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turing-tested  asked:

ok I just discovered this blog but hypothetically what would hal and equius's fusion look like because I need to draw that asap

hope this rough sketch works!

– mun T))

carmelblood  asked:

hey if you dont mind a mun question, how do you recommend making a strong and prosperous askblog...? i know there's no one formula, but do you have any tips?

((Hey! Thanks for your ask. I hope I can be of help to you somehow, but to be honest, I pretty much stumbled my way into all this, haha! I do have some tips I could give you, as well as some character development techniques that have inspired me over the years. I hope this helps you!

-Before I started the blog, I looked to other ask blogs for guidance on how an ask blog should look and function. I examined their designs, how their ways of responding to asks varied, and cherry-picked my favourite ideas. The DS blog is very much influenced by blogs such as ask-GasterWD, thatonegojimun’s Gaster ask blog, and even ask6amzee. I liked the freedom offered by comic responses, but I knew I wouldn’t always have the time and energy to make a comic for every ask I received. So I took inspiration from Goji and created a collection of expressions. That’s why there are so many more expressions posts than comics posts: I just don’t have the time to make art for every response! That’s definitely something you should keep in mind when making an ask blog. How can you balance time, effort and quality in a way that satisfies you? You, not your followers.

-Once you’ve decided on your design, lay the ground rules. Protect yourself. That sounds serious, but I am being serious. Tumblr can be a stressful place to draw a lot of attention to yourself. As soon as your blog is created, make the Rules page. Right away. Mine clearly states that this blog is SFW only, selective and plot-driven, and I’ve stated my preferred ask format. Honestly, my rules are very lenient, and I really should expand them! I operate by the three strikes rule: if any follower violates my terms three times, they’re blocked. If someone does something really awful, they’re blocked immediately, regardless of strikes. I recommend you do the same. You’re not being mean, you’re not being a dick, you’re protecting yourself - and your followers! Know your audience: I know that the vast majority of my followers are teens and minors, and I have to keep that in mind when posting and sharing content on this blog. I try to avoid profanity and R-rated content as much as possible. Gaster has cursed once, I admit, but it was a relatively tame word masked in the Wingdings font. Still, I’ve avoided profanity since, as I’m very wary of negatively influencing my young audience. Setting up rules, allowing myself to hit that block button whenever I need to, and deleting unwanted comments and reblogs has kept me sane and stress-free while managing this blog. The happier you are, the better your blog will be.

-Spend time developing your blog’s main draw: its character. Say you want to make a Gaster ask blog for example: what can you bring to the character that is exciting, interesting and new? I often receive asks form followers saying they haven’t seen another Gaster quite like him. I am very grateful for this, but I wouldn’t call my Gaster a totally “unique” design. But he stands out. Uniqueness isn’t the be-all and end-all of good character design; I’ve seen too many of my friends torture themselves over their “unoriginal” character designs, like the word unoriginal is a death sentence for their character. I ask you to not be afraid of this. So long as your character has that spark, that something that brings them to life, you’re on the right track.

-Content is important too. Jokes always help. If you can bring the funny, you’re more likely to attract people who will enjoy and share your content. Best of all, you might just brighten someone’s day. I can’t recommend that highly enough: it’s a great feeling when someone tells you your silly little ask blog made their day better.

-You also need to be prepared to work with the character for a long time. If you’re going to draw them, make sure their design is one you can stand drawing over and over again. If I can build a personal connection between myself and my character, chances are I will still be inspired to work with the character even years down the line. For example, DSGaster is inspired by a character archetype I thoroughly enjoy: the polite, stoic British man at the end of his tether and desperately trying to bite back his frustration! I suppose I enjoy this because I can relate. I don’t always handle anger very well; I’m the type that often leaps straight from being frustrated to sad. I don’t give myself enough outlets for my anger. I enjoy Gaster because he does not have this problem, and it allows me to explore and express anger in a way that is safe, doesn’t hurt anyone, and is often entertaining and funny! That helps me, and keeps me coming back to the character.

-Plus, flat out? Helps to be part of an active fandom for a popular franchise. Popularity does factor into this, let’s not kid ourselves!

I’VE TALKED A LOT so I’ll stop here. I do hope this helps you! If there’s anything I’ve not covered or anything else you’re curious about, please feel free to ask me. 

Best of luck! c: ))


When it’s close to a con and you still haven’t finished Reapertale Chara. Resort to a think you have never seen before in your life.

I give you Fresh!Chara. I took reactive insight on what they could possibly be wearing since I haven’t seen any Fresh!Chara yet. 

I literally bought most of this today. The tights, glasses, suspenders and the gloves and the mood locket. The wig and knife where bought around November time I believe. The shorts where things I wasn’t comfortable wearing in summer and that t-shirt… Who knows. I need shoes and already have my eyes on a pair that I plan to get. For now the t-shirt is temporary. I think I’m gonna get something along the lines of this with the ridiculous panels but looking more 90′s style. 

But yes Fresh!Chara. Rest in piece anyone who encounters them.

Fresh and the Parasites that make you into a Fresh character belong to @loverofpiggies 

Edit: Heres the new updated version on what I am officially wearing

You know what amazes me the most about writers, especially the writers who RP on Tumblr? It’s just that when you see their faces, especially on Mundays, they usually seem to be faces you’ll overlook in a crowd, just your every day normal people. But here, online, with a medium for them to work with, they can craft such beautiful imagery with words, they can become another character, they have whole, entire worlds of wonder and horror and adventure in their heads, stories they weave with their fingers that brings emotion to the readers and their fellow RPers. And that amazes me so much, like you don’t even know.