dont mind me im just mad

Im gonna fucking scream i hate every single fucking one that calls me a “lola” a “nerd its fucking rude i s2g the only bitches alowed to call me that shit are my friends not fucking random goddamn losers like them they deserve to fucking die and suck their balls i mean they arent even fucking smart why the hell would they call me that???? Im fucking furious rn i could just kidnap that living sack of dicks and torture them for life

the worst kin things tier:

“dont follow if you think youre me”

“dont follow if youre a fake”

“dont follow it youre factkin with me”

You Can (Not) Receive

Im so sorry, I need to make some space in my brain, so Im putting this AU idea here. Dont mind me… (/o\)

Kawoshin volleyball AU where Gendo is the chairman of a school with a successful volleyball team and he forces Shinji to play for them. He is

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Dean and (Name) were perfect. She kept him sane, he kept her safe. They were practically made for each other.

(Name) got along with everyone, even her enemies from time to time, which came in real handy more often than you’d think. Dean adored her, loved her with every fiber.

But it was not to last.

——-Dean’s POV———-

Music blared through the speakers, my baby whipping her hair around jamming to our toons. Everything was awesome, nothing could make this more perfect.

She gave me a big grin, with her big sparkling eyes, her laugh filling in the empty space as the last dregs of the song played out.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was just so perfect. And that was our curse.

The next song poured it’s notes out into the cab of the Impala. Our song.

She looked over at me, squeezed her eyes shut said.

“Dean!!! Sing to me!!!”

A wide grin spread cross my lips,

“CARRYON MY WAYWARD SON!” I tried to harmonize, but I’m a shit singer, (Name) knows that better than anyone.



“DONT YOU CRY NO MORE!” I sang to her.

Queue ultimate air drums, bass and key boarding.

Next verse was hers

“Take it away baby,” I holler just before she continued singing


Next was me, and I sang my heart and soul out for her


she jumped in right in time


More instrumental awesome, and she took off in her angelic voice again


My last solo bit



then all the sudden


The music was mixed in with her screams, my screams, the screeching of tires on asphalt, and the shattering of glass.

I swam into consciousness to find the Impala upside down, covered in blood and shattered glass and the radio still cranking out the rest if our song.

“(Name),” I croaked. Reaching over to her, trying to drags her body with me out of the car.

Once we were successfully out of the wreckage. I could see the other car, that was going the wrong way, that had slammed into us…

I tried to prop her up to get air in her lungs,

“(Name),” I called to her. Her eyes strained against against the bright sunlight.

“Dean,” she whispered to me.

“You’re gonna be okay Baby. I’ve got you. I’ve got you,”

“Dean,” choked out. I felt her broken fingers tighten around my hand, and drag to the gaping wound on her chest that was profusely bleeding. She was dying, and she knew it.

“No,” I laughed a bit. “Nope, you’re fine (Name). You’re gonna be okay,”

She grabbed my shirt front and yanked me down to her face,

“Carryon My Wayward Son,” she managed to cough out, before coughing up blood all down her shirt front.

As the sirens blared ahead of us, her eyes searched mine desperate to hold on to some comfort before her passing. As the intensity began to leave her eyes, as she slipped away. I smashed my lips into hers, and felt her hang on for just a second more, just enough to press back.

“Don’t you cry no more,” I whispered, pulling away. But she could not hear me, she was gone.

ah dont mind me im just waiting for the day when namjoon is no longer being blamed for every single thing he does and is actually loved and appreciated

why tog is shit

bc apparently there are still ppl trying to defend this series, here’s a list of just a few reasons why tog sucks (( ps: i am not hating on sjm ok?? calm urself i have n o t h i n g against her,,, just the books ))

edit: THIS POST IS A MESS. i wasnt gonna post it bc 98% of it is probably unintelligible, but so im sorry if u wanted an actual solid argument and not me just hella salty. my intentions aren’t to offend or shame anyone into having a certain opinion, these r just my thoughts n feelings on certain distasteful aspects of the books. this list is very unorganized as i suck at putting my thoughts into words & i didnt think anyone was actually gonna read it. so keep that in mind. thanks!

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I have to call work later to find out when i work this week

But my voice is… i mean it is doing a thing and i personally dont mind it but someone i work with hearing it? And knowing i am sick? I would rather light myself on fire.

