dont need anyone that doesnt need me

You need to understand that I’ll never be the girl that begs you to stay. If you decide to walk out of my life, I might be sad for a little while but know that I’ll never chase you. I’ll just let you go.
—  Midnight thoughts (I may love you, but i’ll never need you)

DAY 1: Favorite Canon Interaction 

ok but theyre holding hands i swear

also here’s the non flashy version

look i’m no expert but i think the lgbt+ community needs to stick together and stop it with whatever gatekeeping bs is going on. there’s always going to be some intracommunity fights and ~*discourse*~, sure, but recent events are a horrifying reminder that nobody wants to be lgbt+ just for fun. please stop it with the ‘you need to be thiiis gay to ride’ mentality. there is no official community registration or badge or stamp. if you’re young and confused and need a place to belong, you do. if you’re aro and/or ace and feel excluded everywhere, you shouldn’t be. if you’re intersex or if your gender is being weird, you’re not alone. as for allies, here’s a reminder they used to be (and may still be) human shields, and that many allies might actually be closeted lgbt, or questioning, and it’s a safe way for them to access the community. ally is a title that is given, not taken, and i’ve seen some bad self-proclaimed allies around, but there’s no need to make the community unsafe for anyone.

we can’t afford to fall apart. we need to take care of each other because we’re all hurting in some way. there’s a quote from the time of the norwegian tragedy five years ago that goes ‘if one man can show this much hate, imagine how much love we can show together’

mess with birdo you get hurto

Holllllaaa its  Koko. Im a kiddo who lives in Texas and i dont like it too much bc its getting too hot. Im all for the aesthetic. (AND MEMES)

a lil peep of me is that i love love love music some of my fave artists are lil peep (hah see what i did there), blackbear, roy woods, lana, and the weekend. I’m a person with a wide variety of taste one day i can be listening to metallica then the next i can listen to lil uzi vert. i mean if its music I’m all for it.

I also love love love art. i rlly am hoping that i get into this art school. i love to draw, paint, and do all those cool tumblr notes and journals. i play da piano!!! I also love photography, and night flash pictures that make me look demonic.

i love to skate, its like the only thing that can calm me bc who doesnt like zooming in the wind. I’m all for 90’s fashion and streetwear its honestly so pleasing to the eyes. 

I’m looking or another kiddo that wants to talk. i dont have any expectations bc I’m rlly open minded. ooh id also love a penpal bc i love writing letters and i got bunchies of stationary that i need to use. but overall the idea of sending pieces of your soul in a envelope to someone is always pretty neat. if you ever need anyone to talk to I’m here i promise you i will reply faster than light speed. that is only if I’m not sleeping or at school (two things that i dont like too much) I’m p good with advice also if you ever need help with stuff ill be there. oh I’m also a gemini if you’re curious. 

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Hey there!! I don't really know a lot about autism, so it would be super cool if you could share your reasons for headcanoning teru as autistic? I think it would be interesting to read about your views on it and people like me could learn a bit more about autism as well, if youre up for it!

okay so basically!! people describe autism as a lot of things but tbh i dont think anyone ever defines it in a way that makes sense. i personally like to think of autism as an amplified world. sights, sounds, touch, emotions, all of that is amplified with autism. its like the volume in ur brain is turned all the way up and that really affects how u develop over time because u wind up thinking and coping with that differently

everyone with autism is different! but there are basic symptoms of it that lots of autistic people share to some degree. mob has shown many of these symptoms in canon. very blatantly, in fact. i would go as far as to say hes autistic-coded. but so many people have written about this so i wont go into too much depth. 

teru, on the other hand, feels like he has a type of autism that i sort of resonate with a bit more! 

