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Harry Potter fancasts

Weasley Family (Ron/Ginny)


                                           bang bang. he shot me down 
                                                          bang bang. i hit the ground


Rest in Peace George Harrison~ (February  25, 1943 - November 29, 2001)

“As long as you hate, there will be people to hate.”

“I wanted to be successful, not famous.”

“The nicest thing is to open the newspapers and not to find yourself in them.”

“All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”

“I remember thinking I just want more. This isn’t it. Fame is not the goal. Money is not the goal. To be able to know how to get peace of mind, how to be happy, is something you don’t just stumble across. You’ve got to search for it.”

“I’m not really Beatle George. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that is just a little part that got played through in this life, I mean there is much more to me than the Beatle George. “