  • ROXY: john i know all about ur little hatecrush on cranky rubyshades
  • JOHN: what!! i--- dave's lying to you he's just trying to mess with me!!
  • ROXY: dude it was just from observation
  • JOHN: what?? shit!
  • ROXY: yea u get mad nervous around each other like theres somethin u dont wanna acknowledge
  • JOHN: augh... dammit. yeah. i think its true....
  • JOHN: sorry roxy :( i love you a lot and didnt wanna mess up what we have
  • ROXY: lmfao
  • JOHN: ??
  • ROXY: dude its ok i know how the troll shit works im p open minded about it what w/ bein raised by chess ppl in neo troll land
  • JOHN: ...what are you suggesting?
  • ROXY: u can go on ur lil hatedates with scarf girl im not gonna dump u cause its a different thing
  • JOHN: :o
  • ROXY: but only if u let me hatedate ur sister---
  • ROXY: john ur sister is damn fine but also annoying as shit i want to kiss her
  • ROXY: bisexual lol

Do me a favor and dont blame me for shit I never did or didn’t do of my own free unaltered will.

You can be upset about it with your gam.zee, but I know what happened to me better than you do and my canonmates have all listened and believe me. I do not owe anyone but them apoligies which I’ve done and will do if I find them.

You can not wanna talk to me, thats cool, but fuckin dont tell me or people who care about me what to feel. Or how to live.

I’m sorry for what happened to you, but I am not your punching bag to vent out how another gam.zee hurt you. Or to take the blame for it. I took too much blame for shit I didn’t do already. I dont need yours.

frenchtoastandsweetcorn  asked:

is it just me or is that SOME only believe kai***l is real and not kaisoo since krystal is a girl. like if you show a person pics/vids of kai***l, theyll say "oh yeah theyre dating" but when you show them Kaisoo, theyll say "oh no theyre just friends" LIKE ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?! KAISOO HAS LIKE WAYYYY MORE EVIDENCE THAN KAI***L idk tho im just really mad and frustrated with close-minded people that also dont think that MAYBE JUST MAYBE there might be a little something going on with kaisoo

if kyungsoo were a girl people prob would think kaisoo are secretly married and kyungsoo is pregnant with jongin’s child 

people prob would think perhaps their child is already born, 

people prob would think that jongin take their kids to daycare first before doing idols job

but since kyungsoo is a dude it means they’re just bros even tho we’ve seen them getting jealous *cough insungie-hyung cough childhood-noona friend cough*

and we’ve seen jongin touched soo’s lips on purpose *cough cough pepero cf cough cough*

and we’ve seen them kisspering often on stage.

but naw man they’re just bros

oh well

but oh hey im just someone who loves promoting non-straight agenda online bc i ship non-straight couple and that apparently means i fetishize gay ppl

btw i usually dont post ask question (i answer them privately) but i think ppl need to see this bc like im just some chick who loves promoting non-hetero agenda, hm. 

Guys, how come that some of you are “mad” because Taylor didnt host a Loft 89 for each show. I dont think you really get the point, me and thousands others are watching a 0:20 min part of you belong with me in shitty quality and being happy about it, and you don’t understand how lucky you are. You are lucky you attend a concert. I would love to. But im not mad, im just waiting in the side lines wishing for right now.
Please keep this in mind.

Preference #1 : You're insecure

ok this is my first preference ive ever done and actually the first time ive ever posted my writing somewhere!!! as you can probably notice, english is NOT my native language and ive been learning it in school from 3th grade and then learned it from the internet by myself, so if you see any mistakes pls let me know so i can work on them!!!! :)


You stared at your reflection in the mirror and frowned. The shirt that you were wearing made you look so much bigger than you actually were and all the imperfections in your face were showing. ‘God, I wish I was better in putting make up on my face’, you thought and walked closer to the mirror to see your face better. You had a lot of pimples on your forehead and cheeks and it really was upsetting you. Life would be so much easier if you had a clear skin. You were so focused in your face that you didnt hear or see Michael walking behind you and you jumped a little when he slid his arms around your waist. “You scared me”, you pouted. “Y/N I hope you know that you are absolutely beautiful”, Michael said suddenly and looked you in the eyes through the mirror. You felt your cheeks reddening and you looked at your feet when you heard Michael talk more. “I dont like seeing you frowning at your own reflection, you are so much prettier than you think you are. And you shouldn’t worry about your little pimples, everyone has them.” “Megan Fox doesn’t have pimples”, you noted and you heard Michael chuckle. “Well who cares about Megan Fox when I have you.”


“Do you think this dress makes me look fat?” you asked your boyfriend Ashton and you heard a really loud sigh. “For the hundred time, you dont look fat! You are beautiful Y/N”, Ashton said and stood up from the couch he was sitting on. “Really? Because I really don’t think that blue suits me that well and this dress makes my hips look huge and I don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian, not that she looks stupid but-” “Y/N you’re rambling again”, Ashton said and you quickly shut your mouth. Ashton chuckled and started walking towards you. “You truly do look good in that dress, you seriously don’t have nothing to worry about. Hell, I wouldn’t care if you wore a plasticbag as a dress you would still be the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen”, Ashton said and you smiled at him lovingly. “I love you”, you said and put your arms around his neck. “I know. I love you too.”