i like to think that teru’s special interest is film and movies. special interests are basically like this Thing that u get so fuckin obsessed with and u have to know everything about it and u only want to talk abt it and in a way special interests are Hell but i digress. teru would often mimic a lot of what he sees on tv, including the way that characters interract with each other. in fact, characters were probably his guidebook on that. hed mimic this to the point of him actually playing the role of “protagonist” (before mob came along at least) 

teru uses social scripts to a blatant degree. but hes good at them. in fact, he even enjoys doing them! he loves being the center of attention so much that he often feels as though hes an actor on a stage. it isnt his real self, because truthfully, teru isnt that great at social interaction without putting on a mask and acting like his Character™ that hes developed in his head.

but terus autism slips through the cracks. for example, when reigen offered to pay everyone for their meal in that one iconic omake, teru didnt really have any respect for that. but reigen talked himself up, so teru probably just thought “if he doesnt want to pay why should i bother?” teru does kinda need people to be a bit specific about their needs and honest because reading those social cues is a bit difficult for him. he probably didnt even know that was rude. teru actually does a LOT of things he doesnt know are rude, because nobody is being explicit abt it. 

anyway thats all i got for now, but this is just a few things that show up in canon that lead me to hc him as autistic! of course, u dont really need any evidence to hc anyone as autistic. but! teru has a lot of evidence there if u ask me! 

my mom was saying transphobic things about my friends on facebook during breakfast and since I thought she was more tolerant than that i started tearing up a little and she got angry with me. asking what my problem was…

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sooo idk what my point of this is but like i know for a lot of ppl their bpd is mostly caused by specific things that happened to them but the only thing i can think of that messed me up or even seems like it'd mess me up is my dad getting mad at me whenever i cried and now i hate crying and almost never let anyone know when i do but thats it idk y i have so many other issues and idk i just wish i did sorry i just dont have anyone to talk to about stuff like this

its okay hun dont be sorry, im always here and feel free to message me if you need to, sometimes bpd can come from nothing that happened to you, i know what its like to almost want a reason but its still okay if you have just the one thing it doesnt make you any less valid. i hope this helped and im here if you need me

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I guess I can see how that could happen but with the timing as per the fact that you got a donation yesterday it seems a little weird and fake and everyone calling me rude needs to calm down bloggers scam people all the fucking time with stuff like this so how does it hurt to ask

how am i scamming anyone. since when is offering a paid, compensated service a scam

i understand being cynical but i didnt ask for anything for free. i didnt ask yesterday either.

did i do something wrong here? because it really doesnt feel like i did.

ps they dont need to calm down you need to calm down :/

hi i’m afraid i don’t think an illaks update is on the cards tonight my dudes :( i’ve been really struggling with writer’s block and the storyline & where i wanna take it and i wanna make the next chapter as good as possible instead of rushing it for the purpose of having it up on time. the next chapter should be up possibly sometime this weekend if i have the time but i’ll let y'all know. hope this is okay xx

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I've been a writer for my whole life, but I'm not too confident in my ability. I don't know if you have time and I feel kinda bad for asking, but if I were to send you an excerpt from my project of three years, would you tell me what you think?

Hello, dear anon~ ♥︎

As it says in my about page, I don’t read manuscripts— not because I’m evil, but because I get (now) about 10-15 messages everyday from people asking me to read their stuff. The worst ones are the people who just send me links. Like, I sure ain’t gonna click that link, it could be a virus for all I know :0

Now, since I dragged out all the way my queue, I think I should at least tell you something.

I used to cheat. Badly. People used to send me stuff, a couple years back when I didn’t know better— and I wouldn’t read it. I was working 60+ hours a week. I was nearly killing myself… but people online wanted to know if their stuff was good, and I wanted them to write. So I thought of a compromise.

I would lie to them. Make up a convincing piece of advice, and go on with my life. I would tell them I loved their piece, and that I really enjoyed their characters. Oh, especially that one bit with the protagonist, they were just very authentic there. And they would… keep writing. They would finish entire books. Eventually I read them, and gave feedback (giving the justification that I hadn’t been too hard on them the first time). And nobody was the wiser. It was a pretty shifty thing to do, I still feel bad about it.

Ultimately… my feedback was not what they were looking for, and what you’re looking for right now. You want me to tell you that your work is good. You want me to tell you that you should keep writing. Because if I told you it was worth fighting for, you would keep fighting?

