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honestly i would be so blessed if you could maybe draw some chuuatsu? idk maybe a scenario where chuuya brings atsushi a bouquet of flowers & they both just get rlly flustered like just omg these two cinnamon rolls give me life

atsu as a florist suddenly just pop in my head when i saw this ask

Hawkeye (2012) #11

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5 things in my bag:





phone 📱

5 things in my room:

my tiny cute succulents 🌿🌱🌵

blue and white throw blanket


an abundance of katherines by john green


5 things on my bucket list:

go to korea!!!

attend an exo concert in japan or korea (+ meet the boys)

go sky diving

swim with a honu 🐢

read the whole harry potter series

5 things that make me happy:

exo (duH)

family + friends


dogs + david 🐶

stationery (im a sucker for stationery)

5 things about me:

love love love food + boba

a watch is a must have on my wrist

sorta kinda have nice handwriting asdfgjsgk

im considered an introvert extrovert

i have a mini poodle named david hehe

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Tracking collars

So since I started working for the AKC I now have a coupon to get the Link Collar for $100. Only issue is that you need to get a service plan for it (ranges from $10 per month to $200 for 3 years). I like the idea of it, but its definitely big.

Another option is the Dogtra Pathfinder. It’s $400, but doesn’t need a service plan and would include the collar, receiver, and the app as well. It also has stimulation options which i probably won’t need but would be good if he started to chase deer…

Basically what I need is a way to track Rowan when we go hunting in October. He will probably disappear into the woods and I’ll spend an hour trying to find him lol.

If anyone has a suggestion on GPS trackers I would greatly appreciate it! Or any reviews on the above two options it would be wonderful. My requirements: Small enough to be secured to his collar (It can’t dangle), app connections, and distance up to 2 miles.

im rlly rlly sad to admit but i honestly think im afraid of dogs now. ive been charged by dogs whos owners do not leash them so many times that i tense up whenever i hear them. its nit the dogs fault i guess but im just really upset bc i love dogs but i will start crying & screaming involuntarily if one runs up to me



[must be a 2 or less hour drive from Chicago] 

im jay, im transmasc and 22 and disabled. i was recently hospitalized and the day i got discharged i got kicked out of the place i was staying and ive been bouncing from place to place since but my options r running out. im applying for disability rn and cant work but i can cook and clean and i dont mind alcohol or smoking or cats and dogs. i have my own transportation.

contact: billciphershouseparty