dont move forward

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.

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Heya! I'm new to your blog but your a great artist! I'm gonna add you on my Senpai list ^^ I'm sorry for your loss dude.... I know how it feels to lost a family member... since my cousin died without me seeing him go T.T I hope you feel better soon dear! <3

Im already moving forward

Dont worry


Welcome to my lovely blog!

I’ll be posting some arts soon!

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You + Me Part 2

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Part One

Note: I do not condone cheating. If your not happy in a relationship, leave. Cheating is the worst thing you can do to someone you ‘love’.
Also this part is short, there will be another part coming. Enjoy xx

“Nice to meet you.” You plastered the warmest smile you could muster on your lips.
Tara eyed you carefully but didn’t say anything before turning back to Jax.
You raised your eye brows and watched as she wrapped her arms over his shoulders.
She spoke in a hushed voice, too quiet for you to hear and Opie nudged you gently with his elbow.
You turned to him and his eyes were soft and warm, sympathetic even.
He knew how hard this must be for you.
But you flashed him a small smile before lowering your gaze.
The smoke from his cigarette lingered in the air and you wished the earth would open up and swallow you whole.
You had known you would have to meet Tara one day.
It was inevitable. No matter what would happen between her and Jax, she was still the mother of his children. Well, one of them at least. And she was always going to be a part of his life.
But you had hoped that when you did meet her, it would be under different circumstances.
You didn’t really want to meet the wife of the man you loved, and have to watch as she practically threw herself at him right in front of you.
Take a deep breath. You told yourself.
“Stay out of it.” You heard Jax say angrily.
You couldn’t help but glance up, and see the coldness in his eyes as he talked to his wife.
Her arms were still on his shoulders but her face turned into stone.
She stared at him before removing her arms and moving them to her hips.
“Say goodbye to your children before you leave.” She ordered and marched back into the clubhouse.
An awkward silence fell in her departure and you weren’t sure whether or not you should say something.
Of course, you were ecstatic that she was gone, and her hands were far away from your mans body.
But you felt sad for Jax. She was his wife. And the tension between the two could have been felt from outside of California.
Jax sighed and ran his hand through his hair before taking a long drag of his cigarette.
You met his gaze, those blue eyes full of depth always made your heart skip a beat.
“So, that was Mrs Teller, huh?”
As soon as the words left your lips you instantly regretted them.
A blush rose to your cheeks and you glanced at Jax.
Opie sniggered and a smirk spread across Jax’s lips as he shook his head.
And all three of you laughed awkwardly together.

You looked up as you heard a knock on the door.
Jax and Opie were in Church with the rest of the club, and you had snuck off to the dorm you were sharing with Ope. Somehow, you didn’t really feel like hanging out with Tara while you waited for Church to finish up.
You cleared your throat as you crossed the room.
The door swung open and Gemma stood in the hallway.
You smiled warmly at the woman you had met earlier.
“Hey Gemma. Whats up?”
She smiled back at you and scanned the room behind you, noticing the sleeping bag and pillow laid out on the floor.
“Thought you might like a drink?” She said.
You grinned widely. Maybe you would fit in in this life after all.
“Sure!” You stepped out into the hallway, closing the door behind you.
The clubhouse was swarming with people and Gemma led you over to the bar and grabbed two beers.
The room was loud and she scanned the crowd before heading towards the back corner, where an empty couch sat. She gestured for you to follow and you did, a smile on your face the whole time.
Gemma sat on the couch and took a sip from her beer as her eyes scanned the room.
You sat next to her and lifted the beer to your lips.
“So, how long have you been fucking my son?”
You almost spat the beer out of your mouth.
With a gulp, you turned to Gemma with wide eyes.
She smirked at your expression.
“Wh-what?” Your heart beat loudly in your chest.
Did she know? Would Jax want her to know? Would he want you to lie? Was she close with Tara? She was his mother?!
Questions ran through your mind but you just stared at the woman in shock.
Gemma laughed lightly and rolled her eyes.
“How long?” She asked again.
You blushed and looked away from her.
“I dont know what you’re talking about.”
Gemma studied you closely before speaking.
“I think you know exactly what Im talking about, sweetheart.”
You both watched each other carefully and you were about to speak when the Curch doors opened and the club filed out.
You both stood and watched as Jax walked out, running his hand through his hair.
“Do you love him?” Gemma asked quietly behind you.
You turned to look at her.
Her dark eyes burnt through you, and you knew in that moment that you shouldn’t lie to this woman.
“I do.”
She smirked before moving forward.
“Dont hurt him.” She whispered in your ear before kissing your cheek and walking across the room.
Across the room, Tara crossed her arms over her chest, a scowl on her face as she watched you and Gemma.

