dont mind my fingers

i think the thing i hate the most about derma is that once its bad… it really is bad

you start picking this one spot of dry skin, thinking “i just need to get this off thats all it is” but then you just keep going, thinking “the edges of it annoy me i need to balance them out” and you just keep going and going and going, wider and deeper

you cant brush your fingers over any part of yourself without finding something to pick and then at the end youre all picked out but it still doesnt stop, you always find a place where you can pick just that little bit deeper

then you spend the rest of the day in pain, stinging all over, every touch hurting you, and you cant really move because well, you dont have the skin there to give in to the movement

but then when tomorrow comes and youve started to heal you dont like the way it looks, how it feels when you touch it, you dont like the scab, you need to get it off

and it all begins all over again
in a never ending cycle

Through A Camera Lens

Castiel liked to look at life through a camera lens. There were many people that would comment that he was missing life with his nose shoved against a piece of technology. All he could say to them was that he captured moments, that he held them when other people’s brains let go of those fragile moments, and that he life went slower when he was zoned in on one particular moment at a time. Most of the artistic photos he saw at museums were flowers, sunsets, people posing, and other focal points that he never truly grasped as a moment. What he snapped his camera at were the moments that others took for granted.

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