“C'mon Y/N come sing with us!” your friends shouted at you from a stage and you just waved at them. You had agreed to go to a karaoke bar with your friends and Calum insisted to come with you because 'what if there’s some really cool singer guys and they try to hit on you’. So there you were, sitting on a bar stool by yourself watching your friends and your boyfriend trying to sing some old hit song from 2006. You just shaked your head while laughing quietly as you finished your drink. Just as you were going to order another one, you felt someone tapping on your shoulder. “Got tired of the singing already?” you smirked at your boyfriend. “No, I just came here to get you on the stage with me”, Calum said and started to pull you towards the stage. “N-No Calum I wont sing. I don’t sing”, you quickly said and stopped dead in your tracks. “But everyone wants you to sing”, Calum pouted at you. “Well everyone wants something but that doesn’t mean we always get what we want. I really can’t sing Calum, I sound awful”, you said frowning. “C'mon Y/N nobody is supposed to sound good while singing karaoke! And what does it matter, this is a bar. No one is expecting you to be a Beyonce”, Calum said and you slightly smiled at him. “So you dont mind if I sound like a pig is getting killed?” Calum put his arm around your shoulders and started to lead you towards the stage again. “We can sound like that together if you like.” You laughed at your boyfriend and even though you hated your own singing voice, you still had the time of your life singing old but great songs from the early 2000’s with your boyfriend.


“Are you really wearing black jeans on a hot summer day like this?” your boyfriend Luke asked when you finally stepped out of your bedroom that you two shared. “Well what did you expect? I can’t wear shorts with thighs like mine”, you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You saw Lukes confused face turn into a sad one and you furrowed your eyebrows. “What?” “Your thighs are fine, Y/N”, Luke said and you felt your cheeks heating up not even knowing why, “In fact, your thighs are wonderful. I would like to see your thighs on a hot summer day like this because they deserve to see the sun too and maybe our thighs could be friends”, Luke continued and you had to giggle at his words. “You’re such a dumbass Luke”, you said while shaking your head slightly. “Yeah? But please, Y/N go put those shorts on that I saw you bought just last week. They were really cute and they would look even cuter on you. Besides they’re the same colour as mine so we can match”, Luke smirked at you. Well, maybe wearing shorts wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all. Luke didn’t mind them so why should you?

calum had just gotten his first break in the past 2 months and he didnt want to talk too you through it. “calum whats wrong honey” he looked at you and got up from the couch “what do you mean?” you rolled your eyes, “i mean, why arent you talking to me lately” calum walked towards you and stood awkwardly in front of you, “we havent had sex in a week love..what do you want me to say..are you mad, unhappy, am i being cheated on?” you scrunched up your nose, “calum dont be ridiculous , you provide me with everything no one can do better than you” he smiled slightly taken by pride, “okay but why arent we fucking doll im on break for fucks sake we should be going at it as we speak” and you knew he was right, you just had alot of things on your mind you kind of forgot about it… which is sad even to admit, how could you forget to fuck the love of your life. so you pulled him in close and spun around to hug his waist from the back. “well tonight..ill do something special, just us two, ill make a dish, any dish you want-” “pasta” calum mewed out and you smiled and hummed, “hmm yeah baby with some chicken your favorite, and for dessert ill make cream pie or maybe cheese cake” calum growled, “you had me at cream” you rolled your eyes as he turned around and pulled you in for a kiss but you decided too tease pushing away lightly, “but you have to wait tonight” he whined and pouted, “please baby doll, one kiss” you shook your head and calum began walking out disappointed. tonight was going too be fun.

the rest of the day you went out planning on what you were going too do, and what better way too get a clear mind than too de-stress, and your favorite way too do that was to go shopping. you went into your local lingerie shop and searched around for something sinful. you thought victoria secret would be a bit basic and you wanted this night to be wild, thats when it found you. you smirked walking over too it, it was beautiful. the material was thin like a lace ribbon and you knew if you wore it calum would faint. when you looked at the price tag you cursed out loud but you got it anyways, you were definitely going to get more than one use out of this one.

the nighttime had came and you had reflected on all the things you had done today, scratching everything off your mental checklist. calum was being stalled by his buddies but you knew when 10 pm had rolled around the time you wanted him to come back, he would be more than ready, and so would you. you were dressed in the lingerie set you purchased this evening as you were lighting the scented spice candles you felt more sexier than you already were. the table was already set but you knew, he wouldnt be much interested in eating, no matter how much you slaved over it. but to be fair, you wouldnt be focused on food either. you heard the knock on the door you were waiting for looking at your clock you saw it was 10:01 you laughed as you called out one second. putting on your faux fur coat you opened the door smiling when calum picked you up and instantly began making out with you. you wanted to continue, the rush between your legs begged you too, but you brushed it off whispering for him to put you down. calum did so and began realizing what you had on and how special this night was. he groaned and took a deep breath touching your curves delicately, you smacked his hand away. “dinner first” you smirked making him whine as you took his hand and led him to the kitchen.

