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YOU COW. the best cow in the entire universe but i still prefer the cows that would give me actual milk. its not like u dont have milk, but its not the same ( KSDJLASKJ DONT KILL ME FOR THIS IM CRYIN ). where do i start… are um ver decent i guess????? BTCH IM KIDDIN. you are the moon in my universe, a real gem, the most wonderful crystal, diamond  , it MY MOONSTONE. you are always by my side, literally glued to me and i couldnt ask for more, stay glued forever. YOU ARE so wonderful, so nice, so loving and so caring and gentle and compassionate BUT ALSO very smol and angry and GOD i promise i love you for everything you are honestly i could write poems for you at 4 am but i would choose sleep bc im the type of person that gets excited just by the mention of sleep. i love you so much and if you didnt know this by now ( which you did, you know how much i love you ) i will punch you 34 times with a stone bc i guess you are into stones so you will hypothetically like it? aaaah anyways ok i think that no matter how much i write, it will never be enough to describe what i think of you so u better shut up with the winkey emoji ( dont do it, i like them ) and just GET LOST Before i punch you out of love ( warning: if you ever get lost i will haunt u down and steal your gems so u will be forever forced to search for them aka search for me, MAN IM not nice with those things, i sound dumb but hey i tried ;)