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coffee shop au for bastiangst

im going to hit myself with a bat if i dont stop thinking about how everyone looks up to and admire’s Iwa-chan and how everyone treasures their Iwaizumi-senpai AND JUST OVER ALL HOW AMAZING IWAIZUMI IS AND YES EVERYONE LOVES HIM. 

im honestly rreally put off by all those “relationship advice” posts because they say things like “if they ever make u feel [negative thing] then leave” but there are people with mental illnesses and disorders that constantly feel that way. we are constantly worrying these things and to make us expect these things right off the bat is pretty harmful. sometimes we say things on impulse that cause those feelings and it makes us out to be a bad person when we didn’t mean it.

this leads to harmful expectations, and one side or the other feeling like no matter what, we’re not good people or there’s something irreparably wrong with us, and that we will always be bad.

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lmao i explained just how u can be racist/ableist while bein anti-otherkin so yknow, u might want to delete that reblog bc 1) ure wrong 2) u dont need it on ur blog anyways

actually im gonna keep it thanks