“calum if you keep staring at me like that we won’t make it too dessert” he smirked smugly and played with his food on the fork. “maybe not the dessert you’re talking about” he took a sip of his wine. you blushed, he always knew how to push your buttons…in all the right ways. you felt his eyes on you the entire meal he didn’t say much just compliments here and there. you got up and got your plate moving over to get his at the other end of the table he grabbed your ass kneading it and giving it a harsh smack making you squeak biting your lip. “god you look amazing” you hurried up and got the plate replacing it with the cream pie you made. calum grinned. “you actually made it” you sat back down and took your spoon, “of course..i know how much you love it” calum’s head snapped up staring at you “not as much as i love you” you smirked looking down, “maybe” he shook his head, “without a doubt..but sweetheart” calum’s voice got deeper you uncrossed your legs and bit your lip “i would rather have your cream for dessert” you got up and ran over too him your bare feet stomping the tile floor and calum had his arms out he grabbed you and swung you around his lap getting up and kissing you harshly.

calum pushed open the door of your shared bedroom as he stopped kissing you you whined. “baby boy whats wrong?” you stared at his side profile as he shook his head “you even have candles and rose petals up here too” he observed the trail of petals leading to the bed which had a pile of them on the sheets. “yea” you kissed his jaw and he looked down at you, “fuck i love you” calum’s hands threw the long coat off of you revealing more of your body too him. the lingerie set had cute bows on it and heart shapes over the nipples that looked great with the sheer bra’s material. “you know…” calum smirked “baby pink was always your color” he kissed you picking you up and throwing you on the bed before climbing on top of you. you wanted him so bad. calum pulled off the underwear in a rush and you stopped him, “slow down darling we have all night” calum nodded slowly taking your bra off kissing your nipples before throwing it on the floor.

“i want to eat you out so fucking bad right now” he growled making you moan as he traveled down south kissing your v line. “no wait!” calum looked up scared that he did something wrong, “i want to pleasure you” you pouted and he shook his head moving closer to your soaking pussy “princess you are pleasuring me” calum’s tongue began licking at your entrance and folds causing you too moan out loudly. gosh you needed this just as much as he did..maybe more. “oh calum that feels so good” his dark eyes looked up at you sucking on your clit in the process your legs began shaking and calum knew you were about to come “babygirl come for me mmm make me happy” calum rubbed your clit with his full hand and as his rough fingers came in contact with your soft wetness you let go almost instantly crying out. he slapped your pussy once and came back up to kiss you. “now i really want you” you sighed out still feeling the effects of your amazing high. “then take me” calum whispered in your ear, you flipped him over and climbed on top grinding into his crotch.

“do you want this?” you moaned out grabbing his hand and placing it on your breast. his eyes didnt leave his hand. “fuck yes” he swallowed. “do you want me calum” he looked up at you grunting when you began swirling your hips, “damn y/n, yes i want you, always you.” he kissed you as you smiled pulling his boxers down and letting him push inside you. “oh my…fuckkk” you groaned. calum pulled you closer to him, your body on his chest as he kissed your neck you began bouncing along with him. he slapped your ass making you squeal. “oh god calum you feel amazing” he pulled your hair making you cry out, you loved when he was rough and went deep inside you. he began stroking growling as he did so. “ do too baby doll” he kissed the apples of your cheek. you were losing your mind, it never felt this good before, maybe it was the long ass wait, or all his compliments, or maybe calum just leveled up, but all you knew was that it felt, GOOD. you hands raked through his hair and he whimpered your name, you were going too explode and this man was the only known cause. “cal! calum” your voice frantic as he breathed against your skin, “gonna come for me princess come all over my cock mm thats it..oh oh fuck!” calum squeezed your ass shutting his eyes tightly as his jaw clenched and unclenched you knew he had came and you came just watching the sight, gripping his shoulders you shook lightly as you came down from it.

when you caught your breath you opened your eyes to a very smug calum, and you wished you kept them closed. you brought your hands up to cover your red face in embarrassment, but calum moved them away kissing your lips. “i made you squirt” he chuckled as you sighed instantly hopping off his dick. “well, it was that good, you know this” you folded your arms trying not to smile but he grinned goofily at you, “i wonder if i can do it again” he took your chin in his hand, well you smirked, “i did say we have all night” calum smiled and kissed you pushing you down on the foot of the bed, “tonight really is special, thank you baby” he leaned down close “im going to take you in every position i can think of before tonight is over with” you shivered and kissed his neck “heh, well then dont thank me…the pleasure’s are all mine”