dont mind my room

tag dump 1!


What are you going to do? If you shoot me, you brand yourself a hypocrite to every pacifist idea you hold dear. And you, Kenobi, you’re no stranger to violence. You’d be hailed as a hero by everyone on the ship. Well, almost everyone.

Sounds best with headphones, sorry about the swinging i forgot to stop rocking my chair, im about 10-12 feet away from him and yes this is really him he snores like this all the time (dont mind the pile of shit in the corner behind him, cleaning my room is a fucking process)

roommate brought someone over and i dont mind but my room is right above the living room and theyre giggling and talking pretty loudly and it’s 1:30am and he didn’t like. let us know that he was having someone over so actually i take it back i fully do mind