Let’s play a game.

Let’s pretend I read your work.

And I didn’t like it. There’s promise, but you need to clean up more. Also less adverbs, they take the punch away from some of your lines. Additionally, I feel that things just happen too easily for the main protagonist. I was never worried for their safety. I think you should revise the climax to make it more intense. Oh, and could you give your antagonist a more believable goal? I mean, does he really only want the protagonist dead? Is there seriously nothing else in the world that makes this character happy? It’s just a kid. Who cares. The antagonist has SO many resources, why don’t they just go buy an island and enjoy life instead of worrying about that shitty kid who ruined their plans once?

There. That’s my feedback. What are you going to do now? Are you going to give up on your art, your passion, your writing? Just because pink-haired, queer-as-fuck, M. Kirin didn’t like your writing? Fuck that guy. I hate him. He’s pretentious as fuck and his hair isn’t actually pink. Fuck him. Who is that fucker to say your writing is not good? He’s just a fucking fucker— and you’re AWESOME. You’ve been writing for way longer than him. You’re going to keep writing, because the opinion of one ASSHOLE is not going to compromise your art. You’re going to write for yourself, and you’re going to be proud of it— because no other writer in the universe could have written that. No one. It may not be finished, and it may not be perfect, but its YOURS. You made it. You worked for it. You forged words and characters out of the depths of your imagination and created something that the world had never seen before. Who are FUCKERS like M. Kirin to tell you that you’re not great? YOU ARE GREAT. EVERY PAGE YOU WRITE MAKES YOU BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER. YOU ARE GREAT, AND NOBODY CAN TELL YOU OTHERWISE. NOT YOUR PARENTS, NOT YOUR SCHOOL COUNSELOR, AND CERTAINLY NOT THAT FUCKING-FUCKER M. KIRIN ASSHOLE.

You ARE great. Your writing may not be perfect, but you ARE a great writer— because you want to get better. You ARE great, and NOBODY can tell you otherwise.

((ps: okay sorry for yelling at you, i just really needed to get that point across. sorry about that. i didnt meant to offend you if i did. also that is not really how i give feedback, it was all done in favor of further expressing my point. what i want to get across is that you don’t need me to tell you that you’re a good writer, anon, you are a good writer— because you’re writing and you want to get better. that’s all it takes. take pride in what you make. it doesnt have to be perfect, but if you dont believe in your writing how can you expect anyone to believe in it? be strong. i know you can be strong. okay now here are some hugs and kisses again sorry for yelling at you :c))

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A lot of the stuff I've seen on your blog makes sense. But the more I delve into that stuff on this website, the more it makes me hate myself because I'm white. I hate it because I get we're not the minority and I respect that, but I know there's something wrong with posts online that make me cry because I now hate my skin color. They make me feel bad for things I have never done. I don't really know what to do anymore. I love people of all colors. But I am still ashamed of myself.

my dude, all i preach is “minorities are people too and need to have as many rights as anyone else”, not “theyre better than everyone else and every white person should die”.

theres a balance that needs to be reached, not by takin away anything from you, but by giving other people something.

you dont have to hate yourself for who you are, just like being black doesnt make you a thug, being white doesnt make you an asshole.

you say you love people of all colours, and thats great. instead of hating yourself for being white, love yourself and everyone around you. be a good white ally and speak out against racism when you can. when theres poc already talking, let them talk, and listen. 

if youre feeling guilty for stuff you didnt do, then try to make the world a better place. talk, do things, go to protests, use the privilege you have to help people.

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I don't understand why people feel the need to ship Elsa with anyone. I'm down for shipping anyone with anybody (thought dont even talk to me about Faberry/Achele....just no), but I feel like, because of the fact that Elsa locked herself away, she doesnt need some man to look after her. She can run the country on her own, supported by Anna and Kristoff and Olaf, and of course all the servents who had to have known about her powers. ELSA IS A STRONG INDEPENDANT WOMAN WHO DONT NEED NO MAN