dont perv on me


videos I love (39/) - a.cian - touch

just looking at you drives me crazy, your red lips, your unrealistic body. i really like you. i really love you.


We all know that feeling when we just sit &stare at a blank paper, having no idea what to draw. Holy heck!!

So I had an idea.

I want to start posting random drawing suggestions.
Most random ideas that can come up my mind. From an actual concept to a silly crappy idea.
You guys can submit ideas as well - whatever comes up to your mind.

Animals, people, fan art, shitposts, scenarios, landscapes, fantasy worlds, horror, random practice ideas - anything goes!!!
(Uhm except for NSFW/kink things because.. I’d personally rather not to get into it. Also there are minors here and people that NSFW content make them uncomfortable.

I will try to draw some of the ideas myself, even though I’m not a good artist &still have shitloads of stuff &skills to learn.

The Signs as Things I Have Said Aloud to Myself
  • Aries: moTHERFUCKER
  • Taurus: wait where the fuck am i going
  • Gemini: *looks over to bands poster on wall* DONT WATCH ME UNDRESS YOU PERV
  • Cancer: oww shit shit shit
  • Leo: what if little gnomes snuck in my room and took all my good clothes
  • Virgo: wtf is a blob fish
  • Libra: well fuck now it looks like im not wearing pants
  • Scorpio: what if i just hid under the bed you think anyone would find me
  • Saggitarius: wait am i really that bitchy
  • Capricorn: i am such a goddamn savage
  • Aquarius: all i have to do is-OW FUCK
  • Pices: what kinda fuckery is this
I'm trying to make friends that are little like me

Hello, littles! I would love to make a new friend, maybe even a best friend? C: daddy is also my best friend. I love to draw, color, take naps, eat snackies, and I’m very nice, too! I wont judge you 😌 I also love paranormal stuff. So message me, don’t be shy c:

So this guy happened to order from me and never respond and all.. if any of you guys get a pm like this reply to him with “yo when you gonna pm KitsuneDono back” or  "Yo KitsuneDono wonders when u gonna reply to her" and he’ll back off immediately!!

He’s a known pervert trying to fuck errybody but he’s too scared to reply to my pm… so if anyone needs a quick and funny way to deal with this guy mention me hahahaha

Seventeen Reaction: When you’re going to Japan for 2-3 months

Thank you for your request!~ I’m pretty sure most of them would be clingy… 

- Admin Z


“You’re not going anywhere…” *keeps you locked in his arms*

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*Tags along with you* “Don’t be silly! You’re not leaving with out me~”

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“You’ll be missing all of this for 2 months so rethink your choices…”

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Jun: “You shouldn’t go”

You: “Why?”

Jun: “Have you not seen Godzilla?? I want you back with all your limbs attached.”

You: “Since when did you care about my safety?”

Jun: “Well there’s more that I care about but…”

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*secretly follows you to Japan but gets caught and tries to play it cool*

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*doesn’t know whether to confess to you now or after you come back* “What if she finds someone new in Japan…”

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“Well… you better bring back souvenirs…” *sad woozi is sad*

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*mom mode on* “Don’t forget a coat and stay away from pervs”

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“Dont go… dont leave me… I dont want you to go… but its a good oppurtunity, so you have to go…” *pouty face*

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“Don’t miss me too much okay? Call me when you get there… tell me how everything goes… call me everyday…”

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*counts the days he wont be seeing you* “I, 2, 3… no no no! That’s too long!”

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“Nope. no. You’re not leaving for that long…. or ever.”

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“No no no no you’re not going… please don’t leave me…” (omfg joshua)

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Omg I forgot to tell you guys a guy pulled his dick out Friday night during one reg dance and it was the ugliest fucking thing I have ever seen it was all nasty and bulbous 😩 ugh so I whipped around and said “EW! HELL NO!” And he was like “oh sorry sorry I didn’t know” and I yelled “give me $100 dollars right now or I’m calling the police!” “Give me $100 RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!” Luckily my amazing bouncer who I have known for two years saw what was happening and all I told him was this guy owes me $100 and five minutes later he’s handing it to me 😎 DONT fuck with me pervs