Opie hugged you as you approached the group and you thanked him silently.
He sure was making this whole situation a lot easier for you, and you began to realise why he meant so much to Jax.
He introduced you to the rest of the club and you smiled to each of them before sitting on a stool next to Opie.
Your eyes were only looking for one face in the crowd, and your heart sunk when you saw him sitting at a table with his son in his arms, and Taras arm draped across his shoulders.
She caught your eye and she glared at you before you could look away.
“Y/n?” Opie asked quietly.
You turned to him and raised your eye brows.
He rubbed his beard before he continued.
“Are you.. happy?”
You sighed and took a long swig of your beer before answering.
“When Im with him? Im happier than I ever thought possible.”
Opie nodded.”What about right now?”
You laughed bitterly. “Its easier to pretend I’m happy.”
Opie nodded once more. He knew what you meant. You both knew what Jax had been through, the demons he faced. And Opie respected that you put him first.
This was clearly not an ideal situation, for either of you.
But you knew it was hard enough for Jax, and he already felt guilty. You being upset or angry with him wasn’t going to make his life any easier. And so you plastered on your smile and carried on.
“You’re good for him.” Opie said quietly.
You smiled and shrugged.
“Yeah, well I didn’t plan to be this amazing. It just happened.”
Opie laughed loudly and threw his arm over your shoulder, and you joined him in laughter.
Jax turned at the sound of your laughter and he couldn’t help the smile forming on his face as he saw his best friend laughing with the girl he loved.
Tara scowled and stood before walking and standing in front of Jax.
He looked at her questioningly and she smirked wickedly before sliding into his lap and wrapping her hands around his head.
Her lips pressed against his and your laughter fell as you watched her kiss him.
He pushed her away gently and she stood straight before walking back to her seat.
She glared at you over her shoulder as she walked.
“You want another beer?” Opie asked you.
“Got anything stronger?”

There was a crack in the ceiling.
It wasn’t big. You could barely notice it, but if you squinted your eyes and tilted your head you could see it.
You were back in the dorm room, lying back on the bed with a bottle of whiskey next to you as you stared at the ceiling with the minuscule crack.
With a sigh you sat up and unscrewed the bottle before taking a sip.
You weren’t a big drinker, not anymore anyway.
But Whiskey was probably the only thing that would get you through this night.
You were screwing the lid back on when you heard the door open.
Jax walked in and closed the door behind him and you smiled once you saw him.
He smiled back at you before crossing the room and sinking onto the bed next to you.
You both sat in silence and you slowly rested your head on his shoulder.
His hand reached out and he squeezed your knee before his hand caressed your thigh.
“I’m sorry.” He said quietly.
“You don’t need to apologise.” You told him but he shook his head.
“I do. I know this is.. hard. You don’t deserve this.”
You lifted his head and he turned to look at you.
His eyes were full of sadness and guilt.
“Its okay, Jax. Honestly, I’m okay.” You smiled warmly at him.
His eyes bored into yours.
“I love you.” He said and you smiled and stood.
“I love you too, Jackson.” You sat in his lap, straddling him and his hands went to your waist.
His lips were soft as you kissed him and you didn’t realise how desperately you had wanted him until now.
He felt the same, and his hands explored your body as your lips moved together.
Your hands ran through his hair as you kissed him desperately and rolled your hips against him.
He growled as you continued to move your hips and his hands gripped your waist roughly.
Suddenly the door opened and both your heads snapped towards the sound.
Opie stood in the doorway awkwardly.
You blushed and stood, smoothing down your hair.
“We gotta go, brother.”
Jax nodded and Opie smiled at you before closing the door and leaving.
You blushed slightly and covered your face as Jax stood and adjusted his jeans.
He smirked at you and you both began to laugh.
“You gotta go?” You asked.
Jax nodded and moved forwards, wrapping his arms around your waist.
“Come home to me, Jax.” You said, only now realising the fear in the situation, and the possibility of losing him chilled you to the bone.
“Of course, babe. Will you be okay?” He asked.
You nodded and kissed him deeply once more.
“I’ll just hang out with your mom.”
Jax looked at you with a surprised look and you laughed loudly.
“C’mon, mommas boy. You’d better go.”
Jax smirked and kissed you once more, and you walked to the door with him.
He kissed you again desperately before he left the room and you watched him walk down the hallway.

