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Ah yes, the DCEU’s Harley, obviously the first time the character has ever been shown as sexual… oh wait. 

Sorry to be the one to break it to you but the fact that shes showing skin in no way takes away from her character or how badass she is and considering the response to the films costume this Halloween id say that the costume designer, who is a woman, didn’t just have the men in mind.


so endingthemes and I were discussing the beach divorce scene and

i don’t even know

(Charles does have a posh ass though)

Dead Men Dont Talk

Request: “ Would you mind doing a Jonathan Crane fic, it really doesn’t matter what type, just anything” from anonymous. And  “ Scarecrow arguing with the reader, threatens to use his toxins, only to apologise and comfort the reader when they react badl” from @my-fucking-world-13 and “ Fic request (when you have the time) of Scarecrow spraying reader with his toxin and finding out her fear is his death.” from @97thebaluga

Words: 939

Warnings: Death, blood, arguing/yelling, domestic dispute, use of fear toxins.- abuse within relationship.  

Notes: I just did what was asked. I’m not sorry. 

“SHUT UP.” He demanded, angrier than you’d ever seen him before. His normal, usual cold persona dropped and replaced by a louder, enraged one. His face only inches away from yours, one hand raised above his head as if to intimidate and the other pointed straight at you. But you refused to be intimidated by him.

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anonymous asked:

Does Yasuo have certain taste in men, a type?

Hmmm… I think if we were to speak physically, ‘rough’ would be a key word. In my headcanons, Yasuo is a down-to-earth man. He is someone to keep it real all the time, so everything that reflects this reality in someone else is already a big plus.

Musculature, strong hands, sturdy build are a very good way to convey this roughness.

This below goes beyond what you asked, so I’m putting a read more.

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lunartickle  asked:

if you dont mind me asking, how do you draw men? For some reason, i am only able to draw girls. Thank you <3 (your art is wonderful, it makes me happy to see you draw my favourite characters :))

Ok, let’s go! See these two figures? These could be male or female (or any other gender the individual identifies as). For this exercise I will not go into detail on how it applies to many different body types (because there are so many other factors that go into body types and gender, especially fat and muscle, this is just gonna be simplified). 

What I’m saying is that you should do an exercise where you draw genderless bodies. And by that I mean, throw all the gender assumption you have about how ‘male’ bodies and ‘female’ bodies should look. This figure up here could be anything.

we see specific genders and our eyes are taught to identify specific features to them eg; broad shoulders, thick arms, the ‘dorito’ ratio thing (broad shoulders, small waist),  yet on women we see small arms, small waist, small shoulders, large chest (small small small, boobs, butt). Look past it. Women also have thick arms, broad shoulders, thick waists, men can have large butts, small shoulders, small arms.

Just experiment with drawing different features on different bodies really.

These pictures are to show that you can use your skills of drawing female bodies, or bodies you feel look feminine. This middle figure is just to show that most of the features are the same (but also that women do have their fat distributed on their thighs, butt, boobs, belly). The third figure is added muscle to the arms, shoulder and legs (this figure, like the first, can be any gender).

anonymous asked:

do you think it's common for lesbians to think they're bi first? i thought i was bi but for now im not sure so i just call myself a wlw/sapphic. i always had that nag in the back of my mind of like "if it turns out i dont like men i can still call myself bi bc im attracted to girls and other nb people" and i used to be comfortable labelling myself as bi and now i dont feel like it fits me

