ugly? I blame your fucking parents. Some people shouldn't have kids

*picks up my wig and leaves*

stuff im tired of:

  • pretending im okay w/ boys paying for my drinks, holding me the door and kissing me on the cheeks instead of just giving me that cool handshake they do between boys (especially when we dont know each other)
  • keeping quiet when my uterus is being a bitch
  • shaving my body hair and pretending it’s embarrassing when girls don’t
  • being told i shouldn’t eat too much or else i’ll get fat (i have never heard anyone say this to a boy)
  • hearing parents tell their kids they shouldnt pick this or that item/movie/clothing because it’s “opposite” their gender
  • hearing girls pretend they’re feminists and they defend the women’s cause and then call a girl a slut if she sleeps with more than one boy in the same month
  • pretending i haven’t heard that stranger man call me out and asking me to smile so i look pretty
  • feeling stressed out and fearing for my life whenever i have to go somewhere alone at night
  • letting people think the norm is being cis+straight+mentally healthy