dont open up

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 

story time

when i came out as trans to my mother, the very first thing she said to me was “you will never be my son”

when i came out as gay to my family, my mother and father started crying because they thought i wasnt pure anymore, that i was dirty and a sinner

when i told my friends about my sexuality/gender, most of them left me

so yes, i know how it feels to be othered. i know how it feels to feel broken, to feel unnatural, to feel like there is no place for me

but, do you want to know what happened when i came out as asexual to my family? back when i thought my trauma symptoms were a valid sexuality?

they cheered

they thought i was cured, that i wouldnt be going to hell anymore, that i had finally seen the light, and that i wasnt a dirty heathen anymore

so fuck off with your “asexuality is an oppressed/hated sexuality” because it really isnt. it really isnt



Well that only took forever to get off my butt and do. >>; Basically I decided to beef out my commissions sheet since my first one was pretty vague af. I tried to cover all the bases, though I wouldn’t be shocked if I missed a style or category or something since it’s easy af to forget some of the stuff I do sometimes. xD

AIGHT, in my mission to be organised, I’m gonna limit my comms to ten slots, and I’ll update it as often as I can. I’ll keep the list limited to the characters in the pic unless ya want me to keep it hush hush. If ya want your commission piece private/kept on hold until a certain date/etc as well, srsly, just ask - I’m totally cool with it. 


1) [CB] TMNT Horror Montage (2k12)
2) [SS] Self/TMNT (2k16)
3) [CB] Raph/OC (2k3)
4) [LF] Leo/Raph (AU)
5) [LF] Donnie/OC (2k16)

BTW, while it’s only one pic per slot, I am more than okay if ya wanna bulk-order several pics (well, y’know, if the space is available). Beyond my list of ‘lol no’s, it’s safe to say I’ll pretty much draw anything, so hit me up. ;D

A major thanks to everyone who’s commissioned me so far and a major thanks to all y’all who’re gonna commission me in the future - y’all’re the reason I ain’t gotta live off nothin’ but freakin’ grilled cheese toasties any more and my taste buds couldn’t be happier. <3

EDIT: Oh! I totally forgot - either IM me here or email me at to commission me <3


SK = Sketch | SS = Shaded Sketch | SD = Sketch Dump
LI = Line | LC = Line/Single Colour | LF = Line/Flat Colour
CE = Cell | CB = Cell/Blend
PW = Watercolour Paint | PS = Digital Paint
CO = Comic | C2 = 2-Panel Comic | C4 = 4-Panel Comic
OS = One-shot

Okay, here’s the thing, fuck all writing advice that tells you how to do your story or write your scenes, because guess what! THEY ARE NOT THE ONE’S WRITING THE STORY!!! I can not stress this enough, you are the one with the vision for how YOUR story is supposed to go. Only you know how to tell this story. Only you. Fuck anyone who’s like “Prologues are bad, blah, blah blah,” “Don’t kill your main character off early, I feel cheated, blah, blah, blah” or “Starting off with a dream sequence makes me feel like I’ve been lied to” GUESS WHAT ASSHOLES THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE, WE WRITE THINGS TO INVOKE A FEELING, BE IT GOOD OR BAD, ITS A FEELING TO GET YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW THE CHARACTERS FEEL DUMBASS

IDK WTF JUST HAPPENED but for some reason when I plugged my phone in to charge IT STARTED SCREAMING.


And realised it was Michael getting shot in the balls during Extra Life.


Fucking 2spooky for real.

I have 300+ followers??? How??? Thank you???!

(Here’s a quick colored doodle of Yuri because he’s literally my spirit animal don’t ask)

look i’m no expert but i think the lgbt+ community needs to stick together and stop it with whatever gatekeeping bs is going on. there’s always going to be some intracommunity fights and ~*discourse*~, sure, but recent events are a horrifying reminder that nobody wants to be lgbt+ just for fun. please stop it with the ‘you need to be thiiis gay to ride’ mentality. there is no official community registration or badge or stamp. if you’re young and confused and need a place to belong, you do. if you’re aro and/or ace and feel excluded everywhere, you shouldn’t be. if you’re intersex or if your gender is being weird, you’re not alone. as for allies, here’s a reminder they used to be (and may still be) human shields, and that many allies might actually be closeted lgbt, or questioning, and it’s a safe way for them to access the community. ally is a title that is given, not taken, and i’ve seen some bad self-proclaimed allies around, but there’s no need to make the community unsafe for anyone.

we can’t afford to fall apart. we need to take care of each other because we’re all hurting in some way. there’s a quote from the time of the norwegian tragedy five years ago that goes ‘if one man can show this much hate, imagine how much love we can show together’

wouldn’t it be lit if you could drop off the face of the planet to take a fuckin breather from everyone & everything without destroying all of ur relationships? that’d be neat