How I did well in the UKCAT

Its worth saying that I applied to medicine twice before getting in, the UKCAT score I got the first time was well higher than the second time. My application was strong enough to receive offers from higher UKCAT threshold universities as well my back up non UKCAT assessing university. 

I decided to write this post because I found my old notes on how I organised my mind to do well in the UKCAT and thought I’d share with the Medblr community.

Here goes! 

Verbal Reasoning (650)

  1. Read the question/statement and allocate a keyword!
  2. Skim passage, try looking for the keyword.
  3. If its there, read the sentence before and after and decide between true, false and can’t tell.
  4. If you can’t decide between them. Flag and move on.
  5. If you cant find the keyword. Flag and move on. Its not worth wasting time deciding whether or not you’ve selected the correct keyword. 

Abstract Reasoning (750) 

If anything I practiced this the most and scored high in it. The way I arranged my mind for this section is as follows

  1. I formed a set of categories upon which I scanned each question and decided which category it best fit.
  2. The categories were; shape, colour, number, arrangement and the WHAT THE ABSOLUTE HELL category. Usually in that order. 
  3. These categories have sub categories too. For example: type of shape, features of shape that repeat in the set ( e.g. a triangle in each set). It does get more complicated sometimes where categories intermix, like  1 fully shaded triangle in the right hand corner of each box in the set. 
  4. Breathe, I know that was a lot to read. Practice makes you faster.
  5. When your in the WHAT THE ABSOLUTE HELL category, guess, flag and then move on. You most likely won’t have time to come back to this. Make an educated guess. Flagged is incase you have time to have a second look. 

Quantitate Reasoning (820)

Im being truthful here and telling you I hardly practiced QR. Im really good at mental maths. Seriously I never used the calculator throughout this section on the UKCAT and here are some tips. 

  1. READ my child READ! Because sometimes you dont need to look at the information given at all. Sometimes everything you need is in the question itself. Best believe it. 

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  1. Round, saves SO much time. If the options are in close range, round smaller. 
  2. If you’re not good in maths, practice as much as possible. Revise your times tables and know the basic formulae for area, volume, perimeter etc. Revise stats and make sure you know how to do basic ratios, percentages, mean, range etc. Make sure you know how to read a graph. 
  3. Flag anything that you dont get first time and move on. If something is time consuming, its worth moving on and finishing the easier ones. 

Decision Analysis (500) 

I still cry at this. WHY?

Funny enough, after AR I practiced this the most. When I tested myself this section was always my highest score. Funny. 

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My tips if you choose to take any is:

  1. Don't dig deep into this too much. You begin to confuse yourself dreadfully.
  2. Take your time, these are all supposedly do-able. So each one you get is one worth getting correctly. 
  3. Look for words that indicate what the sentence is about.

Situation Judgement Test (Band 1)

I scored Band 1 both times when I did the UKCAT. The first time I did it, SJT was still being trialled. My main tip for this: Read the GMC guidelines for doctors and medical students. This is what structured my way of thinking in both a professional manner and an empathetic one. Its worth reading. 


  1. Flagging is your best friend. 
  2. Love it because hating it will only discourage your preparation. Love it LOVE IT, you can hate it when its over. 
  3. If you begin to fluster during the exam because its the third question you’re flagging because you really don’t know whats going on. Take a moment. Tell yourself that you got this. Im telling you YOU GOT THIS!
  4. Dont go back, move forward. Even if you’ve flagged ten in a row move forward and only go back once you’ve been through them all. 
  5. Each question is worth a point. Whether the question is easy or hard, its still worth the same. This is why I tell you to flag the tricky ones and do all the easyish ones. 
  6. Sleep the night before and have breakfast. Stimulate your brain. 

I know this gives me a rather average overall score (goddamn you DA) but it was good enough for all the medical schools I applied too. 

Good luck!