i think it’s very common!! sexuality is confusing and complex and compulsory heterosexuality makes it extra difficult for gals to figure out if our attraction to men is real or genuine. if you don’t feel comfortable iding as bi, you definitely don’t have to label yourself as that anymore. labels can change and if they no longer honor you, they have no purpose. compulsory heterosexuality does often make wlw heistant to id as lesbians because they feel like what if they are attracted to a man in the future. and yeah, that might happen, but that’s not a reason to not use the label lesbian if that’s what makes you feel comfortable and celebrates who you are! it’s about what honors you at this point in your journey. you are absolutely allowed to just continue calling yourself a wlw/sapphic. those labels are great especially when you’re still trying to figure out a lot about your relationship with attraction. but if you feel drawn to the identity lesbian, i would encourage you to explore that. you’re absolutely allowed to try out different labels for size, you’re not being dishonest or harming lesbians if you try out that label and then realize it doesn’t fit you. it’s definitely a process and i think it’s just important to kind of honor that and let it unfold naturally and not put too much pressure on ourselves to figure everything out. labels are awesome insofar as they allow us to have a better understanding of ourself, but they aren’t ultimately the most important thing. it’s about being comfortable with and celebrating yourself first of all and letting the process of figuring things out happen as it does. it’s definitely healthy and good to explore, but definitely don’t feel like you have to fit to or stay with one specific label at this point or any point.

good luck and enjoy the process!! let me know how things are going :)

love love love,

your sapphic big sis xxx

you know what thing needs to stop happening???? how, in writing, whenever someone is talking about an ambiguous person, they give that person male pronouns 99% of the time. talking about some hypothetical, representative person, it is INCREDIBLY normal and pervasive for the writer to just use male pronouns. this is ubiquitous evidence that in our society, men are perceived as the default being. 

this isn’t merely exhibited in writing, though; we refer to animals with “he”. animate objects, other drivers on the road, tiny animals - anything that fucking moves, you may catch yourself referring to with male pronouns. we need to eliminate the idea that men are the default, the basic form of existence. 

what have i doNE??? (」゚ロ゚)」////

first I watched agent carter, then I read this ask to theletteraesc, and then this fic snippet by @lachatblanche and then tHIS HAPPENED. Gosh it’s been ages since I’ve done fanart and this is gross but this AU has awakened the beast within I can no longer be contained (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ so have some bb charles and raven with peggy cause she’s the shit ♥♥♥

Fuck Everyone- For those times when you just want to stab everyone around you 

the house of wolves - bring me the horizon // FTWWW - my chemical romance // i may be rude but i’m the truth - cobra starship // you make me sick - of mice and men // the irony of choking on a  lifesaver - all time low // tell mick that he just made my list of things to do today - fall out boy // stay away - nirvana // off with her head - ghost town // this song is a curse - frank iero // bite my tongue (feat. oliver sykes) - you me at six // bittersweet - panic! at the disco // makeshift chemistry - crown the empire // seventy times seven - brand new

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I’m seriously considering writing a fluff fic about peter maximoff bc honestly he is such an important character??

  • he’s never really been thanked onscreen for saving everyone’s asses
  • he doesn’t seem to have friends outside of the x-men
  • okay just imagine him and sweetie kurt wagner being friends pleas e
  •  I’m not done him and kurt would have an awesome dynamic kurt being so caring and calm-ish and cheerful and peter being tech savvy and ADHD and still a great kid
  • peter making friends and playing pranks
  • being shocked people want to hang out w/ him because under his cool demeanor he’s just a lonely kid
  • having isolated himself because  all of the anti-mutant speeches and broadcasts and even mutant slurs thrown out casually his his sister’s cartoons (that’s definitely happened yes absolutely(with all the mutant hate its not even close to unlikely)) making him afraid no one really accepts him, besides his family
  • his coolness being a facade 
  • he’s been shown to be a bit awkward in Apocalypse imagine that
  •  if he was confirmed gay that would be amazing (I mean it’s happened to bobby already and it wouldn’t have to be in the comics, too- the movies and comics have been contradictory before)
  • just think about peter maximoff okay

i dont mind male positivity posts IF its for: trans boys, men of color, disabled men, mentally ill/mentally disabled men, gay/bi/pan/poly/ace/aro men but no we always have to focus on cis straight white men who are healthy just because they have fucking weak egos