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What Can I Do?

A Seungri/Lee Seunghyun Fanfiction

Summary: He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…

Chapter Summary: Breakfast with Seungri, learning about his job and awkward conversations on a hill… 

Chapter Type: Fluff, minor awkwardness but basically just a load of fluff ;)

Author’s Note: Its always so ridiculously easy and fun to write this story :D I hope you enjoy!!

Recommended Listening: Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks(Acoustic) + Lauren Aquilina - Echoes 

Chapter 5 (Coming Soon)

Chapter 6

‘Are you sure you’re not meant to be at work?’ you ask, watching Seungri check his phone for the billionth time since you’d sat down to have breakfast. He’d brought you to a cafe called '’ (which he supposedly owned) and had jokingly began to demand tasks from the staff as soon as you had walked in. He’d guided you to a quiet, private room towards the back of the property and since then had had everything ordered in for you so that you didn’t have to lift a finger, the two of you being grossly cheesy as you’d fed each other breakfast, and you just couldn’t help but touch him every 5 seconds, needing to know that he was real after the godlike actions he’d performed on you earlier.

But over the past hour he hadn’t been able to stop fiddling with his phone, touching it every 2 minutes to check for a message- of which there had been none- and just seeming to be very tense beside you.

'No- I mean, yeah im sure.’ he says, slipping back into his happy care-free self, despite the creases at the edges of his eyes still showing you he wasn’t quite relaxed.

'Then why do you keep looking at your phone?’ you ask quietly, leaning your chin on his shoulder in a cute way, squeezing his arm gently to try and calm him down from whatever was making him tense.

'I mean, no, If they would have wanted me, they would have called by now.’ he explains, letting a false chuckle fall from his lips and you frown slightly at the noise, sliding your hand into his- despite the fact it made butterflies riot around your stomach.

'Its okay if you want to go into work you know? I wont mind, I probably have stuff to do at home-.' 

'No, no, I want to spend today with you, I just…I mean, I like to know that everything is sorted and im not missing something…thats all.’ he explains, turning to slide an arm around your waist, switching his hands holding yours in the process, and dropping a kiss to your temple, making you shiver in response, his smirk at the action being visible from the corner of your eye.

'I dont think that’s ever going to get old.’ he murmurs, doing it again and you squeeze his hand slightly with the action, making him chuckle quietly.

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A new sculpture! A commission for someone that I know (which I usually don’t do lol), they wanted it to have guardian properties so I thought of maybe some peaceful universe creator, who forms the stars with their tears and just looms over the universe calmly and benevolently in silence. Anyway I haven’t done any art in a while so I feel kind of bad currently having another wretched art block lol, but at least I’ve gotten this one thing done I guess!